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  1. Hi, thanks very much for your input and help. Well I have access to change it with no problem. The problem I've notice is with the thumbnail images only, it's like for some reason it won't make the thumbnail image when you try to add a product, because the regular image shows when you go to the site and view the product. I just noticed that even when you check the thumbnail image folder via ftp, you can see the images uploaded, but when you even try to download it, my ftp client gives me an error and won't let me download it. So for some reason, the thumbnail are not being uploaded correctly I assume. I've tried everything that I can possibly think of with no luck, guess I'll have no option but to downgrade again to 4.4.3 which is that last backup that I have. I was really trying to get this fix since I run a very busy live store, but I can't even upload new products correctly with this problem, and my store requires new products uploaded daily. It's sad, because now every order that has come in since the upgrade is going to get lost As I mentioned above, I really thank you for your input, but this does not work for me, and guess I'll have to down grade back to 4.4.3, and it's a shame because I know it's something very simple, but I can't get it. Thank you again! Eddie
  2. Hi, can anyone please let me know if there's any fix for this, or how I can fix it? When I try to add a new product, everything goes well, but I get this error and the image won't show. Error is as follow: Warning: getimagesize(/home/themixta/public_html/images/uploads/thumbs/thumb_koncretemixtape.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/themixta/public_html/admin/sources/products/index.inc.php on line 527 I have tried setting the permissions to 777 and said file, and also folder, to try and see if it was a permission problem, but nothing. I would really appreciate if someone can give me a hint on this issue? Thank you! TheMixtapeChannel Team
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