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  1. I had a look at my error log just now (which I never normally do) and saw the following error below, repeated for over 1000 pages.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please? Thanks in advance for any assistance.


    `CubeCart_inventory` WHERE `price` > `sale_price` AND `sale_price` > 0 AND ((CubeCart_inventory.stock_level > 0 AND CubeCart_inventory.use_stock_level = 1) OR CubeCart_inventory.use_stock_level = 0) AND `status` = '1' LIMIT " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

  2. Thank you Ian....I appreciated your Pm and i'll admit to being a serial procrastinator...but I'm still not clear on how to remove these corrupt files (or whatever they're referred to as). Is this some thing I'm able to do myself or does it require professional methods? 


  3. Still having trouble after my Reconsideration request....see reply at bottom from Google.

    When I use "Fetch as Google" do I need to manually add each individual URL into  the http://www.piccolina.com.au/ BLANK FIELD ?

    I've re checked the code snippets (there's only one by B Smither Latest Products Image Resize)

     and snippets in /includes/extra has the above snippet.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Reply from Google below

    A note from your reviewer:

    We are seeing content on your site that we believe is injected by a hacker. The content may be cloaked, meaning that Google sees different content than what’s being shown to you or your visitors. You can use 'Fetch as Google' in Search Console to see the content that we are seeing. Learn about cloaking and 'Fetch as Google' here:https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2604723. Here is an example of hacked content on your site: "African American Wigs" (http://www.piccolina.com.au/ext1/hair46.php?/celebrity-wigs-c-8_15.html)

  4. ...that's an EXCELLENT rant Ian...and probably all true. However I do wonder whether more expensive / more reliable hosting would result in more sales.....but I'm sure that's a discussion best had outside the forum. If you could PM me regarding your prices that'd be great...


  5. Thank you Ian

    • I've removed 1 code snippet.
    • Deleted all snippets in /includes / extra
    •  "use GWT to do a fetch as Google".....I've done this.
    • And submitted a reconsideration with Google.

    But the site is still currently showing as "site may be hacked" in google searches. 

    I use a budget host in Aust whose customer service is next to non existent.....perhaps I need to reconsider this. 

    The likelihood is the hack came through the Cubecart vulnerability or through the hosting?


  6. Hi

    1) Have you verified that the email was actually sent by Google or somebody else - simple to do if you check the email headers

    2) Have you checked the site details within your Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) account

    3) Have you spoken to your hosting company and asked them for help ?

    Regardless of the above a simple search in Google itself will show you that you site is being reported as hacked https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=www.piccolina.com.au


    Thank you Ian for your response...I have installed the patch and think all is now normal, and I'll check the webmaster tools as you suggested.


    We haven't seen you on the forums for awhile. You may have missed a critical security update.

    Here is what you must do to remove the hack:

    In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, delete any weirdly-named snippet.

    In the site's folders, delete all snippets in /includes/extra/. (The legitimate ones will be rebuilt from the database. That's why it is important to delete the database record first.)


    Thank you Brian....all done as suggested and I've installed the patch. Thank you again for your help...


  7. I received this email below...is it spam or do I have an issue? Any help is greatly appreciated..

    This is some of the message...

    Hacked content detected on http://www.piccolina.com.au/

    To: Webmaster of http://www.piccolina.com.au/,

    Google has detected that your site has been hacked by a third party who created malicious content on some of your pages. This critical issue utilizes your site’s reputation to show potential visitors unexpected or harmful content on your site or in search results. It also lowers the quality of results for Google Search users. Therefore, we have applied a manual action to your site that will warn users of hacked content when your site appears in search results. To remove this warning, clean up the hacked content, and file a reconsideration request. After we determine that your site no longer has hacked content, we will remove this manual action.

    Following are one or more example URLs where we found pages that have been compromised. Review them to gain a better sense of where this hacked content appears. The list is not exhaustive.




    Here’s how to fix this problem:


    Check Security Issues for details of the hack

    Use the example(s) provided in the Security Issues report of Search Console to get an initial sample of hacked pages.


