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  1. Hi Al, The APi is now available to everyone, you remember we discussed that a way back but you were too busy with the next upgrade at the time so you could not develop the plugin. Our last Live chat on the subject was on 11/12/2020. I am in the same situation as above merchants .... I am started to look at alternative platforms as it is now too time consuming to do all posting manually. An urgent integration would be extremely welcome. Sandrine
  2. Any news on a possible plugin or addition with the next Cubecart update ? The API is now accessible to everyone and Royal Mail is now forcing retailers to use C&D. I was given a deadline of 3rd of September 2021 when I will not able to use my OBA account any longer. Surely extracting an excel file of orders to import into C&D would be a step in the right direction until a proper plugin is developed. Every time we do a manual entry in C&D is a possible source of error without counting how time consuming it is. Please, could this request affecting many of us be reviewed ? Thank you.
  3. Well, you never know Al, 28 votes and they may offer to do the work for you, just need to rally 23 votes !!!!
  4. I cannot vote twice to my own thread but could not help writing an update out of frustration ! The more votes we can get the better, I noted that Squarespace with only 28 votes, got the green light on 17th August. Royal Mail decided to develop a direct integration for them ... although with Cubecart we are not asking for them to do the integration so I still cannot understand why not give the access, unless they want to have total control ?
  5. Actually this is where people and Royal Mail get it wrong. It is not about how many items individual Royal Mail customers are posted per day, it is how many RM customers are collectively using the same platform. Al/Cubecart will be the sole contact for Royal Mail, representing a bunch of us. Therefore Royal Mail should be looking at Cubecart as one user if the technical support is their main concern ! Collectively, there is no doubt that we dispatch more than 100 items a day. It is like saying all the small Ebay sellers sending less than 100 items a day are therefore not allowed to use Ebay integration with Click and Drop ! I am certainly making noises internally with my Royal Mail Account Manager.
  6. Unless you have an integration, you have to manually import from a excel or cvs file all your data. You never get access to the API documentation. Thanks Ian for sharing your experience with Al. I hope the matter will get resolved soon. To more noise we can make the better so that they start listening ...
  7. Hi, Royal Mail is refusing to give access of their Click and Drop API to Al/Cubecart for the development of an integration between Cubecart and Royal Mail Click and Drop. The main issue is apparently the potential resulting cost of support ! Another reason is that small businesses must post more than 100 orders a day. The judgemental error that Royal Mail is making is to look at Cubecart as one small customer rather than a collective of small businesses being our ecommerce platform. The Electronic customs compliance is approaching fast, 1 January 2021 so we must act now to make them change their mind. They gave access to their API to Woocommerce, EKM, Bluepark and all, why not Cubecart ! If you are using Royal Mail for your shipping and would like an integration with Click and Drop, please reply to thread or DM me so that we can send them a list of existing customers they may well lose to competition. Without an integration, they expect us to manually import the data into their system, madness ! Thank you.
  8. Ian at havenswift-hosting, could you look into it again please ?
  9. Hi, For customers like us using Royal Mail, we have serious problems ahead as Royal Mail now wants all customs forms outside the EU electronically as from 1st January 2019 ! see https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information If we don't, it will cause delays and the US for instance is saying that they will start charging fees to our customers once the bill is passed. Brazil and Russia have already stated that they will not accept any parcels as of this date is the customs form is not digital .... (https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information) There is no integration available right now and Al tells me it is rather complex so will not develop one. Royal Mail is pushing for Click and Collect but even then you need to be able to import your orders into Royal Mail's website as an excel or cvs file. At the moment Cubecart cannot do that either ..... Someone else earlier this year was asking the same question but apparently only a V5 was available, see Can I please ask all developers to re-think this one, it is critical right now for all Royal Mail customers like us. Thank you
  10. Bsmither, This morning before implementing your suggestion I decided to do 2 live test purchases on tiny amounts. As soon as my purchase was accepted on the Worldpay platform, I was automatically transferred back to Cubecart processing status page with a detailed invoice of my purchase. At the top was a green row with the text from the languages admin section for " order_processing " under Confirm-Phrases used after payment. So basically I just amended the text at this point and that was it. Did another test purchase and all looking fine. This is definitely very different to my old Cubecart V4 and I should have redone that test before posting that request. Apologies for wasting your time & much grateful for your assistance again. S.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. It has been years since I checked where the shopper is sent back once completion of the order to be honest. I went into my Worldpay set up and I can see that I have a Payment Response URL which is linking back to my homepage. I also have a Shopper Redirect URL which is empty. I don't know if this info is helping you smither ? As far as the hook is concerned, very sorry but I am lost now, I can do with css, html and copy and paste php instructions but hooks, snippets & all this jargon, is now beyond me, sorry but if you have a great idea, please go ahead. Basically as long as I have a page dedicated to after the payment completed where I can add whatever text that would be fantastic.
