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  1. Worked like a charm mate, thank u so very much... Owe u big time... gimme a buzz if u drop by in BD or London ill treat u for sure ...
  2. Hi, setting up a new shop, and its solely for Bangladeshi consumers, so i need BDT ( Local currency ) to be available and default currency. However, even after adding it the sign isnt showing anywhere, the currency itself is showing and can be used but not the sign .. ৳ .. any help is appreciated .. thanks
  3. Thanks a lot buddy, that was really helpful :rolleyes:
  4. Hi all, i just installed cubecart and pretty much done with preliminary look of it... but when i tried to check the payment , it generated error page ...i got this error when i tried to pay by debit card Fatal error: Call to undefined method SOAP_Fault::getAck() in /home/muhurtoi/public_html/hosting/modules/gateway/DirectPayment/form.inc.php on line 165 any help is appreciated... thanks :)
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