    Look for other compromised pages or files on your site

    Be sure to check your entire site, including the homepage, for any unfamiliar content that could have been added. The malicious code might be placed in HTML, JavaScript, or other files on your site. It can also be hidden in places you might overlook, such as server configuration files (e.g. .htaccess file) or other dynamic scripting pages (e.g. PHP, JSP). It’s important to be thorough in your investigation.


    Use the Fetch as Google tool to isolate the malicious content

    Because some pages can appear one way to a user and another way to Google crawlers, you can use the Fetch as Google tool to reveal some kinds of hacking. Enter URLs from your site in the tool to see the pages as Google sees them. If the page has hidden hacked content, the tool can reveal that content.


    Remove all malicious content

    You can also contact your hosting provider and ask them for assistance. If you’re having trouble identifying and removing all the conten


  8. ....thank you all for your help and suggestions. As usual I'm totally amazed by this forum and the knowledge you guys have....


    Noodleman has offered a solution to generate the UPC's and get them into CC for me...


    Perhaps you can follow up with him should you need the info.



  9. Thanks Al...and I THINK you are mostly correct.


    I am the manufacturer, and in Australia the standard product numbering is EAN's which requires one to subscribe to an international service that allocate a range of numbers to you, and you generate the numbers from there, with an app they provide.


    Currently, I don't subscribe as it's only the major/dept stores that require you to have EAN's, and I'm not supplying them at present. 


    My need is just really for any random, but unique, number for each product option...like an SKU...I can generate them as I mentioned with my pos system instore from which I print product barcode labels....I just want to get them to CC with out having to manually add them....so I can use noodlemans very cool plugin...


    Thank you for your reply.



  10. At present the ONLY reason I need UPC's is so I can use noodlemans ebay sales plugin. Ebay can only only accept the product options from CC (through the plug in) if each option has a UPC. Otherwise I don't need them. But someone must otherwise the fields wouldn't be there....I'm assuming.


    I appreciate I can add a UPC for every product option in my cc store once I've completed the said products matrix. This would be very tedious.


    I have a pos system in my retail store that can generate the UPC,s , which in a perfect world I would import to CC through a csv file. And needless to say: it'd be ideal if the UPC's were the same in my real shop and my CC store.


    The bit I don't understand is ....how does one populate those UPC and EAN etc fields in the "Options Matrix" ? I mean.. the empty fields are generated so how are they populated. If one was to do it manually, and you had 100 products in ONLY 1 x colour over 9 sizes , that's 900 individual entries!!


    I hope I got that maths right Brian..


    You sure I'm not missing something here? Thanks for your patience.



  11. Thank you Brian,


    I used export catalogue in my CC5.2.4 and the cubecart export.


    I deleted the Product Description column just to make the image smaller.


    I added the UPC's in the product options, as I need a different UPC for each individual product option.


     In CC524, the product's options Matrix Table is not retrieved for export.


    ​So does that mean one cannot import a catalogue with product options? The options will ALWAYS need to be added manually? 



  12. Is there a way to force CC to automatically generate UPC's after adding the product options.


    I thought of importing the catalogue with UPN's included. I manually added UPC's to one product but when I exported the catalogue the the UPC column is 0, when it has 6 unique UPC's


    So I'm not sure how to add the UPC's to the csv catalogue so I can then import back to CC...to add them individually to each product is too tedious.


    I'm assuming everyone using EAN's or UPC has a method for this otherwise the fields wouldn't be there?


    I'm trying to implement noodlemans ebay sales mod and hence the necessity for the UPC's


    I look forward to the suggestions.




    CSV file attached




    In the upgrading, it seems the following Store Setting was not updated. (Why? I don't know.) So, check and make sure it has for

    Store Settings, Layout tab, "Default RSS URL for Admin Dashboard":


    ...My link for Default RSS URL for Admin Dashboard": is http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?act=rssout&id=1


    Is that an issue for my store if I wanted to do an upgrade ? Should I change it to the link you've suggested Brian?




    Please disregard, I've noticed in your post this should occur in the upgrade..

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