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  1. Looks like your style sheet(s) is not linked to the page correctly, the path is probably incorrect.
  2. You can change the phrase through the language section in admin: Languages > en > Global Common Phrases > misc_free Change the phrase and click the 'Modify Language File' button at the bottom. If you have tried to edit the file itself you will still need to go into the lang section and the phrase will probably have 'Revert' next to it. Click that then click the 'Modify Language File' button for the changes to take affect. Shipping is sorted low > high on the file includes/content/cart.inc.php by this code: function cmp($a, $ { $b=floatval($b['value']); $a=floatval($a['value']); return $a<$b ? -1 : ($a>$b ? 1 : 0); } usort($Shipping, 'cmp'); Changing it to the following will sort it high > low: //function cmp($a, $ { $b=floatval($b['value']); $a=floatval($a['value']); return $a<$b ? -1 : ($a>$b ? 1 : 0); } //usort($Shipping, 'cmp'); rsort($Shipping);
  3. leeofaccy

    404 Error?

    I think I can see what is happening. I have a feeling it is something to do with your ssl settings and/or your https paths. Have you got 'Force SSL' set to yes, in General Settings? If so, try setting it to NO and see if it makes a difference. Lee
  4. Hi The customer can go (or should be able to), into their account and change the password there. There should be a link to 'Your Account' in the session section of your website i.e. where the login/logout link is. In there should be another link to 'Change Password'. Lee
  5. Hi You can change the order of the categories by clicking View Categories from the admin menu and using the 'arrow' icons to move the categories up or down to the order you choose. If you have any child categories, click the main category name and do the same there and click Save Order. Lee
  6. Seems ok to me. Looked at it in Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari and Chrome and all countries are listed. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes. Lee
  7. Hi Peter Try looking in your skins folder, maybe in 'content' or 'boxes' and see if there is a file called contactUs.tpl. There is probably an include file that goes with it too, somewhere like includes/content(or boxes)/contactUs.inc.php. Lee
  8. Hi Try it this way, as it does work.... Click insert/Edit Image. When the box opens click 'Browse Server'. Next, click 'Browse' at the bottom and locate the image on your pc. Click the 'Upload' button, then click the name of the image in the list and the image should appear in the editor. Hope that helps. Lee
  9. Hi Pete, Quote from the documentation: As long as it has done the trick!
  10. Hi Pete Have you tried clicking Rebuild number customer orders in the Rebuild & Recount section to see if it makes any difference? Lee
  11. Hi Tom You are using a non-standard skin and would recommend contacting the skin author, or alternatively ask over on the sister forum for help as this is for the core product only. Lee
  12. leeofaccy

    Time of day

    Try -25200 which should take another hour off. Lee
  13. You should post this over on the other forum here. This forum is for questions about the core product only.
  14. So basically, you have set free shipping for orders over €70, but also need a pickup option for orders under €70? Lee
  15. Everything is controlled by the include file and parsed to the tpl file. On the include file, you have this condition to parse a seperator, except the last one (hence the -1)... if ($i<$maxi-1) { $box_content->parse('site_docs.a.sep'); } Lee
  16. Hi It should remove itself, unless the code has been modified on either includes/boxes/siteDocs.inc.php or skins/YOUR_SKIN/styleTemplates/boxes/siteDocs.tpl On the inc file you should have this..... ## Build attributes if ($results) { $maxi = count($results); foreach ($results as $i => $result) { if ($i<$maxi-1) { $box_content->parse('site_docs.a.sep'); } And on the tpl file, this... <!-- BEGIN: a --> <a class="txtSiteDocs" href="{DATA.doc_url}" {data.doc_url_target}="">{DATA.doc_name}</a> <!-- BEGIN: sep --><span class="txtSiteDocs">|</span><!-- END: sep --> <!-- END: a --> This adds a seperator to each document except the last one. Lee
  17. Try unticking Pending and Processing and ticking the others. Lee
  18. leeofaccy

    URL Name

    This is normal with pages using SSL . It looks like you have 'Force SSL' set to Yes, so every page is using SSL. Set it to No and only the pages that require SSL will use SSL and your URL will not be appended on none-SSL pages. Lee
  19. If you click Admin Home in the menu, it should be in the 'Inventory Summary' box, under 'Number of products'. Lee
  20. Hi Try this, it will give you the total value of all in-stock products. Open admin/sources/home/index.inc.php and find this code (around line 23) require($glob['adminFolder'].CC_DS.'includes'.CC_DS.'header.inc.php'); Add underneath... require($glob['adminFolder'].CC_DS.'includes'.CC_DS.'currencyVars.inc.php'); Just below you will see this... // no Products $query = 'SELECT count(`productId`) as noProducts FROM '.$glob['dbprefix'].'CubeCart_inventory'; $noProducts = $db->select($query); Add this below... // total product value $query = 'SELECT sum(`stock_level`*`price`) as totValue FROM '.$glob['dbprefix'].'CubeCart_inventory WHERE `stock_level` > 0'; $totValue = $db->select($query); Around line 243 find this... <tr> <td width="33%" class="tdText"><span class="tdText"><?php echo $lang['admin_common']['other_no_products'];?></span></td> <td width="50%" class="tdText"><?php echo number_format($noProducts[0]['noProducts']); ?></td> </tr> Add this under it... <tr> <td width="33%" class="tdText"><span class="tdText">Total value of in-stock products:</span></td> <td width="50%" class="tdText"><?php echo priceFormat($totValue[0]['totValue'],true); ?></td> </tr> This could be refined a little more if need be.... Lee
  21. Open both includes/global/index.inc.php and cart.php (in same folder) and comment them out. For example... /*require_once'includes'.CC_DS.'boxes'.CC_DS.'currency.inc.php'; $body->assign('CURRENCY',$box_content);*/ Do the same for the language and if you do ever decide to re-enable them, just uncomment them again and they will be visible on your site. Lee
  22. Hi Andy Click View Categories in your admin menu. Click the Category Name of the category with the child category in. Click Edit of the child category you want to move. In the Category Level drop-down, select Top Level, then click the Edit Product button. Lee
  23. Hi Neil It does look as though your server root path is incorrect. You can find it out by creating a page that tells you. Create a new php page in an editor, with the following <?php echo $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; ?> Save and name it rootTest.php or whatever. Upload this to the root of your server, then browse to it. This will give you your server root path. You should get a result similar to this /home/sites/your-webite/public_html/ If the folder you have uploaded your products is outside the public_html folder (downloads, for example), you will need to put something like this on your product page, for example /home/sites/your-webite/downloads/your_product_name.zip DELETE THE FILE OFF YOUR SERVER WHEN DONE. Lee
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