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  1. I know that I will need to change the domain through the client area. But as far as moving the store from one domain to another (as well as servers) what are the steps. I will be moving all files and database to the new domain on a different server and the old domain will soon be obsolete. Are there any settings I need to change within the store (or files) to get it working properly on the new domain / server?
  2. Dirty Butler that link isn't what is happening here. Our Norton goes crazy giving the notification: Norton blocked an attack by: Web Attack Toolkit Website 4 Clicking view more details shows that it is an intrusion attempt by www.cubecart.com
  3. So basically once they click on checkout, the order is sent to the admin area as pending? It would be nice if it was only sent in as an order once they chose the payment method (since people to abandon their carts). That to me would make more sense, to me anyway. I am going to take a wild guess and probably say there is no way to change that? P.S. Thanks for all your help!
  4. This is the url to the Paypal Gateway we are using: /admin.php?_g=modules&type=gateway&module=PayPal (it's not the pro one). I have no idea what log it was, she sent it to me in an email. Remember she never had a card info tab. The card details were part of a log file she sent me (I'll have to ask her where she got it). I thought however that if the order was abandoned or not actually "placed" as in a payment not going through or if the customer didn't follow through with checkout process, that an order would not be generated in the back end?
  5. Ok so I have more info. The customer, tried at first to use Paypal, but couldn't remember her password, so she came back to the store and tried instead to input her discover card but to her it didn't appear to go through (no idea what she actually means by that). So she gave up. However, it still submitted the order to the backend and she (the customer) received an email stating that the order went through along with the order number, so she thought it did go through after all. My Mom pulled one of the logs and sent it to me and it shows all but 4 of the numbers used for the credit card number as well as the expiration date and CCV number. So it appears to be some weird sort of circumstance that caused it. I think it's still weird that for the gateway it states that paypal-pro was used even though that's not enabled? Anyway, she put in a support ticket but was told it's a paypal issue and that she needs to update her store to the current version (of course). So hopefully this was some sort of freak thing due to the customer not being able to log into paypal and coming back to the store to try again. That makes sense with all the activity under the history tab within the order. Although it doesn't really explain why the card capture apparently did not work and why an order was still generated.
  6. Both of ours had SSL enabled, HOWEVER on hers (the problem one) the force SSL was set to no at the time of purchase as to where mine has always been set to force SSL. I remember this because when she told me of this issue I did a search here and one of the threads said to make sure SSL was enabled (which it was, but the force SSL was not so I thought that might do the trick and turned it on). So at the time of that purchase force SSL was not enabled even though the SSL was enabled. So I have no idea if her customer was doing it SSL or not. When I did my test order through my install, I was doing it under SSL (I had the force SSL enabled so even when I typed in http it redirected it to https). I have not tried to do it without SSL enabled.
  7. It is a customer account on hers (the problem one). On mine I was logged in as a customer also (the one that worked). The only other difference is her customer used a discover card and the test order I made on mine I used a Visa. Not sure if that would make a difference or not. That is the only difference I see as of right now. Other than the fact under the history tab of the order it had all those transactions as to where mine just had 2 entries. Ok so more info. I looked in my database to see what it said under gateway under the order summary table (remember mine is working as it should). It says card_capture and remember hers says Paypal Pro even though she doesn't have Paypal Pro enabled AND the customer used the card capture mod.
  8. Yes they are separate installs. The only difference with hers, is she purchased the copyright removal key and I did not. I don't think anything would be different server wise as she is on the same server as me under my hosting account (I have a reseller account). But I will check. Both enabled with the same info under both.
  9. Ok I tried on mine and I am on 5.0.7 and I can see the credit card details within the order. So I have no idea what the heck is going on with hers!
  10. This is actually my Mom's install, but I am the "tech" person for it. I told her to submit a ticket (with what to say) which she did several hours ago. I was thinking of upgrading (need to anyway) just to see if it would fix anything. I handle everything on the back end (she's too scared to). The only thing she does is add products and set orders to complete with tracking info and shipping date. I logged into my own which I think is the same version, and I don't have the Credit Card tab either when viewing the order, but then again no one has tried to use a credit card (all have been through paypal and print order form) so I am assuming that's why. I may just do a test order on my own to see if a credit card tab appears.
  11. No I have never cleared any of the logs. Here is what is under the History tab for that order (mind you I have not changed anything for this order, so I am not sure why there is so many "events": Status Date/Time Pending Today, 07:42 Processing Yesterday, 23:24 Pending Yesterday, 21:36 Pending Yesterday, 21:34 Pending Yesterday, 21:34 Pending Yesterday, 21:33 Pending Yesterday, 21:33 Pending Yesterday, 21:30 Pending Yesterday, 21:29 Pending Yesterday, 21:28 Pending Yesterday, 21:26
  12. Yes we accept American Express and yes we require the CVV code (there is no option for CVV2). None of the transactions that are missing in the log used Amex. This is the first time that the card capture has ever been used. All other transactions have either been done with paypal standard or the print order form modules. Of the 20 transactions only 2 are pending the other 18 have a status of complete, so I guess that would mean that 10 are missing from the log. Also the card that was used here is a discover card I believe.
  13. No, they used their credit card via the card capture payment module. This order is not in the transaction logs. In fact the only ones that show there are the ones that have used paypal or print order form and even then it doesn't show all the transactions. There are 8 orders in the transaction log, even though there has been a total of 20 orders.
  14. Looked in phpMyAdmin it says NULL in that field. Additionally it says for payment gateway Paypal_Pro_Direct (even though that is not enabled, only the standard paypal one is).
  15. There is no Transaction tab. In fact when viewing any of the orders, there is no transaction tab.
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