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  1. HI, Bsmither! None of the products are implicitly digital as there is no "make this digital" option when creating or editing a new product other than adding elements to the "digital tab" - which we're no using. But, all services are digital in the sense there are no physical products, inventory, weights and everything is non-taxable. I've made no changes to the files post upgrade, so everything new over-wrote existing files. I try to only mess with the skin files at this point, since we have under 100 items all services, no shipping, no tax, no inventory. Not horribly complex. I'll try debug in a.m. when clients are not trying to place orders since we have a special offer "expires Dec 31" thing happening, and hence the two folks trying to place orders at 3pm PST running into issues (because I stupidly didn't test an order right after update).
  2. I solved this for the moment by adding a "free shipping" module with no minimum weight or dollar amount, and with "zones" added for the four most common countries we have clients in. This now added a drop down menu on checkout below the coupon box with selected "free shipping" as the default. So, this at least allowed two clients to just place large orders for our holiday bonus pricing on services. (Whew!). Still, would seem having "allow no shipping" as checked in the main store setup page would not require there to be an active shipping module. Didn't we have this situation a few versions back? I seem to recall having the "free shipping" on the page at one point, even though redundant (maybe I'm thinking of 4x and not 5x). So, at least able to take orders again right now, even though shpping is kind of silly to have on checkout page for services. Not sure if it's a bug, or just not clear on this being the way it should work now. Thanks for any feedback, checking, or other input, as always. I try not to bug y'all unless I'm stumped, as with this one. Additional data: using the Authorize.net and PayPal (normal version) modules. Issue came up with credit cards with authorize.net gateway, but haven't yet tested with PP.
  3. Sorry. I updated my signature :-) moved from 5.2.3 to 5.2.5.
  4. Just anecdotal, with CC 5.25 and IE11 updates as of Dec. 2013, not having any issues with admin tasks or getting kicked out of store. Frankly there was a major Dot-NET update to Windows which I think fixed a bunch of the whacko things I was seeing with IE11. Conversely, with PHP 5.4 on the new server we just moved to this week (how I spent my holiday) and CC 5.25 just upgraded, CHROME 31.0.1650.63 m, on Win7/64 will hang when trying to click on admin > orders > click on order # to view order. Had same issue on 5.2.1 before upgrade. An issue with Chrome. I thought it was mod_pagespeed messing with the java,. but I turned off any java inline or outlining. Still need to place order as client in chrome to make sure that's all okay. Welcome to the new "fun with web browsers" for the new year!
  5. Just as anecdotal -- CC5.25 is working fine with PHP 5.4.22 ioncube loader with server info references to: Zend engine 2.4.0 ioncube php loader 4.4.1 (except for apparent bug requiring a shipping module with shipping turned off in store setup.... )
  6. Hi, this is likely a dumb thing on my part but just updated cart from 5.2.3 to 5.25 and clients cant' checkout and get and error saying "unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries" then empties cart. Since we sell services which have NO shipping - no weight, etc., per "service" ... it seems like we previously just had shipping turned off. Now it seems the store wants to require a shipping choice. HELP! :-) Normally I'm a smarty pants on these things, but can't locate where I should deactivate any/all shipping requirement. Addition: and YES, the green checkmark "allow no shipping" is checked under admin > store settings >features (UPDATED to show correct versions.)
