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  1. Thanks for the help - now sorted and is just what I wanted. Once again, your help was spot on and much appreciated. Tim
  2. Thanks for that, I'll give it a go and see what happens. Tim
  3. Hi, New install of CC today to experiment with something a client has asked for. 1 - The background of the 'Add to Basket' defaults to blue - html color #2285A2, I want to change this to #035130. I tried a quick and dirty search/replace of foundation.css and found 8 occurrences,. uploaded the changed file. The change was not reflected so I am guessing that the color is set elsewhere. Could someone kindly point me at the correct file(s). 2 - Same thing really, the Product Tiles and various other text is using the same blue as above and I would like to set it to the same green as above. Again, a pointer to the files that I need to change would be appreciated. Thanks Tim
  4. Hi, Problem solved! I was wrong, the invoice had been edited and it was only when I installed a fresh copy on a spare domain that I managed to track it down. Turned out that the client had edited the invoice and removed the {$STORE.country}. So a restore to default (thanks Al for having that option!) and all is well again. And thanks to Bsmither for pointing me in the right direction. You gotta love CC and the guys on this forum. Tim
  5. Hi, To clarify, a product is listed with 2 options,weight and size. The weight is what determines the price, the size does not affect the price, the customer must accept the defaults OR choose a different weight and or size. So, for instance: Product 1 is available in 1Kg, 2 Kg, 5Kg or 10K - default is 1Kg, size options are 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, the default size is 16mm. He chooses 2Kg of 20mm. The order summary shows both the weight and the size. The invoice shows the Size but NOT the Weight. No edits have been made to any code, anywhere. Nor has any code been looked at with any editor or viewer. No custom product codes have been used, in fact virtually no product codes are used in thne store. The only extensions that have been added are: French & Dutch Language, Paypal Standard and All In One Shipping. Hope that is reasonably clear Tim
  6. Hi All, Small problem with CC 6.2.2 concerning invoice printing. Client is selling products by weight, e.g. 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg and 10Kg and by size, e.g. 16mm, 20mm, 24mm. The customer must select a weight and a size to place an order. I have created an option set, all radio buttons, for the two options. When a product is created, the option set is applied and the prices and weights are added, all the prices are absolute. He gets an order, the order summary is correct in that it shows the weight of each product ordered and the quantity. However, when he prints an invoice, the weight does not appear. Since he uses the invoice to pack the goods his staff don't know what weight the customer has ordered. Is there a setting in the Admin side that I have missed? I have had a really good look and can't see anywhere that this can be turned on or off. I have discovered that if the customer prints his own invoice, the weight IS printed on the invoice. TIA for any help or thoughts of what I can do to sort this out. Tim
  7. Here's a strange one! I am doing a site for a customer, http://www.loirbaits.com/Cube. He is asking if it is possible to remove the 'Ajouter au' box from the short description. Obviously he needs it show show on the main product page. It's been to long since I last played with php and so on, I am supposed to be retired (I am 72!) but this guy has been a customer for 15 years and I would like to help him out. Thanks Tim
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