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  1. FYI, the one guy who does third party mods for CC5, whose name starts with "G" - does seem to take 48 hours to get you the download link. I did get my download link 48 hours after purchase, which isn't terribly long in the universe. Of course it's always ironic that somebody doing third party modules for CC, which can sell digital downloads, doesn't actually use it for that feature .... ;-)
  2. If using IE9, make sure the little blue "compatibilty" icon is not enabled. IE9 in compatiblity mode messes up the admin, but it still loads. So, the other thing to do is totally clear your browser cache, cookies, history, temp files. Stupid as it sounds, that has helped me with this kind of "why did it work an hour ago and not now." Might not help, but can't hurt!
  3. And, obviously I don't want to hack anything which would cause 5.1.2 upgrade to fail. Trying to avoid doing anything major until that version with current known bugs comes in. Right now only messing with one skin, common style sheet, and we renamed the admin file to pass PCI-DSS compliance; but now oddly we can't see list of images on upload when on the product page. No image list shown on edit product item; but can upload image to the product, but no list of images shown per product, which was there prior to renaming the admin file. So, probably a reference someplace for an iframe or something looking for original name to show list of images on the product pages (bug?). We're going to have to implement a 'quick order' page with one click checkout of popular service packages via our Authorize.net connection as emergency backup to keep client walk-aways due to the password reset problem. However, I was able to edit the skin page for the address book template to put in a note about "you must check the default shipping address with your main billing address or it will generate 'must have billing address' error on going to view cart" ... as long as the client checks the box on address edit, or new client setup, it works. Loop of doom if they don't check the "default" box. Atl least the instructions info box I added will help solve that usability issue for now.
  4. Hi, still waiting since yesterday for login to the bugtrac; so link to bug reports is useless for those without a login, obviously. We have dedicated Linux RHES5, Plesk10.4.4/40 fully PCIDSS certified; 12GB RAM, Xeon multicore, 10,000GB Bandwidth; all current patches, including ioncube, et al. I've been editing cgi/html by hand since 1994; used to run a hosting company, did Oprah Winfrey's first ecom solution for her "Begin with Love" video series. Currently hacking the skins to put in help info for clients for usability, help info, et al. (Our server is with SoftLayer in Dallas, not that it matters; and we have monthly security/system upgrade check by their team; and then daily tech support contract with TTS/Total Server Solutions.) So... "advanced" user likely applies. mysql 5.0.95-1.el5_7.1 php 5.2.17-1.el5.art We're running about 100 MySQL dbase sites with no issues, except on this stuff with the updating of user data. And, the bug for having to check "default shipping" address if more than one billing address entered in address book, or it won't "commit" billing info to the checkout page. Using IE9 reveals the php error across bottom of screen as noted. Of course, since we paid to have the upgrade done, you would have expected the dbase to have been properly enabled. But, hey, you know what assuming getsya. ;-) I have not yet checked error log, as often these came up with a "help customer on phone to sort out if user error or store bug while trying to keep sale and customer," as we're in a high deadline service business for information dissemination and management. Since I could reproduce the bug without any mods to the core files, no plugins installed, I thought I would post the above info while I had it an fresh in my brain, since the issues can be replicated - and up to six customer complaints so far, with potential walk-aways I don't know about. Will be running some tests, and then checking error log once I get a breather. Since strict mode has been around for, what, six years, that doesn't seem like it should impact a mature new product written for mysql 5x; generally strict mode only impacts old apps written for mysql 4. Generally it should be "on" for security purposes. Still waiting to get into bugtrac, so hopefully I can see something there. Yes, I can use phpmyadmin without my head exploding; however being able to edit something without knowing what to edit is a bit irrelevant at this stage, obviously. All feedback appreciated! :-)
  5. I wonder if it's a bug due to allowing folks to create 2 "billing addresses" but they are named the same. Shouldn't the dbase increment a record with an ID 'billing address" to "billing address 2" or something similar? Anyway... these are 2 issues we need to get sorted with next update! THANKS ALL. also, fyi CubeCart Version 5.1.1 PHP Version 5.2.17 MySQL Version 50095 Image folder size 310.8 KB Download folder size 0 Bytes Max. Upload filesize 10M Browser user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/5.0) Server Software Apache
  6. https://forums.cubecart.com/uploads/monthly_08_2012/post-110915-0-09099100-1343928772.jpgOkay... was able to replicate this: while logged in, already had a billing address in system. 1) on cart view page, I clicked 'update address' 2) added new billing address, checked 'billing address' box, but not 'default delivery' 3) clicked save, got "saved message" 4) clicked view cart box on right side of layout ('view cart') 5) DOES NOT SHOW CART == screen gives red errror: The following errors were detected: A billing address is required before you can proceed. and shows the address screen again with blank address boxes except for name/address URL is /ecom/index.php?_a=addressbook&action=add&redir=confirm appears UNLESS "default delivery" is checked, it won't go past this screen to complete checkout once a new billing address has been entered.
