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  1. Due to the need for custom importer, and no current solution for handling productid during import/export when updating inventory I've decided to halt my efforts here. Thank you for the help
  2. Because I assumed not all shopping cart solutions are the same, that perhaps Volusion supports this feature natively (I will be checking them out today) and so anyone with prior experience with Volusion may have some input on the issue.
  3. I would think deleting my entire inventory and then importing the new spreadsheet should work. Does cubecart increment the product ID so items are never duplicated? Oh, and converting the excel to CSV isnt a problem
  4. I will go into more detail on what I am trying to achieve. A supplier sends me an excel spreadsheet with thousands of product listings. The fields in the spreadsheet are: Part #, Product Name, Weight, MAP (Mfg advertised pricing), WHL (Wholesale cost), Manufacturer, Part URL and Photo URL I want to import the excel file to cubecart to auto-populate my products, somehow using information fetched from the part URL (item specs and desc.) and photo URL (image). The part URL and photo URL are on the suppliers site. My supplier uses Volusion if that helps.
  5. That would be much appreciated. I went ahead and purchased a license for testing purposes.
  6. Thanks for the reply bsmither. This part confuses me a little: "Or, as some have requested, the image URL can be used in situ." Not sure if 'in situ' is terminology, or if you were just cut off there. The rest makes sense; any tips as to how I could go about getting the custom importer written?
  7. Hi all, I need to know if I can take an excel spreadsheet from a vendor and upload it to my site to add products. The fields in the spreadsheet are: Part #, Product Name, Weight, MAP, WHL, Manufacturer, Part URL and Photo URL. Can anyone tell me if this is something I can do with cubecart? Also, is there a way to use the photo URL to automatically add a photo for the item on my site? If not I would have to manually download each image and upload it for each product, which would not be feasible. Thank you for your help!
  8. Brice

    WiFi Hotspot Kits

    Very nice site!, but I have one recommendation: *Not everyone knows exactly what a wifi hotspot is, or what it means to host a wifi hotspot - if you explained a bit more in your product brochure, customers might be more interested.
  9. Very nice site.. tips: *make your drop-down search box defaulted as expanded, and at the top of the page - customers who want to search for something and dont find the search box right away usually dont stick around long. *roll over menus like on wall decals - move them to the left a bit, makes clicking submenu easier *SSL is very important to knowledgable customers, make that logo legible! It's tiny.
  10. Very nice site... in IE8, the search box covers a portion of the frame around it though, kinda looks a little off.
  11. Yes, I really like your site... the theme goes great with the products/topics
  12. http://www.mypcalaska.com All done through reading forums, etc. here (with no prior experience) and some help from the great CubeCart community... I do not want to promote my site until I receive some feedback on it though.
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