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  1. thanks for the advice. As far as I am aware the only issue arising from the "hacking" is that when googling my webname instead of the description that I've written for my site within the admin pages,it gave an advert for these hair extensions. As requested by Heart I have downloaded all the public files. I found 2 suspicious entries.The first was a file called wigs and secondly in the index.php there was a link to that file in the header line. I have now deleted both of those entries and now as search for the webname comes up with the hair link gone and it now says about my site using cookies.Any idea how I can point it back to where it should be? I've been on holiday recently so haven't done much on the website such as new products etc. Any clues how they managed to get in? thanks Paul
  2. my website is www.nutbags.co.uk hosted on heart internet servers. about 10 days ago I had a series of emails sent using the 'contact us' link on my site simply giving a weblink for "brazilian hair extensions"!! I deleted/ ignored them. Yesterday a customer called to say he had googled my webname to get my contact details and the site listing came up ok but the description it gave of my site was again,brazilian hair extensions! I emailed heart' support team to see if they could help me get rid of it.They have said my site is compromised and have now disabled it.They now say I must remove all files then re upload a clean version of the whole site before they will let it go live again. I haven't backed up my files since the last web update several months ago.Can I save all my customer order info or will that be lost? I cannot remember which CC version I was on but assume it was the latest as I've always updated when requested
  3. it always worked before and I had several available for customers to use. They simply enter the coupon code into the coupon box on checkout and then update the basket and it would deduct the relevant amount. As I say I had several in use that always worked ok,now it just says £0.00 in red as the discount
  4. strangely I've just logged back into my admin section and its back to normal appearance again and my search boxes have reappeared too! I still cannot make coupons work though.I have created one that offers a 5% discount for those customers collecting orders rather than having a delivery. When I add the coupon and update my basket,the coupon shows up ,but with a zero value!
  5. I sometimes wonder why I bother upgrading my store as I always get problems! I was happily running along on v5.2.16 when I noticed that 6.0.2 was available to upgrade. I backed up my files then upgraded. At first it looked fine then I started getting calls from customers. They couldn't add products to their basket directly from the category index(if they opened up a product listing they could do it ok there).Another issue is that coupons that I had no longer worked. In one case that should have given the customer 5% off ,the actual discount came up as 0.00(always worked fine before) I looked on this forum to see if anyone else had reported this but I couldn't find any so I decided to re install my 5.2.16 version. The 'adding items to the basket' problem now works again but the coupons still don't. My admin pages are still in the new format that came with the upgrade and I now find that I cannot search my customer list. If I click on the tab nothing happens. This is really annoying as I need to be able to search customers for contact details etc. Also the Rebuild tab to clear the cache etc doesn't work. It takes me back to the back up page.Any ideas how to get this going again.
  6. Hi I'm using 5.2.12 on my website(www.nutbags.co.uk) I sell bird foods and have been trying to streamline my website after getting comments from some customers that there were too many products in some categories and they couldn't find things. For example I used to sell whole sacks of peanuts as one product and peanuts by the kilogram as another. Ideally I only wanted "peanuts" to be one product with the option to choose per kg or per sack via a drop down box. I set about changing this on my site but am now getting comments from customers saying they don't understand what they need to do or are getting confused at the pricing. Again using peanuts as the example,if a customers selects peanuts from that category it shows a "headline" price of £2(the price per one kg)They can then use the drop down box to select a whole 25kg sack but this shows a price of +£32(true cost of £34 shown ok in basket) Is there a way to change this so instead of a price differential,it shows the actual price? Also is it possible for the item price(£2 in the above example) say 'prices from'. I wouldn't want this to then affect all other product listings as many are a fixed price with no options. Also I don't want to have to re fix this(if there is a solution) after every store update It just seems far too confusing for my customers showing a price differential rather than actual price. thanks
  7. further to this posting earlier,I now find that if a customer chooses to register an account using the "register" button next to the "log in" button, then the "subscribe to mailing list" option is checked,as per the mod we did above. However I still noticed that all new customers placing orders,and therefore registering by the checkout route were coming through as "not subscribed" to newsletters. I created a dummy account to test the system and found that by registering this way I wasn't asked if I wanted to receive newsletters. I don't mind if it stays that way but how can I now make it so that they are registered for newsletters? I use mailchimp to send out my newsletters every 10 weeks or so and there is plenty of opportunity for people to opt out then. thanks again for advice.
  8. I just changed my mail sending from SMTP to mail() in my admin pages then updated to 5.2.7 and now it seems fine. I've placed a dummy order on the site, I received all the normal emails and all seems to be ok.I'll monitor orders that come through over the weekend but thanks once again for all the help.
  9. thanks Al,do you mean I should now reload 5.2.7 and then change those two files ?
  10. Hi Al payment mods used are paypal,print order form(i use as pay by bank transfer)plus I've added Robix pay on delivery(used for several years with no issues) I use all in one shipping. no other plug ins used. When I tried placing an order myself,on checking out i didn't get any messages,simply a blank page(ignore the "page not displayed" bit earlier.That's what my customer told me so probably a red herring!)I used google chrome not IE11. My site is hosted by heart internet,I do have two cubecart packages hosted there that are in the same folder.The other website now directs to my nutbags.co.uk site so effectively only one site.I can see a htaccess.file in the main folder but when you start asking me questions about this side of things,its going beyond my level of competance!! now that i've backed up to 5.2.3 its all working again but if you come up with any ideas that need me to upgrade again to 5.2.7 then I will. thanks
  11. i've just restored v 5.2.3 from my back up files.Its all working again now though I have an error log saying this "----- Restore Log from files_5.2.3_08Oct13-175420.zip (23 Jan 2014 - 20:29:17) ----- includes/global.inc.php - Extract Status: write_protected" I'm not updating back to 5.2.7 unless I hear theres a fix!!
  12. ive just tried placing an order myself.i can log in,select items but when I go to checkout I get a blank page. the order is registered in admin.
  13. admin error log is empty system error log shows this message twice,but from jan 11/12th "File: [cart.class.php] Line: [267] "SELECT `option_id`, `value_id` FROM `CubeCart_option_assign` WHERE `matrix_include` = 1 AND `assign_id` IN () ORDER BY `option_id`, `value_id` ASC " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') ORDER BY `option_id`, `value_id` ASC' at line 1"
  14. Hi on logging in to my admin tonight I had the message that I needed to update to the new 5.2.7 cubecart which I did.Since then I've just had a customer call me to say they were trying to place an order but when trying to check out received a message saying something like " page not visible"? I've gone into my admin and can see her orders sitting in the order box(2 duplicate orders where she's tried again) and if I click on the order and try to update its status to order complete etc,I then get a blank page! any one got any ideas? all working fine before the update.thanks
  15. thanks again for your help,I've done the checkbox for mailing lists successfully,and will try the other one later.
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