  7. Hi, folks... since the 5x upgrade from 4x, most things have gone smoothly - however we've run into about 5 customer complaints (which is a big problem, obviously), and both appear related to existing customers trying to update their data in some way to get in and do business with us; and since our business is very time sensitive information dissemination, we often need to turn around projects same day; and being unable to allow a customer to order a service, may turn away a bunch of business. Or, put another way, I have 5 customer problems that I know of, and may have other abandons based on inability to "get in." FIRST: password reset I've had three customers so far unable to reset their password, or perhaps login once they've reset their password. Situation #1: two clients tried to login in by guessing their passwords couple of times, unable to; then went to recover password, sent email with the code, click link to form, code there, put in email, change password; then get error saying either "invalid account" or similar. Locked out for attempting access? How long is lock out and shouldn't password reset remove lock so they can now get in? After clearing the error logs/cache, I was able to for one client use the link in the email they sent me, reset their password for them; login as them to check it worked, and then they could do so. For client 2 I simply went into the admin panel to their account, and reset it from the admin panel under customer list, search, edit icon, change, save. Neither client was able to reset their own password, using their correct email, new password, and the code from the email they got - both got some kind of 'invalid account' red error band on the reset page. Situation #2: yesterday, client tried to change their password, and was unable to; I used their email, went to the reset page with proper code populated, put in their valid email, new password; also got invalid account error message. I went into their account from admin, reset, worked. Write permissions issue on store trying to update datafield for the passwords from the form, or ??? I'm waiting for login to bug tracker to see if this is reported issue, but unknown to me at this point. BIG problem. Old system was simpler in that it just resent the user a new password: DONE. This is causing customers to have to work to reset password, then it doesn't let them do so. SECOND: on a similar note; client today tried to change their billing info; they would go in and change address book, click SAVE, then it would take them back to main screen. If they then went to cart to checkout, it would ask them to enter a billing address, and say it was required after already being entered. I went into the admin panel and clicked the save as default button and then it worked for client. I was unable to replicate with my own pre existing test account ... however, in my test account after updating my billing, I did see this error across bottom of screen when preparing to checkout, on screen: https://www.mysite.xyz/ecom/index.php?_a=gateway Fatal error: Call to a member function update() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/mysite.xyz/httpdocs/ecom/classes/cart.class.php on line 934 In all cases there seems to be some issue in updating old, existing customer records, then allowing client to move forward to either login or checkout. Obviously, both are major problems for us at this time. I will try to replicate using screen recorder, unless either or both are known issues. For the address update it looks like the bug happens if client doesn't check the "make default" box, and I will see if I can put some kind of note on there for that screen when client on it. However, the second fatal error message shows something is going on, as I updated my own old test account, checked default but still generated a member function update error.
  8. This is something we need also; we previously used a plugin from third party with v4 (Estelle!) that had this functionality. We need to be able to limit number of coupon uses PER CLIENT such as a special sale or "first time customer discount." Seems like borrowing that data field from Estelle's version would be simple enough, since many of us upgrading from v4 would likely have had that field in there someplace (number of uses per customer, separate from total number of uses). Anyway, dems my 2 cents.
  9. Hi,I thought I posted solution to sitemap rebuild error elsewhere in forum this month from my own 4x to 5.1.1 upgrade. If you get error trying to rebuild sitemap, and never had a sitemap to begin with, it means the folder with your store doesn't have high enough write permissions to create new files (this is common with many apps in public root of a website/domain also). The simple fix, is to either increase write permissions on the store folder if not already 750 or as noted in the docs; -or- what I did instead was create blank unix text file (I use TextPad on Win7, or BBEdit on Mac), called sitemap.xml and upload to my store root folder (e.g., /ecom/ or /store/) and CHMOD the file to 777; then rebuilt sitemap, and worked first time. Problem is store doesn't provide blank empty file to write to, and directory permission on Linux servers defaults to 750 I believe so can't create a blank file there to built map first time. If having problems with image folders, you may need to check the permissions on the image folders to change them to 777 also, or as per your particular server environment. At least these helped my situation; your mileage may vary :-)
  10. I'm also getting a similar error: [Wed Jul 18 07:13:07 2012] [error] [client xxx] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/MYDOMAINHERE/httpdocs/ecom/classes/seo.class.php on line 711
  11. Hi as expected, due to my Linux RHES server, having the /store/ folder permissions at 755 and not 777, required me to upload a blank unix/utf8 file with the filename: sitemap.xml.gz, then set that as 777. My server error log correctly identified the stream error, not having permission to write the file to /store/sitemap.xml.gz So, problem solved. Not first time I've had to do this in 17 years of web stuff with cgi scripts, shtml, and now php. Anybody else having this problem, you just need to make a blank file and CHMOD it 777; then it works first time. :-) (doh.) Not sure how to mark this "resolved" .. but it's done so. ALSO: fyi, dirtybutt' - I did put in support ticket, but the CC support crew's initial response was not enough memory; and I have the available memory set for php to 128MB. Since I have a WP site with 6500 pages that only takes 32MB and about 8 seconds to do sitemap, I was pretty sure our services portal with less than 100 items, and less than 20 categories, wasn't going to need 256MB to build a pesky sitemap. Today was first chance i had to go and actually double check the error logs. NOW: to sort out why clients can't reset their passwords! (sigh).... looks like if you try to login couple of times with wrong info, then have it send you a new password link, when you actually go to change your password with the key populated from email, it says you can't do so, apparently while being locked out from trying to login with wrong password ... (double DOH!!!!)