  7. Hi, Dirty B : well, I use Win 8.1 in a virtual machine on my Mac, so it's 100% error free and I simply do update on backup of the virtual machine image and if it fails, just use the backup. Similarly for the Windows 7 machine I have a cloned copy of the HD as a backup with 1:1 mirror. I am a very advanced user. The Win 7 machines won't go to Win8. Love the Mac for being able to have OSX open and on two screens have XP on one, Win 8 on another, and compare a web site in progress on all three, pretty wild. And dolphins swimming on the desktop :-) Then, jump into bootcamp and run Win7 natively (doing it right now). Win7 is still my "daily driver" as it's still the best daily work OS for me at the moment. As to admin login, with Win7 and IE11, it looks to be a cookie issue. I've seen similar issues with Google where I have to keep logging in to things, even between tabs. Very funky even with security set at "middle" for the sliders and pretty normal AUP settings. For example, I was able to login to the store as admin this morning, with compatibility mode OFF, but the moment I clicked anything on the menu, for "orders" it kicked me out and I had to login again, after switching to compatibility mode. Ugh. I expected some gremlins for IE11 on Windows 7, but it's a bit like that on everything right now. My PDFs vanished in iBooks on my new iPad Air after doing restore from iPad 3 ... just gone. iOS 7 ... ! Bah. People with OSX Mavericks might lose external data with USB HD if Western Digital "disk tools" are installed to check the SMART status. Annoying. And of course don't get me started on the Chinese trying to hack my server every day this week. Anyway..... not a bug in CubeCart, but definitely some oddball stuff with cookies, and I think how the cookie is "set" on the CC5x admin login screen form element. That is just one big guess on my part. Font Awesome 4 fonts wouldn't load from the Amazon CDN on my website in the browser, in a third tab open in IE11 the other day ... so they need to do some patching on IE11 and memory leak or whatever funky things they have going with that on Win7. Kept hitting reload and refresh and nothing. Finally had to restart computer then worked fine. YUCK! IE 11.1 needs to happen soon.
  8. Okay.... confirmed on both our machines running latest Windows 7 (64 bit), Intel CPU, IE 11 as of Microsoft patch Tuesday 11/12/13, that you cannot login to admin in CubeCart unless you go to Tools > Compatibility Views > and add your domain to the list. Keep in mind I had to do this with Google also in order to get various things to even load at all (!). I haven't tried this on IE8 yet as I need to update to 8.1 and haven't had free moment to do that on the other system, nor the virtual one running on the Mac. HOWEVER, thankfully ... I just double checked the client login page with https and was able to login with client user/password without any issue. So, as of "today" clients should be able to login okay with IE11 on Win7 without having to switch on compatibility view, or switch it off, for that matter. It's only the admin login which is going to confuse heck out of anybody on Windows 7 with IE11, not being able to login, and keep trying, then locking themselves out ...
  9. Hi, folks just starting this thread in case it becomes an actual issue. I've noticed problems logging into CC5x with the brand spankin' new IE11 on Windows 7, where clicking the admin login with user name/password just reloads the page and does *not* actually login. No issue with Chrome v30. I only bring this up in case others or clients run into this issue -- may be a cookie, or other issue, but very annoying. IE11 on Win7 kinda buggy, but they will be pushing this update to all IE10 users soon on patch day. Will post update as I look into this more. It may be a "compatibility mode" issue, or other, but IE11 is not seeing something with CC5 and perhaps blocking something to set cookie for login. UPDATE: I just tried switching to https for the login, and then switched compatibility mode on for the site, which allowed the login to proceed. FIX NEEDED: The admin header file template likely needs to include a meta X-UA-Compatible "IE-edge,chrome=1" directive. Also, with IE11, they now restrict copy/paste (I'm using it right now, and can't copy into this post!). Sheesh. Clients will be running into this issue soon, if not already.
  10. Thanks again for this, bsmither ... came here for two things today 1) to look for this, 2) to share news about our sales milestone. THANK YOU!!!
  11. FYI to all, PHP Version 5.2.17 is still widely in use as it is the version supported by Plesk/Parallels 10x, and you can't upgrade PHP on a production server in certain instances with things like Red Hat ES Linux, Plesk/Parallels 10, without wiping the system. This a massive worldwide installed base, with plenty of patches for PCI-DSS and mod security, etc., so pretty much everything except leading "edge" products still have full support for PHP 5.2.17. We'll finally be upgrading our server in mid-December to the "latest and greatest" and moving to CentOS from RHES due to their wonky new licensing fees "per processor, per month." I only mention it here in case somebody searches related to this version of PHP. It's still "current" on tens of thousands of production servers, if not more.
