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  1. My colleague finally got a response this week apologising as the guy had been very busy and offering a full refund. And some help with how to manage the license key. Not sure how screwing up someone else's business for several weeks by not responding can be compensated by a vague apology. Like I said before, I won't be using ShopDev in the future. Mods Index, I will be taking a look at your site, and many thanks for the speedy response. Dan
  2. It's at http://www.essentialreadingplus.co.uk/store/index.php - we had to revert to a Trial license to keep the site up.
  3. ** UPDATE ** We thought this was sorted on 2nd May, by doing a reset through the database. Yesterday the site disappeared again with just a message saying: "Fusion Framework Required" I've done a few server checks. Curl and FSockOpen are enabled. There's nothing related to license keys in any error log. I'm guessing nobody else has heard back from Shop Dev support either? Does anyone have any sensible suggestions for another skin that won't waste our money / time / patience? Thanks Dan
  4. It's OK. I got it back pretty quickly. Thanks for the suggestion. That last comment wasn't aimed at you anyway :-)
  5. Thanks Lastwolf. The license key worked but I lost all the configuration we'd done to the skin. What a waste of time this is.
  6. I see people writing good things about him and then our own experience is the site doesn't work with the license key we purchased and he can't reply to any of the tickets we've submitted. You'd be pretty annoyed about that. When it's your business and reputation at stake you'd think you'd do something about it. That's the last time I buy anything from shopdev.co.uk
  7. Sadly we are yet to receive a reply from ShopDev. Does anybody have a contact number for him?
  8. Hi Ian The license isn't that old. Would that be something to do with allowing fopen or cURL? Thanks Dan
  9. Hi Ian Thanks for the quick response. The license has only every been used on one domain which is the live site so there hasn't been any switching around. I can see how that might have affected things. Do you know where the license file lives locally? Maybe I should check that it's been created. Let's hope this support issue is just a blip, especially as everyone seems to sing the praises of the skin. Cheers Dan
  10. We purchased the Vector skin from ShopDev earlier this month and installed it along with Fusion 2.2 After adding the license key that was emailed everything worked fine till we started getting errors saying Fusion needed to be installed, in place of the site. Via admin we accessed the Fusion settings and got a message saying our license key was invalid. This occurred for several days and then magically worked again. My colleague has made numerous attempts to make contact with the developers via their support system but has had no reply. Which leads me to think we may have paid £50+ for something that doesn't always work. Anyone else heard from ShopDev recently or had a similar experience? This isn't great for us or our client. Dan
  11. It was 4.4.2 I think. I've been tweaking the config of Apache and MySQL and added memcached to the server. It's freed up memory and the server load has improved enormously, but the response is still a bit sluggish - maybe 5 to 10 seconds load time per page.
  12. That worked a treat, bsmither. Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks for the response bsmither Could I speed the process by using a sql query based on date to update that flag?
  14. After upgrading to 5.2.9 (now 5.2.10) the website is going very slowly. The site is on a VPS with no other sites hosted on it. Memory is 512Mb but only about 5Mb free. Is there a minimum spec for Cubecart on VPS? Thanks
  15. Hi I'm running Cubecart 5.2.10 and wanted to show more than 10 latest items on the homepage of the site. However, setting it to more than 10 makes no difference. Are latest items set by date or do they just appear as the last items added? Thanks
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