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  1. Hey there guys.. Yes this code is in every instalation of all the stores that I and my clients have after upgrade. Lasted all night up looking with no luck. Back now with a fresh mind to see if I can find it today.
  2. Well it's now 2:00 am my time and I'm just so very burnt on trying to fix this issue. So I'll keep heads up for tomorrow again to keep trying or maybe someone will post some heads up. Thank you! Eddie
  3. Yes I see them, but have no clue where is it coming from. Can't find them on files.
  4. Not sure what you mean, is it some question marks and so that you can view at the very top of code?
  5. https://evmusicshop.com/register.html and also weired that you can click on it when you first land on the page without filling any info out, and it'll work and give you the please fill out all errors on all feilds. But when you actually fill out the page to then submit and register as a new user, that's when the button after clicking does nothing.
  6. Hey bsmither, Thanks as always for helping out. This is driving me crazy lol... Try themixtapechannel.com and evmusicshop.com. I have 15 other clients of mine in cubecart, and also same issue after upgrade. Thanks! Eddie
  7. Hey there everyone. Just wondering if anyone has faced after upgrade to 6.2.8. New customers can't register nor checkout. Page shows and you can fill out all information and etc. , but when trying to click on register button nothing happens. You can login if account exsist, but can't register nor checkout. It's so weired that only "Register and Checkout" button seems to be the only issue. I thought it was a browser cache issue, but nothing after clearing cache. Tried several browsers and nothing. i tried clearing all caches from admin panel, and nothing. Also tried reverting back to a backup, and nothing, then re upgraded and still nothing. So here I am, trying my luck with anyone that has faced this issue or any advise or heads up on how to go about this issue. I thank anyone in advance for some heads up, and very well appreciated! Thank you! Eddie
  8. Hey havenswift-hosting, Thank you very much for the heads up. Yeah I'm aware of that, and for those reasons I just decided to play it safe and simply went back from a full backup and just re did the upgrade with everything being smooth and back on track. Again thank you very much, I appreciate you guy all always! Eddie
  9. Hey Al, Thank you very much for the heads up. I had done that and didn't work the first time. But I managed to get it to work by noticing that I also had a double admin.php file, then hard refreshed and all worked. Thank you once again! Eddie
  10. Hi, Too all our cubecart fans and users. I upgraded to 6.2.6 and everything seems to be working just fine, but on the Admin panel. In Products, the description insertion box is now missing, and also notice that in the search engine tab, also missing one box if I'm correct. I've tried re uploadging all the admin files again, downgraded back to 6.2.5 and then back up to 6.2.6 among other testing without any luck on resolving this issue. If anyone has any suggestings, would be most appreciated in this matter. I've added a few pictures of said issue to view a better idea. Thank you in advance for any heads up in this matter! Eddie
  11. Hey Moderator, Thank you very much for your heads up. After carefully viewing files structure, your 100% correct. The issue was in the admin_xxxx.php file where the upgrade would make a secondary and duplicate admin file in the format of admin_xxxx.php.php so I was deleting it do to global_config.php being configed to the old file, insted of deleting the old admin_xxxx.php and simply renaming the new admin_xxxx.php.php to admin_xxxx.php which was the correct way to go about it. In short and simple words for anyone that runs into this issue. Simply delete your old admin_xxxx.php file from your home directory and rename the new admin_xxxx.php.php to admin_xxxx.php. Simply remove the extra .php that the upgrade creates to the admin_xxxx.php secondary file. Well, problem resolved, thank you once again for the heads up Moderator. It is very appreciated! Eddie
  12. Hey Everyone, Once again back with the same issue that I always have when upgrading. The not being able to login back in to Admin section after upgrade because the famous Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Please do not use multiple tabs/windows or the browser back button. Learn more. ERROR. Ofcourse I have tried everything possible as to figure out this issue with no luck as in every single upgrade no matter how I do it, it simply won't work no other way. I used the below setting from "bsmither" help to work around it before, but this does not work on 6.4 version. In /classes/sanitize.class.php, near line 145, find: static private function _stopToken() { Change to: static private function _stopToken() { return; Does anyone know of another or a new way to overide the famous: Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Please do not use multiple tabs/windows or the browser back button. Learn more. ERROR. It would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance for anyone's feedback! Eddie
  13. Hey Moderator, thanks for the reply and help effort. But the first thing that I always check for correct settings are in the config.inc.php, admin_xxxx and admin.php and etc. There all correct and all match, that is why I simply don't undertand the error. I left it alone yesterday since I followed bsmither info and was able to get in to admin. I'll have to go back at it when possible and with a fresh mind to see if I can figure it out. I even down graded back to 6.1.5 about 10 times, and back up to 6.2.2 and still was getting error. And in both issues I was using well matched old and new databases to match the downgrade and upgrades, still had no luck as mentioned. Well as mentioned I gave up last night. Will try again with a fresh brain to see if I over looked anything which I dought. Thanks Again always, Eddie
  14. Hey bsmither, That actually worked thanks. I'm able to get in to admin atleast and until I can try to figure out what's causing this issue. Most likely I'll simply leave it along for today since I'm brain burnt from trying so many things in getting this error corrected. It's crazy that I can get it to work using the old admin files even doe it's upgraded to 6.2.2. I just have to get this figured out, but thanks again for the help always buddy. Thanks! Eddie
  15. I'm screwed just restored backup again and simply can't get in to admin panel with this error. My god this don't even make sense to me. Does anyone knows how to overide or get around this error: Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Please do not use multiple tabs/windows or the browser back button. Learn more. Any feedback would be appreciated.. Thank you! Eddie
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