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  1. Thank you very much, I completely forgot about the language files lol. The only problem with that though is them getting overwritten after an upgrade so is there anything I can do directly in the skin templates?
  2. With CCV5 I'm using Catalogue Mode and Hide Prices Until Logged in which in general does everything I need it to do except when someone without an account views the products it shows Is there a way for me to have the price not shown at all until they have created an account / logged in or even replace "£x.xx" with "Please login or create an account to view prices" please?
  3. claudiojcosta It's difficult to understand what you're asking for exactly. Please don't take offense by this but I'm guessing English isn't your first language? Are you saying that you don't want anybody to see your product prices when they visit your store? Maybe if you could explain in a little more detail what kind of store you are wanting to have such as what is the purpose of the store?
  4. My pleasure hun, it's nice to be able to help for once lol x
  5. Just started playing with V6 and I'm stumped already. The logo image seems to be getting automatically resized/shrinked to around half the size of the actual image in the Foundation skin. I've searched through the css for the classes and id's surrounding it in main.php but some of them don't appear to even be in any of the css files and despite trying to add them myself I can't seem to figure out how to stop the image from being resized
  6. Whenever I customise a skin I take one of the original's, change it's name and change everything in the config file to reflect the new name and everything is good except the logo never shows up on the front end. I know about the logo manager in the back end but I'm not talking about that. The skin is just a copy of the original with a new name so my css changes don't get lost whenever I upgrade so the normal default.png logo is still there but it doesn't show up unless I use the logo manager. Why is this and what can do to resolve it? I've tried adding a new php file in the /templates/ directory with the same name of the skin with the following code: but that doesn't help. What am I missing?
  7. The 2 best sites (in my opinion) for skins are http://www.kissmycart.net and www.shopdev.co.uk. Hope that helps
  8. In today's announcement regarding you'll no longer be supporting Zend you've said to look for My server is running ionCube 4.4.1. Is this going to be OK or do I need to ask my host to upgrade their ionCube installation??
  9. I was litterally about to ask the same question and would like to go from /dev/ to /shop/. Is it best to create the /shop/ directory and move everything or can i simply rename "dev" to "shop"?
  10. The problem IMHO with low priority error messages is that they make it harder to wade through the error log and spot the messages that ARE important, particularly when you don't know enough to know which are low and which are high priority. Indeed! The messages 'suggest' to me that there is a problem with the code of the relevant file at the specified line and if like me you have no idea what any of it means it's quite worrying.
  11. So are they anything to worry about?
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