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  1. Use the All-in-one shipping module, that'll sort out weight and zones no problem and then cheat a bit. I'd set up a rule like 100g to 101g = Free Post, then just make everything you want to be not free heavier than that, weight isn't really displayed to the customer so it's for your internal use only and doesn't have to be accurate.
  2. Understandable, I've been frustrated with 3rd party mods and skins before, it's one of the draw backs of the how the system is, it's often a side job, so prompt turn around of inquiries is fairly rare and people dropping off the face of the earth not uncommon. Homar is legit, be a shame if he disappeared. As for your issue, I'm pretty sure Fusion stores the license key inside the php of your site, so it's cc5CubeCart_fusion for me but the prefix will be whatever you entered in the setup. Try deleting the entry there as a hard reset, might help.
  3. Homar is normally pretty decent at this kinda thing, I've only really contacted him through the ticket system. Last time I even contacted him was in early March.
  4. Edit: changed to a default skin, problem persists. Set, cookie isn't something I remember setting up, I'm looking through the config files now.
  5. it's not doing https, I turned enforced SSL off and it's still rejecting all the items. This webpage has a redirect loop Disapproved or invalid The URL specified in your data feed wasn't working correctly when we reviewed this item. Learn more I can click on the link no problem though. This never occured before 5.2.3
  6. since the upgrade to 5.2.3 and 5.2.4 getting a load of crawler errors in the google merchant feed. Seem is to be a issue with how the feed exports the url, with SSL enforced on, it times out because the url is; https*//kencospares.com/dyson-dc34-multifloor-handheld-vacuum.html (* replaces colon) which when I click on it does indeed time out, but if it was http://www.yoursite.com/item or https://www.yoursite.com/item or even http://yoursite.com/item with ssl turned off. it works fine.
  7. I have no problem with the search in Vector. Isn't the latest version 1.2 though ?
  8. I'd submitted a support ticket about it before, never really got anywhere. I can see why they are turfing it, the uptake was miimal, I think it's it's heyday I cleared £5k in a month of it, I recently turned on PayPal and the usage fo that is far higher. I think Amazon Payments will probably end up going the same way.
  9. Maybe I'm just being dense but I remember this in CC4 but it seems to be missing. I found it handy, with people buying consumables with main machines, annoying when alot of people bough the wrong accessories but it was more handy than that it was an annoyance.
  10. I have a support ticket on the matter, thought it was fixed on friday, but logged on this morning and it's gone again. Getting pretty tired of all the problems tbh, everytime I update something breaks, not sure if I like any alternatives though, the fact that 5 versions and a couple of years have went by and I still have to go to 3rd party vendors for a decent post prices model is pretty crazy.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if Cubeart are going to be supporting an Amazon checkout, it's a fairly new option they are offering and my boss is keen on adding it to our website.
  12. I will now, but I've been submiiting alot lately, thought I'd try alternative methods first.
  13. In the Google Checkout plugin page it gives these instructions. Google Checkout Settings These options need to be set in your Google Checkout management screen under "Settings" » "Integration" Under Advanced settings, the following options should be selected: • Provide the first name, last name and full name of the buyer and order recipient in separate fields in the new order notification. • Return the buyer's ship-to phone number in the new order notification. • Return the buyer's billing phone number in the new order notification. There is no Advanced settings section, it doesn't say what type of API to use, I left it at v2.0, it's not updating the orders status.
  14. I actually turned the captcha off, as I was recieving more complaints than it was worth, probably not the best idea.
  15. I just downgraded to PHP 5.2.x from PHP 5.3.x Getting it to work with PHP 5.3.x just wasn't happening, I seem to recall some mumbling about a working zend for 5.3 but I could get it to work at the time
  16. I'm not sure I get what you mean, Surely your booking has a default cost, what is the point of a zero value order/ booking ? why not just make a drop down menu like this ?
  17. I'm VAT registered, I have VAT turned off on Cubecart and all prices are inc VAT, it was just easier at the time, I have internal accounts to do anyway which produces VAT invoices. If it's just the one Customer/ one invoice I'd give him a discount coupon to remove VAT from products. It does tend to be quiet in here.
  18. It's not, I do it all the time. make sure that your thumbnail folder is CHMOD to 777, will it make a thumbnail if you use the FCK to upload images ?
  19. Also, go to general settings and turn use stock on, and decrease stock when 'Processing' is what I have it set to.
  20. Umm not as far as I'm aware, you can use paypal checkout and paypal as a gateway, As a customer, I would never want to enter my details in a pop-up window.
  21. I use SagePay I don't get similar error, this is the lastest CC right ?
  22. Seem to recall a thread on the matter in cubecartforums.org but it all seemed a bit complex for me :D
  23. I submit electronic goods into Google Base and it's been workign for ages but it's now throwing up missing identifier errors. when I research the problem they say that I need two of 3 fields, MPN, Brand and EAN/UPC, I don't see them in the field at all.
  24. API Version 2.0 Notification as XML I don;t recall entering the business Public part anywhere
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