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  1. i guys , when a customer places and order , cubecart uses... Subject: "Order Confirmation" "Your order 130716-175245-6647 has been received which was placed on 16 Jul 2013, 17:52. Please keep this email for your records. It is possible to view the status of your order online." this is marked as "pending" in admin , now , USUALLY when payment is received , you select the pulldown box as "processing" and according to the email template for "payment received" it should say ... Subject "Thank you for your payment! " Body: i {$DATA.first_name}, Thank you. We have received a payment of {$DATA.total} for order number {$DATA.cart_order_id}. but in fact cubecart is sending the same order confirmation email as the payment received email , any thoughts ? in my old CC4 store , when a customer pays with say "credit card" , i manually select "processing" and it sent an email say "payment received" . the ONLY time a customer can get a payment received email in cubecart 5.0 is when paying via paypal , i would like to have a "payment received" email when an order is MANUALY changed to "processing"
  2. hi guys , ive been watching my 'Customers Online" section and have noticed this robot called" crawling.us.archive.org" crawling my site prety much 24/7 , does anyone know anything about this Robot ?
  3. hey guys , if you look closely at the top store logo (in the middle of the "M" , you will see a currency bar , any ideas what to edit too move this bar down to the bar where the Login and regeister is ? http://www.jmracecraft.com.au/
  4. can someone explain to me in layman's terms what i should fill in here... Specific Product Meta Data Custom SEO URL: Browser Title: Meta Description: Meta Keywords: i have the google SEO mod installed , is it necessary to input this data into each product ? if so , what exactly do i have to do ?
  5. guys ive noticed that when in SSL mode , my store is going into SSL ok , but the little padlock (in firefox) has a little red problem arrow saying contains unauthenticated content , any idea what this means and how to fix it ? www.revolutionrc.com.au
  6. guys ive just noticed on some computers here at work my website displays all wrong and has a .JS error , works 100% in firefox , just plays up in IE7, displays ok in IE8 but still has an error, any ideas? , please find attached screen shots of the error , hope you can help
  7. hey , im having ALOT of problems with images will explain whats happening. when i create a product , i go to upload an image , it uploads ok , shows up , then i click "edit product" thats fine , but then when i actually go to view it in the website , their is no thumbnail at all , and when i go into my FTP server and look at the info of that picture , it says the owner is "www" where as all the others are "revoltuonrc.com.au" and the permissions are different here is a link to a picture of what im talking about ... http://revolutionrc.com.au/electronics/reg...bec/cat_70.html http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t178/du...mageproblem.jpg something is really wrong and i need to get it working again ASAP
  8. WHERE exctly is this piece of code grabbing the logo from ? as im having a problem where NO logo is appearing at all
  9. guy i was playing around with my .htacess file and i uploaded a blank one and now my site wont work www.revolutionrc.com.au any suggestions on how to fix this ? how can i recover it ?
  10. hey guys , just got a bit of a question , is their a mod for CC4 that has like a stocktake page that shows Stock level , cost of the particular item and sale price ? and also an accounting module that showes GP% etc , would be interested in such mods if they are available
  11. http://www.revolutionrc.com.au/TEST-PRODUC...m-1/prod_4.html im having a problem where the price is displayed to the left of the "price" wording , ive verified that it is a skin problem because i go back to the default skin , it goes back to normal , does anyone know what to modify to change this ? AND also change the colour of the price
  12. hey guys , im just in the process of starting my online store , i have chosen cube cart as my shopping cart , can anyone provide me a good install guide or video that is in english lol , ive not had much experience with web design etc etc , any help would be great
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