  12. I've been doing ecommerce sites since Jan 1996, and have gone through the gamut of open source, arcane paid systems, crappy hosted solutions and over priced "enterprise" SaaS solutions. CubeCart is a great product, albeit "smallish" in many ways, it still has the attention to detail and good core code I rely on. I think I sent in a testimonial once upon a time, but the best testimonial is running a business with CubeCart. It literally pays the bills! :-)
  13. Just as a quick thank you to the folks who built Cubecart, and all the help I've gotten on this forum the past couple of years. We just hit a milestone today, marking $1 Million in sales using Cubecart as our ecommerce platform. I just thought it would be nice to share this with everybody, and share my thanks for a great product. Christopher Simmons CEO, Neotrope® California, USA
  14. I guess it should have said "Open Letter to All CubeCart Users and Developers..." which would have made it more clear this is something all CubeCart users should watch out for. Creeping malware, spyware, adware and such in CC related products is really awful. Since CC "stupidly" doesn't offer certification program for third party add-ons, it's buyer beware, but obviously dis allowing warnings about it here seems short sighted. Oh well, it's your forum you make the rules. Enjoy. And to DirtyButters point... we *do* host our secure sticker logos locally so they don't load off remote servers so as to not slow down the system. Our server is PCI-DSS certified secure ... is yours? We have to check for all this nonsense being done in certain apps and skins and some of it not only slows down the site, but causes security issues. Perhaps CC may want to include a security primer for their customers as "best behavior." Oh well. So much for trying to help out my fellow CC users. (VERY ANNOYED.)
  15. Hello all... I wanted to make a comment to all the CC developers (not Devellion), specifically those making add-ons, modules, plug-ins, themes/skins, etc. to "extend" the capabilities of CubeCart. First, as somebody who has been doing ecommerce since 1996 (!), including projects for Oprah Winfrey, large camera stores, No Fear clothing, etc. -- I've got a good background on how stores should and should not work. I've managed my own web server(s) since 1996, and ran a hosting company from 1996/7 to 2005. I've been using CC since 2010 and have been very happy. We worked with some great folks on plugins/extensions for CC4, and rarely had any problems. However, with CC5 I'm seeing a somewhat disturbing trend, and would like to comment publicly about it here. 1) I've noticed a number of plugin folks making elements which 'phone home' to verify a license 2) I've noticed folks putting in advertising links in their plugin (like the late captcha plugin) 3) I've noticed some themes/skins and whatnot making outbound calls to CDNs for .js files and such First, while it should be obvious that secure ecommerce systems should NEVER make outbound links to other sites for security purposes, it's also true many CC third party developers don't actually run any kind of ecommerce business themselves (one of my faves is always the CC plugin sellers who can't make their items downloadable when that's a built in function of CC!) and hence don't have to deal with the actual business of working with a wide range of clients - ever notice CC plugin/addon sellers whose store isn't even secure? Um... duh. No skin or plugin should contact an outside CDN or website, or the developer's own site, to download anything, check in or anything like that. This is a massive security threat and CDNs, developer sites, come and go like the wind. Your little .js you include as a connection in your HEAD might load malware when you decide to pack it up and get a real job, leaving us with an injection of malware and you could care less. I would like to make this issue more public as it's been creeping into a number of things lately. I just removed on from a popular commercial skin (hint mentioned in my footer), removed a captcha with links to an SEO service in the actual plugin, and refused to buy another add-on as it phoned home every time to verify it was "licensed." Really? So.... please be aware I will start "calling out" those folks who do this kind of "bad behavior" as it's NOT secure, not wanted, and bad practice. Feel free to join the conversation on this one, folks. Chris
  16. Hi, you could likely edit the templates; but frankly we had this issue last year and the "simple" fix was to just make a generic graphic for all the free items. If they are all PDFs, grab the generic PDF icon graphic and make an image of that with maybe a FREE circle graphic in corner (Google "PDF icon graphics" for other versions). Then use that "default" graphic for all your free PDFs ... much easier than "hacking" the skins for a conditional expression for the category, or having to suffer the default "NO IMAGE" graphic. I can't share the image we did, unfortunately, as its proprietary to us (has our logo in corner); but you could whip something together to use for all the free items, and then it looks snazzier anyway. Sorry if that isn't a perfect suggestion .... waiting for something to update here and killing some time being a smarty pants here ... maybe that all helped, maybe not.
