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  1. I've setup all my Royal Mail and other courier shipping rates using the All in One shipping module in CC5. Seems to work fine in testing.
  2. Seems to be working ok for me (using Chrome) if you keep the cursor in the menu it works ok. If you move off the menu then it disappears as it should do. Those types of menu are really awkward to use on a tablet which is what many customers are using these days. Better to turn off the category expansion and use the category pages to navigate or change the menu to one that opens/closes on a click rather than on hover.
  3. Works fine on the store I'm testing at the moment so it's not a bug with the actual package. Have you tried enabling debug under Store Settings/Advanced to see what it's trying to do when the screen is blank? Also make sure that you've enabled the banking section of the form. It has to be enabled in addition to the form itself.
  4. Probably lots of different ways to do it but this is how I do it: 1. Find an existing box that is near to what you want in the tempates directory. 2. Copy it and rename it to whatever you want. box.mynewbox.php for example. 3. Edit main.php for the skin and put {include file='templates/box/mynewbox.php'} where you want the box to appear making sure it's within the sidebar class div wrapper. After that it's just a matter of editing the box.mynewbox.php to make it appear as you want creating new classes within common.css as required.
  5. Kraken

    Coding Error

    Version 3 (or 4 for that matter) is no longer supported so it's probably best to try www.cubecartforums.org
  6. I've noticed that if you're using admins only login then you must access the control panel and store via the same url. So if you goto mystore.com/admin.php and login then you must goto mystore.com to access the store. Going to www.mystore.com won't work presumably because the cookie isn't set for that domain. Accessing the store by clicking on the storefront link in the top right of the control panel should work every time though.
  7. I know this is an old topic but I recently had to do this myself so I though it might help others in the future if I posted what I did. Edit the modules/gateway/PayPal/gateway.class.php file. At around line 75 you should find the following line of code: 'cancel_return' => $GLOBALS['storeURL'].'/index.php?_a=gateway', change it to this 'cancel_return' => $GLOBALS['storeURL'].'/index.php?_a=confirm',
  8. Kraken

    Import tool?

    Go to the Manage Hooks section in the control panel. Code snippets are handle there and there are Help pages and links to explain how it works.
  9. Me too. I'm testing at the moment and every single test user has come up with the same complaint. Once you're returned from the Paypal express page there's absolutely no indication of what the user is supposed to do. Even when the "check shipping" message does come up after the user clicks around a bit it then expects them to click on a text header rather than an actual button. I know enough to modify the code to stop this happening but I can't believe anyone is using a cubecart store in reality running like this without losing lots of customers.
  10. I've noticed that as well. My virus checker (Avast Pro) is coming up with a "Trojan horse blocked" message if I access the forum via the Google search.
  11. Don't know about Xampp but I run CC4 and CC5 on a local install of EasyPHP 5.3.5 without problems.
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