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  1. Might be a few things. the images are working in the items so they are uploading okay, If you are uploading through FCK, make sure the Thumbnail folder is CHMOD'd to 777, this is the probable cause as CC can't make the thumbnails. Are you bulk uploading the images via FTP and then assigning them to the item ? If so, you need to go make the thumbnails, Login into Admin Go to Maintenance> thumbnails, find the item(s), select it and rebuild and recount, sorted.
  2. Hi, This might be a waste of everyone's time but my problem is thus, When using Google Base, it works fine when I have a product that is pretty self descriptive, For example Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi with 3G, everyone knows what that is works well in Google and I don't really mind that my folder on my site goes /Apple/Ipad/Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi with 3G because hey it's a finished good and it's not really that annoying, it's unlikely to make a mess of my skin as it's a shortish title too. However, when dealing with with smaller items, like parts; From an external source, my product title of Genuine Dyson DC14 Lifetime Pre Motor Filter 905401-03, is fine and it ticks all the boxes, it has the part number on the odd miracle chance the customer knows it before hand, the Make, Model, everything, super. Internally, They've navigated /Dyson Spares/Dc14/chasis/ , they know all this, having a list of parts with most of the text referring to what we already know, seems kinda pointless. (Made up Examples) Genuine Dyson DC14 Lifetime Pre Motor Filter 905401-03 Genuine Dyson DC14 Lifetime Post Motor Filter 905401-02 Genuine Dyson DC14 Absolute Motor 905401-32 Genuine Dyson DC14 Lifetime Handle 902401-03 Genuine Dyson DC14 Lifetime Basket 903401-03 Genuine Dyson DC14 Lifetime Waffle Iron 905401-03 My product title becomes a nightmare as opposed to; Pre Motor Filter Post Motor Filter Motor Handle Basket Waffle Iron However, If I upload this to google, I'm not specific enough and likely to be lost in the ether. I was thinking of adding a field called Product Title, it'd not be viewed at the category level (This would continue to use Product Name), but might be in the actual item Title and on the Google Feed. This is how it currently is at Category, http://www.kencospares.com/index.php/dyson-spares/dc01/cleaner-head-assy/c_93.html I'm happy with that and I'm happy with the title being more specific in the item itself ; http://www.kencospares.com/index.php/Dyson-Spares/Dc14/Genuine-Dyson-DC14-Lifetime-Pre-Motor-Filter-905401-03/p_200.html ------------- Now, if you understood any of that, am I over thinking the problem, do you know if this function available or I'm just missing the point ?
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    It's possible but are you looking for the script to do this as well ? adding a page is easy, just make a new site document, the script I don't got :P
  4. Go to Includes/content/viewProd.inc.php and find And change LIMIT 3 to LIMIT whatever you feel like, Think that should do the trick, haven't tested it though.
  5. Why would you even want to ? Surely it's good advertising, that you can do this item it's just not currently in stock, the customer, if interested, can enquire on ETA of restock.
  6. See if there are any .htaccess files in the main directory, remove them.
  7. Do you want people to pay for these items as a product ? or just have them as information? either way just uploading them via FTP to a folder of your choosing, would be better rather than putting them in the image directory.
  8. Had a bit of a nightmare with postage rates myself. I'd recommend getting the 'All in one Shipping' Mod by Estelle, saved me tonnes of hassle.
  9. Sounds like it's just building up a search, if you add all the info into the item, a section in your item descriptions that says this Fits: Models xxxxxxxxxxxxx then it's all searchable. Not sure I've seen a mod that does this for you though.
  10. Having a quick look it seems like it can't find the config.php file at all. I think it's an issue with your global.inc.php not pointing to look on your true path $glob['rootDir'] = 'root/home/blahblahblah'; Just a guess.
  11. yeah, I noticed that one. The version history on the CC4 version even mentions a bug with 3D Secure that has been fixed, so I know it's supposed to have it. Can't figure out why it's not showing up though
  12. Hi, I'm running CC v4.3.6 and using HSBC v1.37 API gateway, the card transactions are being processed fine and the bank is getting the money, but it's not going to the 3D check and they are saying is not sending PAS information, they sent me a leaflet and everything. They rang up to ask to make sure it's doing so, I've done a few test sales, messed with most of the settings but I can't make it go to 3D secure. The Account is set up as API okay, not CPI as I've seen it listed as a problem before. Can anyone shed some light on this ?
  13. Would that be this issue ? http://bugs.cubecart.com/view.php?id=1601
  14. I download all my orders on to some other software anyway so it's not a huge issue, but I can't alter the status of the orders, is there any way to work around this issue even. Edit: After a bit of tinkering, I loaded the 4.3.3 version of admin/sources/orders/orderBuilder.inc These files look identical apart from the following; <script type="text/javascript"> function populate() { // var json = $('customer_select').readAttribute('json'); } </script> For now, I've loaded old version it doesn't seem to be causing any adverse effects.
  15. Hi, After upgrading for 4.3.3 to 4.3.4, I am unable to edit my orders, I got rid of any modifications and uploaded the files again, still not working.
  16. Hi, I searched around for this, there was CC3 mod for this but I don't need the drop box shipping option in the Cart, I was wondering if it's possible to disable the need for it as I only allow 1 option.
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