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  1. OK, found that which kind of works, shame some of the products have an image that says 'no image available' Is it possible to add to that code to stop it picking from certain categories? Is there a function that will return category id then I could use that I think to stop it picking featured products from certain categories?
  2. Hi In previous version of cubecart I found and altered the SQL query to display only featured products that had images, where is that query code in version 5 please. thanks Paul
  3. Hi Seen as this was not available and nobody could anser my last post as to how to do it, I have now written my own shipping module. The module has 4 zones and you can assign countries to each zone as welll as a percentage figure for postage. So if you are in ZOne 1 and zone 1 has a percentage of 10% and your order total is £100 then your shipping is £10. Now this is teh first PHP I have hacked for a very long time so is anyone out their willing to have a quick peep see if I got it correct, and does anyone want a copy of the mod once I am happy it works correctly. Paul
  4. Hi All I am looking for a shipping option that allows me to charge a percentage of the order value as shipping that can be altered by zone. So 10% of total for Zone A, 20% for Zone B etc. Can anyone point me at one please as cannot find it so far. Regards Paul
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