  12. Hi bsmither, No, it is done automatically. Worldpay "talks back" to Cubecart which triggers the order status to change from pending to processing.
  13. Hello, I process all my payments of non digital products on the Worldpay platform not on Cubecart. If I remember well, once the payment has gone through, the customer is sent back to my website. I am therefore wondering whether there is a "Thank you" page somehwhere I could use. At the moment, I am pretty sure they are redirected to the homepage but I would like a dedicated Thank you page where I would ask them to add our email address to their white list as so many times, email softwares are isolating our address thinking we are spam and customers are getting annoyed that we do not communicate on the status of their order while in fact it is all in their spam folder.... Thanks for your help. S.
  14. Hi, I am looking at adding an affiliate tracker to our website. Has anyone got any experience or recommendations to make on the ones currently available as extensions https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/affiliate-trackers, ie: iDevAffiliate , clixGalore , JROX , TradeDoubler , etc Thanks S.
  15. I search by email address or surname, those are the only 2 that work and if the customer has no email, I have no choice than to search by surname. Postcode or address never work
  16. I managed to place a manual order without first creating a customer but then the customer is not listed among the customer list..... I also searched and it was not coming up.
  17. Yes that's right, I have no issues to create a manual order for an existing customer. It is indeed for new customers only where I have to first create a new customer entry manually to then be allowed to create an order.
  18. I will need to ask Al under my technical plan if he is not too busy. Bsmither was also helping out with another query, he suggested a quick & straight forward fix, working well for him, and again, impossible with me. Very very odd. It might be that I am still on 6.1.10 but I doubt. Thanks anyway. :-)
  19. Glad to hear it definitely works for you but I tried again this morning on 2 different browsers after clearing cache and it makes no difference with me :-( I am at a loss here.
  20. Hello Bsmither, Looking at the file and the removal of "required" like for the mobile number, I thought, yes, you cracked it but it did not work for me :-( I cleared the cache, refreshed the page, even opened my admin in a new browser, tried registered and unregistered customer, tried status ticked & unticked, and sadly nothing worked with me. I left the email address box blank. I keep getting the following usual message: Please enter a valid email address. Failed to add customer. Please make sure first name, last name and email address are not empty and that the email address is not already in use. I do not understand how it can work for you and not for me. Would it be that I am still on V6.1.10 and not on the latest upgrade you reckon ? S.
  21. Hi, Just hoping that someone will have a brilliant idea to resolve my current issue. In the past, ie with V4, with phone orders of customers who did not have an email address or refuse to give their email address, we would still manage to process the order and I would just add "noemail" in the email address box. Now with V6, the system stops me from entering any customer data with no proper email address. Al tells me there is no way around this but it is becoming a problem: 1. V6 forces me to enter a new email address every time. If I use the same one, it recognises it and stops me from entering the customer data thinking it belongs to another customer. So I started creating false email address like "[email protected]" John Smith being the customer for instance. 2. the 2nd problem is that my email system keeps trying to send the order status update messages to this address but keeps bouncing of course so I am getting a little annoyed to get reminders after reminders until it actually stops after 48 hours. 3. I personally do not think it is a good practice to have to create "false customer data" to work around the ecommerce platform limitations especially with the forthcoming EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into from 25 May 2018. Anyway, if someone has a grand solution for me to go around this issue, please let me know. Many thanks S.
  22. Hi Bsmither, I did not explain properly. I have no issues with the case of unregistered customers being able to re-order as unregistered customers/guest. I have issues with registered customers who return to the website to order and cannot order as a guest/unregistered customer. The code given in the feature request "under consideration" is titled exactly that: "Allow previously registered customer to checkout as guest". From smokeup's post I got under the impression that by implementing the code provided it worked for him.
  23. Thanks for that, I had to search for ages and finally stumpled upon your post. Without it, I would still be looking .... they need to change the colour urgently.
  24. Hi, I am on 6.1.10 and I am very much interested in giving the option to registered customer to return ordering as a guest. I have applied the changes suggested and it does not work. Tried 3 times on different browsers also just in case. However, customers who are unregistered have no problem to reorder as unregistered customers. I do not experience the problem smokeup is reporting here. I have tested it again and it was all fine. I know that we lose orders as a result as customers have picked up the phone instead. They forgot their passwords, not very tech savvy to click on "forgot password" and so if they do not phone or email, it is a lost sales.... Am I doing something wrong or the code needs amendments ? S
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