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  1. Hi peterp, here is the answer I got from the support: Dear Christina, Please be advised that we do not support ION cube or Zend optimizer on our servers. We strongly recommend to find an alternative provider. Regarding any correspondence concerning this request, please quote the number below for our reference: CAS-xxx-xxx Regards, Xxxx eBusiness Specialist Support Melbourne IT Ltd But would be great to hear how you get it working! cicki
  2. True that two weeks is not the best way (first time I experience such a long wait for support)! Maybe they want a local hosting for the support (even if I'm sure Havenswift Hosting support is great!) more near geographically. I'll talk with the client and see what will be the choice. /cicki
  3. Thanks a lot both havensmith-hosting and bsmither! Interesting point bsmither - if they permit, that would be a great solution. Not sure they I'll have a quick answer from them, had to wait 2 weeks (and two relances) to finally get the actual answer! But worth a try. I'll also take a look at Havenswift hosting, looks great too. Thanks! cicki
  4. Hello, I'm helping a client in Australia who is hosted at Melbourne IT - and just got the message today that they don't support Zend or Ioncube. So - I work in Europe, so I am not familiar which hosting companies are recommended in Australia? Do someone have a good, reliable one to recommend? Thanks in advance! cicki
  5. Thanks a lot for your answer! (I'm still waiting for the provider to fully install Zend before continue the installation but had met this problem on another CC site so wanted to be prepared )
  6. Hello, sorry if I reply in this thread but since it's related to the same question/file ... I downloaded v 5.2.4 and as far as I can see there is no /includes/global.inc.php but one called includes/global.inc.php-dist (the content seem to be the same) Could you please clarify - could I just change the name to .php ...? Thanks, cicki
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