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  1. Any suggestions on a hosting provider that works well with CC? I use hostgator and it previously allowed install from the cpanel but there seems to be no reference any longer to CC in their documentation.
  2. I'm pretty sure that I was hacked at some point. I'm ready to just nuke it and reinstall via instructions you shared on another post.
  3. Attached is a screenshot of " This one: Allowed memory size of 33,554,432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3094352 bytes) in /classes/cache/file.class.php on line 213 "
  4. I deleted the older entries to get the size down. _rror.log
  5. I removed that folder and this did not fix the issue. Still getting the 404. The error log is too big, even zipped. Not sure how to make it any smaller but I'll see what I can figure out.
  6. Images that I use in another location. I can move those and see if it solves my problem. They have been there since prior to the upgrade.
  7. There is a folder called "sitedocs" in the folder /images/source/ Looking for the php error log now.
  8. Attached is the 404 I get when I try to load the file manager in the left nav within the admin page. And this is the contents of /includes/global.inc.php <?php $glob['adminFile'] = 'admin_eBDhvw.php'; $glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin_RuWtkJ'; $glob['dbdatabase'] = 'ah2009_products'; $glob['dbhost'] = 'localhost'; $glob['dbpassword'] = '****'; (starred out for security) $glob['dbprefix'] = ''; $glob['dbusername'] = '****'; (starred out for security) $glob['installed'] = '1'; $glob['cache'] = 'file'; ?>
  9. I understand that the error log is not related to the image upload problem. I should have numbered my problems. it is a separate issue. I upgraded using the upgrade feature on the admin page when it indicated my store needed to be updated. Prior to that I never had any issues with images. I understand the file size and am using optimized images. I have been using cubecart for 7 years now and have never had any sort of issue. I do have a lot of products and a lot of images.
  10. That is the permission for both those folders.
  11. Since the upgrade I can no longer upload images. It appears to work but then the image is not there. When I click on images in the left panel, I get a 404 error that the page won't load. Also my error log is now full of the errors in the attachment.