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  1. Can't add a manufacture via admin panel V 6.1.7

    Hey Dirty Butter, I'll see and check it out, thanks again!
  2. Can't add a manufacture via admin panel V 6.1.7

    Thanks Keat and Dirty Butter, yeah I just looked at the post and it makes sense. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, just noticed that when trying to add a manufacture via admin panel, you get error: /admin_xxxxxx/sources/products/ - not found. There's no products folder in sources directory and therefore it can't find the php call file. I tried checking earlier version and no such file or directory found in the directory tree. I wonder if it's just a wrong directory call bug? Eddie
  4. [Resolved] Error After Upgrade 6.1.5

    Hi, Thank you very much Al, just wanted to make sure it would be ok to do without them, Thanks again. As for bsmither, thank you as well for your reply, I really meant as safe as Al reply that there not needed by cubecart. But again, thank you as well for the reply. Ya guys are always doing all your best with us cubecart users, and that is always 100% totally appreciated. Thank you! Eddie
  5. [Resolved] Error After Upgrade 6.1.5

    Hi, I'm currently getting the following error's after upgrade The following errors were detected: Not enough memory to create thumbnail from `index.htm`. Please optimise this source image. Not enough memory to create thumbnail from `index.html`. Please optimise this source image. Not enough memory to create thumbnail from `index.php`. Please optimise this source image. I know these error are coming from the index.htm, index.html and index.php files that are located on most every directory which are 404 error message file, directory not not allowed error file and etc. I also know that if I remove these three files from the images directory's that's trying to create a thumbnail from them will fix error, but my concern is if the directory will be safe without them? Would appreciate any advise on this said issue if anyone has any knowledge on this error or is it a bug since never happened before. Thank you! Eddie
  6. Changing Foundation Layout - need help

    Ok lan, thanks I got it. I just upgraded fusion and still working, well for now lol.. Thanks again!
  7. Changing Foundation Layout - need help

    Hey lan, thanks for the reply. But my questions was if the vector will continue to work for me if I upgrade fusion, well at least for now and until I figure out another route...
  8. Changing Foundation Layout - need help

    Hey Dirty Butter, Thanks for the reply. So I see, the'll work till future update. Yes I agree that it's good to know that the blueprint is already responsive. Hey I see that you manage to put some work in on the foundation huh. I have been using CC since day one for so many years now and love it, but I have to say. The only one thing that has kept cubecart from blowing most of these carts out of the market, has been the lack of poor template designs, and I say this with no disrespect as I respect and congrats all you guys at CC for an awesome script. Just speaking my personal opinion, that if CC was to come out with a better presentation as far as templates as in others, it would blow most carts out there. Well hopefully we will get more developers like shopdev to make us some new great skins.
  9. Changing Foundation Layout - need help

    Hello lan, and thank you very much for the response and advise. I wasn't even aware that the fusion update was available to remove call home. So the fusion update removes the call home, but if upgraded the Vector won't work? Is that what your trying to explain, because I currently have the Vector working fine for me for now, but of course with the old fusion that calls home. Just making sure I understood correctly... Thank you! Eddie
  10. Changing Foundation Layout - need help

    This foundation one single template is going to cause CC owners away, because this template does not workout for everyone and no one seems to have any interest in making some different skins for different store's approach. Example, my store has over 20 category's on the left panel. Where will I even begin to try and add them when my Vector skin dies on April lol. I'm currently using the Vector which I have working just fine, but shopdev is dead on support, so one can only imagine that it will soon drop off the face of the world once the domain goes down on April. When that happens, I can no longer use CC because the foundation skin won't work for someone like me that has over 20 separated category's on Vector side bar. Just my personal opinion, maybe someone will read this and make some skins that will help stores like mine keep the tradition going. With respect, Eddie