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  1. He said he clicked amazon checkout. I added version to my signature.
  2. Any way to sort stock warning? Mine shows up in random order. I would like to filter it based on category(or manufacturer). Ideas?
  3. Is there a way to remove product images? I want to have images for some products, but not others(category based). I would like to not have a box with no image available(no box at all would be nice)
  4. He went through the checkout process. Unfortunately, I have no other info.
  5. What about a way to make the customer select shipping method instead of having a default method selected?
  6. Customer emailed me the following error: The following errors were detected: Error: InvalidParameterValue What causes this? He shows up in the admin order this time, but it lists him as a ghost even though I followed the code to change that force login or account creation. I recieved payment as well. He now says it was when he clicked pay with amazon. Ill just turn that off for now. Still any ideas to fix it?
  7. thanks. 1 word change fixes it. Why is this not an option built in? I think it was in V3 that I had.
  8. Is there a way to require login to purchase? I just had an order come through that they didnt register and it doesn't show up in admin. Just have the email confirmation and receipt email.
  9. store/admin.php?_g=products&cat_id=27&sort%5Bupdated%5D=DESC&char=G No change by enabling it. I have the current v5.
  10. Is there a way to select if a product should have a photo. I would like to have certain categories items have photos(entire category) and others not.
  11. When I use this, it gives me a blank page for my site. If I disable it, the site is back. Ideas?
  12. I fixed the typo. If I had that setup, when I get the red banner for clicking on C, then click on any, i still have the red banner. It doesn't update.
  13. I think the filter should reset from letter selection when you change category filters. That would get rid of the nothing found message. It isn't like you can manually clear the filter out either without clicking the product tab and fully starting over.
  14. Is this supposed to be a question or just a comment?
  15. When you filter products by category in the admin panel and the select a leter filter, it does not update to a new category filter without clicking on the produsts tab again. (click product, filter category,select a leter, then try to change to a different category). It does this only when the new category doesn't have a product with the letter you had selected first. Any fixes yet?
  16. Yep. If it is a rocket motor, it must be shipped USPS or Fedex, depending on the specific motor. The USPS ones can also go fedex, but not the other way around.
  17. It isn;t either. It is based on the motor sizes. We have rocket motors from 18mm diameter through 98mm diameter. In estes for example, all of the A,B,C,D motors can ship USPS, but the E motors have to go Fedex. Then in Aerotech, The D,E,G and some H motors can go USPS, but the F and rest of the H plus I-N motors have to go Fedex. I also need to have the USPS shippable motors go Parcel Post, while Parachutes and kits ect go Priority Mail.
  18. Well, I would however I used 2 letter abbreviations as when I put the numbers in, the cart gave me the no shipping defined message. I put letters in, it works. I was an upgrade from v3.
  19. I have searched but cannot find it. Where would I find the lines to change to have USPS standard post show up as different wording? I found and changed fedex's already but cant find this one. I did see some interesting comments about USPS
  20. Thanks everyone for the help. The issue was 2 thing-My password was incorrect(have to use production one not your login one) and the database did not update prior customers to a 2 letter state code. This was thought to be the number series that a new user showed up as but I had to change all prior users to the proper state abbreviation. Thanks again for the help.
  21. Is the CubeCart_geo_zone table there as well, or is it in one of the cubecart folders?
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