  12. *RESOLVED* see above. Not sure how to mark a topic solved. :-)
  13. Hey everybody ... got it! in my skins/content.receipt.php ... Mistake I was making was putting the text inside the if $CTRL_PAYMENT loop. The simple fix was to put the text I needed AFTER the loop, following the {/if} - not inside the loop. Duh. So, was able to simply put in a div with my text where I needed it. I also added an additional snippet of customer help info after the print receipt link around line 94; gave it a font=+1 to make it pop and put a » in front of the print link. Now hard to miss. WHEW! Hopefully this thread will help somebody else trying to do this. SO, to repeat: in the folder store/skins/kurouto/templates/content.receipt.php line 10 is the statement that puts the header for the order number and text from language file (I changed mine from 'Processing' to 'Order Complete' in the CC admin). On line 13, I added comment to start custom text, then simply put in a div with padding of 15, and my text. Works. At line 94 in the same file is the "Print Receipt" text at bottom of checkout page; and one could also put message to customer there if presuming customers don't (ahem) read instructions properly. Thanks again to all. Knew it had to be in there someplace, and my bad for not trying to insert the text after the header loop, presuming that was the "if successful print this" section.
  14. Hi, dirtybutter ... we use authorize.net as our primary payment gateway, and then offer paypal as an 'alternative' method. I have a paid support ticket in with the cubecart folks, so will see what they say. You'd think at very least we'd be able to add something in the spot where it says 'print receipt' at bottom... but an option to print a custom message on checkout complete screen seems like a standard requirement for ANY ecom system. But, I'm going to go ahead and try bsmithers' suggestion, and if that works, then I can go relax today. If it doesn't I'll wait to hear from CC folks, THEN go to third party forum to see about a custom plugin. Still, seems like it would be nice to have as built-in function, since it's nice to give your customers a friendly thank you of some kind since they just gave you money. :-)
  15. Hmmm. .... how strange, the /classes/ folder and /controllers/ folder didn't appear in my original site download/backup, and that was the local folder I was working in. In doing a NEW site download/backup, that folder is now there. Likely why I was pulling my hair out looking for some things and going... where is xyz? Doh. Okay.... will try that. I guess my other question had been where is the correct place in what template to actually put that. But will presume to try this: a) your instructions to edit /languages/definitions.xml see if adding that to the spot in order receipt skin template content.receipt.php after what 'looks' like the right place, at the if $CTRL_PAYMENT section. See if that works. Note I have the cache 'off' in the admin panel for this whole process since the upgrade on July 4. However, didn't think to clear the caches from the maintenance page > rebuild. On separate string of thought: Is it just me, or is there no link in the admin panel back to the dashboard/overview shown at login, once you leave that screen? In my install there is no cubecart logo top left. I miss the old CC4 which had link to dashboard AND link to view storefront (opened new tab/window). Sigh. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND POINTERS :-) I had CC4 happy and functional for the past 3 years or so with zero problems after this first bit of tricky stuff (I think the cubecart guys helped me add the text to the gateway templates, if memory serves... but no way to do that now, obviously...). Will try your suggestion once I get another cup of coffee!
