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  1. Many thanks for your reply. I can verify that this file has not been modified, is 9,935 bytes, and was last modified 6 November 2019 at 11:40:42. My line 166 on my PC is also a PHP comment. Prompted by your reply I checked the file on the server, and it looks like for some reason, my (old) FTP client modified this particular file on upload in each case. This is how this file on the server looked, lines 160-168: function fn_minify_html($input, $comment = 2, $quote = 1) { if (!is_string($input) || !$input = n(trim($input))) return $input; $output = $prev = ""; foreach (fn_minify([MINIFY_COMMENT_HTML, MINIFY_HTML_KEEP, MINIFY_HTML, MINIFY_HTML_ENT], $input) as $part) { if ($part === "\n") continue; if ($part !== ' ' && trim($part) === "" || $comment !== 1 && strpos($part, '') { $output .= $part; } continue;
  2. Just updated our Cubecart store from 622 to 628. The admin side of the store is working OK, but the store is not visible. Nothing is apparently delivered to the browser. I have just made a brand new fresh installation of 628 on the same server, and this installation has the same problem. I have also tried a full clean install on a different web host, and again the same problem - a blank storefront. Getting this system error: [<strong>Exception</strong>] /domain.co.uk/cc628/includes/lib/smarty/filters/HTMLMinify.smarty.php:166 - syntax error, unexpected ';'
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