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  1. Here's a strange one! I am doing a site for a customer, http://www.loirbaits.com/Cube. He is asking if it is possible to remove the 'Ajouter au' box from the short description. Obviously he needs it show show on the main product page. It's been to long since I last played with php and so on, I am supposed to be retired (I am 72!) but this guy has been a customer for 15 years and I would like to help him out. Thanks Tim
  2. kalyncomputers

    Options - strange behaviour

    HI, Thanks for replying, well at least it isn't me! I don't know how I have done it but I have now got 'ordinary' options working correctly but option sets are still doing the same. Presumably Al will do his best to fix the problem in the future. Tim
  3. kalyncomputers

    Options - strange behaviour

    Clean install of 6.1.7 yesterday. Using the Foundation skin, no mods or extensions. I have created an option called Scent. I have added 8 scents to the option. I then added all the scents to a product, as I add them each one displays its name correctly and they appear correctly on the storefront product page. However, when I go back to Admin to change each options price, all I see is a list with B as the option description. I use normally use Chrome, but I have tried looking at the Admin side with IE* and Firefox, all show the same thing. As usual, I suspect I am missing something very simple, any help would be much appreciated. Tim
  4. kalyncomputers

    Switch from one language to another

    So this is where I am upto: Did a clean install of CC. Wrote to html files, one setting English, the other setting French and they now work. Still have the problem of not being able to change languages on the storefront but I can live with that. Tim
  5. kalyncomputers

    Switch from one language to another

    Hi, Thanks for the help. Well it works, sort of! I can certainly get it to display the French version but still cannot switch back to English, even using ?set_language=en-US. Very strange as I am sure it was working last weekend. I'll try updating to 6.1.7 so that everything is bang up to date. Hi, Upgraded to 6.1.7 OK but still have the same problem. I'll try do a completely clean install and see what happens. Tim
  6. Hi, I have a site I am doing in French and English using the latest build of CC. I would like a way to call either language from an html page, i.e. I can easily call the shop from the index.html page but I cannot work out how to call a specific language from that page. Ideas anyone? Just been testing the site and found something strange. The shop comes up in English and I can switch to French by clicking on flag but when it's in French, I can't switch back to English. I will try an install on another domain to see if the same thing happens. Thanks Tim
  7. Thanks for the replies but I think I have got to the bottom of it, seems likely to be a php security setting which hopefully my hosting company can sort. I'll post more when I have a definitive answer. Tim
  8. Just done some more digging and the error does not seem to be affecting the working of CC. In Cpanel the php version is shown as 7 but on the server info, it is still showing as 5.4.45. I did try using version 5.1 but CC refused to work at all. This one is driving me slightly loopy! Tim
  9. Hi Brian, I have spoken to my hosting company who tell me that I need to change the php version. The research I have done suggest that CC 6.1.5 should work with any version of php but, I said, I have tried several different version with out success. The odd thing is that I am now semi-retired and I passed all my CC sites on to a friend who is with the same host and all those sites are fine. The site I am playing with now is just to keep my 70 year old brain ticking over! Tim
  10. Hi, Hope someone can help with this. Installed CC 6.1.5 2 weeks ago and all worked fine until last weekend. Now I am getting the MYSQLI problem. I have tried changing the php version from 5.4.45 to 4.4 and 7 and am still getting the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks Tim
  11. kalyncomputers

    [Resolved] Adding product in French

    Hi Al, As always I knew it would be something simple, thanks. Tim
  12. Hi, I have a site which I want to have in English and French. I have installed the French language extension and it is setup correctly, the storefront allows me to choose English or French. However, I can't work out where to input a French description of a product. I am sure that I am missing something obvious and would appreciate help. Thanks Tim