  17. HI, make sure the directory and images are in a writable folder and then you may need to go to each product deselect and reselect to get the star and SEE the thumbnail (use Chrome/Firefox -- IE sucks due to the Ajax stuff not working right for CubeCart admin...seriously ...not a CC bug). If you don't "see" the thumbnail on the actual product page under the image tab ... it won't work properly everywhere. I just went though and re-did this for all my images (ugh). And now they all work properly, even the ones inside a folder. Prior to that they all showed most places but weird missing stuff... so when I went to an actual product > image tab > I'd see no thumbnail next to the file list - even if star was activated. Reselecting (I put everything in NEW folder to ensure I was selecting right item as NEW item); then they show up with the thumbnail showing on the product > image tab page ... and hence they now work everywhere in every form properly. Not sure that helps the underlying issue. The whole image thing was a bit wonky in the first couple version of 5.x but now WORKS as long as you can get them selected to see the thumbnail on each product page. :-)
  18. HI, the reason we're adding Amazon payments is that, in theory, folks like me who have my memership points for both my Amex and ChaseCC going into Amazon as spendable dollars, our small business clients would be able to use their "points" to pay for our services. This is actually a pretty powerful thing, most folks haven't figured out yet as a "very cool thing." We do a bit of business with PayPal, using that as alternate payment method (we've been a verified business seller with PayPal since 2000), but most sales happen via our normal Authorize.net connection. Amazon payments, will be another "tool" for clients to spend their money with us, in a more useful way for those who have a lot of business points from credit card rewards. I used some of my points to buy some stuff at MacSales(OWC) for my Mac, and used Amazon payment. How cool was that? :-) RIP Google Checkout. You sucked to begin with.
  19. Hi! yes, sorry; I have Vector 1.2 also; with the BETA updates for the print receipt template which will be in 1.3. Homar sent me the update as our store suffered from the hideous print receipt format being one column of bunched together stuff and particularly in IE10/Win7 the popup didn't work, so client got receipt that looked like crap compared to the stock Kauroto (sp?) theme print template. We also have a home page template that allows us to use the "document" box in CC, since we don't use the internal loop for home page, but do custom code and wouldn't float right with the sidebar default. Great guys over there :-) Now if only I could figure out how to get bootstrap tooltips to work in ANYTHING anywhere ... that would make my day (sigh).
  20. Hi, we gave up on Google Checkout entirely due to weirdness with showing customer "completed" but then holding the payment until they approve it, so customer would "move on" to submit project to us before technically Google had run fraud check to determine if it was okay. SO, this proved unworkable. Ironically, Google Checkout announced today (May 20) they are killing "checkout" entirely, which does not surprise me since it kind of sucked for our purposes, and trying to buy a CC plugin from the UK caused a headache, too since MasterCard thought Google was fraud (but PayPal is okay ... go figure). SO: we're going to stick with 1: the ecommerce we've been doing since 1998 via Authorize.net (a unit of VISA) 2: PayPal 3: Amazon payments (have not yet implemented) Google was crap at this and couldn't do the job PayPal does with alternate payments. If you use Google Wallet you got the email too. But anybody new, I'd just not even bother with Google payments since the only thing they now seem to care about is making it into a payment method for "the Android market" for mobile users on Android OS, etc. (BAH!) YES: all connections for ecommerce should be https ...
  21. Email from Google today (May 20) --- An update to Google Checkout Hello, A key focus of Google Wallet is to simplify and improve the commerce experience for merchants and shoppers. Just last week, we announced two enhancements to the Google Wallet platform. The Instant Buy API enables merchants to offer a fast buying experience to Google Wallet shoppers on their Android apps and websites, while processing their own payments. In addition, the new Wallet Objects API enables merchants to engage their customers with loyalty, offers, and more. As we continue to build the Wallet platform, we must focus our priorities. That is why we are announcing today that we will retire Google Checkout. We remain heavily invested in building a platform that enables merchants to meet the demands of a multi-screen world where consumers shop in-store, at their desk and on their mobile devices.