  16. Hi, all... thanks for feedback... think there was mis-communication.... the image I posted is a photoshop mockup of WHAT WE NEED TO DO. I have not been able to accomplish this, and hence what I'm trying to figure out HOW to do :-) We need to be able to add that bit about "thank you for your order, mr customer; click here to continue..." on the payment complete screen. It's NOT in the store now, hence my thread here on trying to figure out how to accomplish this. However, there does not seem a place to do that - and any pointers would be geat. I've been scouring the code, but ... no luck so far. I tried adding code to the if $CTRL_PAYMENT section, where I see the $LANG.basket.complete_payment variable (line 10) in skins/content.receipt.php - but no juice. Language files only seem to impact emails and messages in headings for sections/titles. I should also note we only need this in English, as 99.9% of our business is U.S./Canada ONLY. bsmither: I'm not sure which file you're referring to at line 1060 ? Most of the larger files I've opened only go up to about 800 lines, and stuff like the content.receipt.php file is 104 lines. (kurouto); are you talking about the 'rendered' page, or a template? in the authorize.net / gateway.class.php file, we see this at line 186 if($status=='Approved') { httpredir(currentPage(array('_g', 'type', 'cmd', 'module'), array('_a' => 'complete' seems like in theory a redirect might be possible to a custom skin ... I dunno.... (argh!). Need some breakfast ! :-)
  17. Hi, note I went through this on a Wordpress site also recently where the new favicon wasn't replacing the default 'theme' base icon. It seems IE 'holds on' to the cache for the favicon differently than normal site images. Stupidly hitting refresh helps, but also try dumb things, like remove the favicon, clear cache, refresh page, close browser, start again, refresh page, close browser, upload new favicon .. .rinse, repeat. Since IE can also use the favicon to use in the application bar at botttom of page by dragging it there, it really holds on to it. Using something like SUPERAntiSpyware to "scrub" stuff on your PC, and also go to the disk tools cleanup option to remove all the temp files from your HD, can help. (This refers to IE9/Win7-64bit in my case.) I've also found it simply does not hurt to put the favicon in couple of places /public-root/favicon.ico /store/favicon.ico Sorry if this post is redundant, but hopefully if it helps, it helps.
  18. hmmm.... that didn't work... now trying to locate "a=complete"
  19. hmmm... forum doesn't allow me to post code, apparently... looks like it might be the content.receipt.php under the ... if $CTRL_PAYMENT going to try that now ...
  20. For an actual example of what I need to do somehow... I've attached a screen shot (40kb jpg 50% of actual size)... note the message between the status bar with order number, and the customer billing info... seems like there should be a "checkout complete" message hook someplace, or needs to be one. In the meantime, we NEED to figure out how to add this.. either through a hack, hook, or plugin. Any suggestions, help, etc. massively appreciated.... Most of our customers won't check their email for the link, and we have issues where one person in company uses card, then another person in that company provides the project info, post checkout.... we "must" have some kind of "what to do next ..." link there. (help!) :-) I did put in a support ticket on this, but we can't be the only folks running CC5, who need to print an on screen 'thank you for your order mr/mrs customer ... blah blah" message
  21. Howdy... having trouble locating correct box, template location in order to edit/add to the message folks see when the complete checkout, either via the authorize.net or paypal payment method... need to provide some "instructions" on what to do next for clients paying for services, once their payment is approved and the gateway returns them to CC5. Had located this in the old CC4 skin mods we did, but can't seem to locate WHERE the heck that was ... to do the same for the newly upgraded shop. This would be awesome store setup option to add, fyi, "checkout complete message for customer" to the store admin; but I have no prob editing skin, just can't find where that should go. Any suggestion, pointer, would be very appreciated; thanks!
  22. You will likely need to modify the skin file, and then bring in some javascript/DHTML, both in the head file for the skin and the body of the file used to display the home page elements. Since most "sliders" call an external .js and .css file from the HEAD element, not just the BODY of the page, it's likely not something you could do simply editing the code/source for the center section from the admin panel. There is a nice commercial theme available for CC5, which I just saw, that has that functionality ... I'm debating whether to just buy that vs hacking up the default CC5 skinds like we did with CC4 ... how much is your time worth? :-) But, to perhaps be more help ... I often find most of my DHTML snippets to use in theme and skin development here: Dynamic Drive ... and they have page for slider code which might be good starting point: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/ .
  23. Hi, in case anybody needs the "trick" with this; in my upgrade the "ownership" was set as Apache vs the user; hence unable to change permissions via CuteFTP (et al). ... however, with my FileManager on the server, which also wouldn't let me do CHMOD the simple fix was to rename file and replace. 1) download backup of site via FTP (should do anyway) 2) rename with server/domain FileManager as gglobal.inc.php 3) upload the global.inc.php backup to directory 4) change permission via FTP on the new uploaded copy since now owned by user, not Apache Works. :-)
  24. Hi folks... had the CC staff do upgrade to 5.1 from 4x over past couple of days, and have been going through and trying to ensure we're back and working with the payment gateways, emails, etc. ... Ran into one problem, when I go to CC maintenance > database > rebuild sitemap I get the red error "Failed to Rebuild Sitemap" message. Where is the directive to build sitemap first time, or does there need to be empty 777 sitemap.xml file added to the store root ? Before I start messing with the skins or anything else wanted to make sure all the "base" stuff is back in place and working correctly since this is a production site. Any pointers or suggestions would be helpful before I put in a support ticket or check the bug dbase. :-)
  25. We also need ability to post note to customer per order, as in CC4, which is visible to customer - in addition to the internal note.
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