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  1. I have screen shots of everything, the promo code is reflected but doesnt transfer to the invoice. It shows in the admin notes. Cannot get the screenshot loaded as it is too big...
  2. It reflects the charges there but it doesn't when paypal processes it. the DB shows shipping, invoice shows shipping, payment doesn't charge shipping.
  3. Does anyone have a way to make a promocode for free shipping that actually removes the shipping charge from the invoice? I can get the charges removed from the billed total with paypal but it still reflects on the invoice and makes the invoice unbalanced.
  4. What needs to be done to fix zip codes? The US is 5 digit or 5+4. USPS will not recognize 9 digits and provide a quote. If a customer enters the 5+4 without a -, it should auto format to xxxxx-xxxx from xxxxxxxxx
  5. I have a bunch of customers from California
  6. Notepad ++ Not that I can see or know of.
  7. Color of text turned all white at that point, hence why I thought it.
  8. here is the definitions.xml file. definitions.zip everything else matched It looks like a closing </string> is missing part way down, line 855
  9. I have over 600 errors- https://www.csrocketry.com/xxxxxx/%PRIVACY_URL% the x is different product categories or item. Ideas? I have a valid privacy policy on the site.
  10. That's really silly that there's no view basket option if you're logged into a customer profile. I see what's going on now. We should change that because for customers it's confusing to be able to not view their basket to make edits prior to going to secure checkout.
  11. Except if I log in as any other customer I have a view basket option.
  12. Just had to turn of recaptcha for a new customer to be able to create an account, now his profile only does not show view basket.
  13. Just had a customer have an issue with the invisible recaptcha- The following errors were detected: the verification code was incorrect. Please try again Could this also be causing payment related issues?
  14. this is what is happening in mine as well, same issues with orders going to pending and payment not being taken.
  15. Different customer different card type, same issue.
  16. turned everything off: firewall, virus protection, ad blocker ect by the way, on 3 different machines and 3 different networks, the results are the same.
  17. I did, disabled everything in the second run.
  18. with adblock running with adblock disabled. The popup appeared but gave the same 3ds error
  19. Can I send you my skins folder to look at? I appreciate you helping, really need to get this resolved as I cannot keep losing customers at payment as they do not come back. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k7zL0k5hnXuSNyu0UgAfp3V9R3T94w5u/view?usp=sharing
  20. Are we on recaptcha v2 or 3? I am using foundation but also have some custom skin built in. 5[Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking <some> event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. See <URL> [Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 30ms message?merchant_id=BECJBFSX3YF2Q&currency=USD&amount=803.72&placement=cart&style={"layout"%3A"text"%2C"logo"%3A{"type"%3A"inline"%2C"position"%3A"left"}%2C"text"%3A{"color"%3A"black"%2C"size"%3A"12"%2C"align"%3A"center"}}&client_id=AfzDtc-4e3mgEKVqWbZ1KiuaJzTwaeDGRM1xYdzfuBGJk0zhEJkc6vYOOF2RnKWTuyUMoV0S4IcngySx&merchant_config=d45c6e1f1ce03b33bc512247a2ccc454e48245e5&sdkMeta=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&env=production&version=1.27.1&deviceID=feb9ff2a9f_mtq6ndq6ndi&sessionID=uid_4aa2160231_mdm6mdc6mty&scriptUID=uid_tsipraohzxvuumommdrigimqurffvq&message_request_id=uid_20d859d35b_mdm6mdg6nde&features=no-common:105 [Violation] Avoid using document.write(). https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/08/removing-document-write (anonymous) @ message?merchant_id=BECJBFSX3YF2Q&currency=USD&amount=803.72&placement=cart&style={"layout"%3A"text"%2C"logo"%3A{"type"%3A"inline"%2C"position"%3A"left"}%2C"text"%3A{"color"%3A"black"%2C"size"%3A"12"%2C"align"%3A"center"}}&client_id=AfzDtc-4e3mgEKVqWbZ1KiuaJzTwaeDGRM1xYdzfuBGJk0zhEJkc6vYOOF2RnKWTuyUMoV0S4IcngySx&merchant_config=d45c6e1f1ce03b33bc512247a2ccc454e48245e5&sdkMeta=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&env=production&version=1.27.1&deviceID=feb9ff2a9f_mtq6ndq6ndi&sessionID=uid_4aa2160231_mdm6mdc6mty&scriptUID=uid_tsipraohzxvuumommdrigimqurffvq&message_request_id=uid_20d859d35b_mdm6mdg6nde&features=no-common:105 This was from clicking secure checkout
  21. Ill get this info for you shortly. The issue isn't just my browser or computer, it is many different users that never had problems amd now do.
  22. I have tried several now, the logs show nothing. Some go through, some do not. The last one was rejected and gave a 3DS error but the previous customer tried several times, no error and no payment, just looped back to the make payment screen. I tried by logging in as customer and it went through. Today, 19:53 Request Sent (cURL) - https://api.paypal.com/v1/oauth2/tokengrant_type=client_credentials Response received (200 - OK){"scope":"https://uri.paypal.com/services/invoicing https://uri.paypal.com/services/disputes/read-buyer https://uri.paypal.com/services/payments/realtimepayment https://uri.paypal.com/services/disputes/update-seller https://uri.paypal.com/services/payments/payment/authcapture openid https://uri.paypal.com/services/disputes/read-seller https://uri.paypal.com/services/payments/refund https://api.paypal.com/v1/vault/credit-card https://api.paypal.com/v1/payments/.* https://uri.paypal.com/services/payments/initiatepayment https://uri.paypal.com/payments/payouts https://api.paypal.com/v1/vault/credit-card/.* https://uri.paypal.com/services/subscriptions https://uri.paypal.com/services/applications/webhooks","access_token":"A21AAPMBXCInJT5w9aWNY8AzlpMooBTrakO83l-bdzdV3MGDwbxV9wIq3rRhmQTF5y3p9NT7budVtNfeo9is4j8dO8clmDzJQ","token_type":"Bearer","app_id":"APP-9S829106T17238807","expires_in":29200,"nonce":"2022-01-04T00:00:02ZcmUXR5uf35GZQDRkvsW5_FnCXro9RjbQZdMHFv0Ssp0"} The request in the admin area is repeated several times with the same info everytime, almost looks like a stuck for loop.
  23. No, notes don't show anything related to checkout.
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