  22. Coupons work properly as a general coupon. So, in the sense that somebody can buy 5 newspapers, get 5 Coke coupons and then go to a supermarket and buy 5 cases of Coke, once per day; it works perfectly. Where it does NOT work is there is no "limit per user." With the wonderful Estelle mod we had available for CC4, we could limit BOTH number of "uses for anybody" (such as "first 100 users get 10% off this weekend - come on down!") ... AND we could limit "per user" who had to be logged into their account to use any coupon (how it tracked that feature). This allowed store owners to offer a "one time" promotion such as Memorial Day (in U.S.) holiday special, "order all you want, limit ONE 20% off holiday bonus per customer" .... AND it allowed us to specify a category the coupon could apply to. Totally awesome. Hopefully a third party iteration of this will work as well - as we really need that feature. Sadly, some customers try to "game" a system if they can get away with it, then basically say 'if I don't get the discount 'which your system let me do' then I will take my business elsewhere." -- in the old days we'd tell them go ahead ... but in this economy we can't be so picky as were years back. REQUEST for future feature (yes, I'm in wrong place to do that) in CubeCart 5.5: "robust" coupon/discount options a) choose number of uses (total uses all users) limit number of uses *per customer* for specific coupon (requires client login or create account; cheats creating multiple accounts get booted manually); allows to limit for "first time customer" discount or an "affiliate/partner" referral discount, etc. c) time limit (expires on date) d) specify category coupon can apply to (or per item checkbox, or group as applicable) Happy to pay for CubeCart "branded" enhancement addon (seems these would be nice to offer...) Happy to pay for third party addon.
  23. While some aspects of this cart are "old," we've done "almost" $1,000,000 in sales with it and have not been locked into a third party platform with absurd monthly fees, sub-domain hosting requirements (on somebody else's server), security problems, or other "shenanigans." If you crave personal control of your domain (nod to Seinfeld TV episode), keeping everything on your own site/server/domain, and not paying high monthly fees, or dealing with problems of open source software having little or no support, CubeCart has proven a very solid solution. All products have bugs (ask Adobe about that, or Microsoft, or Google, etc.), as that is part of modern software built to run on varied platforms and technologies. Inherent with the relatively low entry cost, is the presumption you're willing to "do the work" on a number of things yourself (like manual updates, it's not that hard for anybody managing an "e-business" -- except perhaps the lowly end customer when resold as a developer). However, most issues with upgrades have to do with logical security requirements of modern servers which intentionally make it hard for outside or certain internal applications to over-write applications (this is how malware gets installed). Backup for any web business should be done periodically through the web server as that retains paths and permissions, which local "in place" backups of data cannot do; this is outside the scope of any ecom system to "make a complete backup of itself" -- not even Windows 7 can do that properly. Just throwing in my comments on how we rely on CubeCart for our business, our income, and bottom line. We've been doing ecom since 1996, and have gone through many apps, from open source, to in house cgi stuff, to dabbling with hosted solutions like Miva, et al. CubeCart -- for our purposes -- has been a generally great experience. Yes, the skins kind of suck and look like stuff we were doing 15 years ago, but are not any worse/better than open source stuff or some of the big expensive programs. Programmers are not "designers" unfortunately. So, if you're able to wrangle the code to build your own skins, or outsource that (which we finally did recently), you can build a pretty awesome site with great usability, security and reliability. Everything is a trade off with anything that doesn't cost a fortune. So, keeping that in mind, it works for a lot of people, but your mileage may vary, as they say. :-)
  24. Hi, bsmither ... thanks!! (oh yeah, how ironic ... totally forgot about the smarty language.... double d'oh. So much for me being a 'smarty' {smile]) For the amount of help and support you provide to everybody here, I hope CC is giving you a stipend :-) That was exactly what I needed.
  25. Hi, this is one of those things I'm going to feel stupid about asking here, but I need to insert an echo time element in the main page and/or homepage, and not sure of the schema to use inside these templates for the call to php to echo that ... normally I'd do something like <?php echo "<b>".date('l, F jS, Y ')."</b>"; ?> Basically I need to be able to in one place do something like: Today is Sunday, December 9th, 2012 I don't need help with the Apache time settings... just the correct "call' format inside of a CubeCart template to echo this. e.g. { $date = date('Y-m-d H:i:s'); } I haven't tried inserting such calls into a CC template before, oddly enough, even though I've been hacking it since 2010 for our services order system (we sell services, not products). As I said -- going to seem dumb asking that, but thought I'd check before I start messing with it only because it's live and don't want to break something while customer using it (which is murphy's law on this stuff). Thanks in advance, gentle CubeCart fellows :-)
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