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  1. Would love to receive them...Sending my mail address by PM
  2. Loving the Basix template,but would like to have the option to put a product in the basket when still in category/product view. Before the product detail page... Was trying to do it myself but somewhere stuck..
  3. I know that a lot of the Cubecart users are experiencing a lot mail through the Contact form wich contains spam... Most of the spam now being sent to our shop contains a phone number (wich is required) in our form that starts without the preceding "0" .... That's normal in the Netherlands... 99% percent or the phonenumbers the spammers are 'using' start with an "8" Example: Unfortanatly I'm not smart enough to create a filter in the contact form that sends those mails (Without preceding 0 of starts with an 8 ) to /dev/null.... Anyone???
  4. Almost the same problem here for years now, but never had the time to look into it.... When a customer re-orders and a product with status to zero (unthicked) and even available for purchase to zero (unthicked) a customer can order.. Without any problems... Only when he re-orders... The option Allow physical orders even if no shipping options are available is enabled @Al Brookbanks If interested in setting etc... The support account is still active since the last time we stumbled on a slight problem... Running on: Databaseserver Server: DA PMA Signon (Localhost via UNIX socket) Servertype: MariaDB Serververbinding: SSL wordt niet gebruikt Serverversie: 10.3.27-MariaDB - MariaDB Server Protocolversie: 10 Gebruiker: xxxxxxxxxxQ@localhost Karakterset van server: cp1252 West European (latin1) Webserver Apache/2 Cliëntversie van database: libmysql - mysqlnd 7.4.24 PHP-uitbreiding: mysqli curl mbstring PHP-versie: 7.4.24
  5. The way I do it for now is... Post the video on youtube, then choose: share embed copy Then move over to your product page description press source (upper left) scroll down where you want the video paste press save enjoy Example https://vleesvoordier.nl/webshop/riverwood-snacks (done in the category for example)
  6. RBosma


    The currency issue was already solved by me, but it's the 'real numbers' we're talking about.. Woke up a few times last night about this 'silly' issue...
  7. RBosma


    Probably I've overseen something but can't find it and it's bugging me... aaarggghhhh... In Holland we're not using a dot '.' as an decimal mark but an comma ','..... Where to change that silly small thing, when a customer orders something for let's say 10KG it now show's up as 10.000 KG (ten thousand kilograms)... What a great deal !!!! hahahahaha Wanted to change that, but really guys, I can't find it.. *snif*
  8. I disabled cache for now, hopefully there won't be a to big difference in speed ;-) I'll monitor it for now... Keep you guys posted
  9. My webshop sometimes shows up with a few 'english terms', I'm using the dutch language pack but in a few occasions it shows the 'original term' instead of the dutch. Even refreshing the page won't solve it. When loading the page after a few minutes, the dutch language works again... It happened in the menu bar today In the footer yesterday and also in the checkout page So strange More people with this problem? And hopefully with a solution Greets
  10. First off, my English isn't the best but hopefully you guys can understand what I'm writing ;-) When customers are using the shop and putting stuff into the basket it shows the price nicely, but when they use the 'back' button of the browser it shows before putting the last item in the basket, even when clicking the basket it shows all items except the last one. Is there a way of refreshing the basket even when using the back button of the browser?? Hopefully this question hasn't been asked in the past, I was looked for it but couldn't find it.. Regards, René
  11. First off, my English isn't the best but hopefully you guys can understand what I'm writing ;-) I had a few customers that really weren't that smart with webshops I think and they couldn't find the account settings and order history. I know it's easy but they thought it was only text and not an option. Last night I just added a dropdown arrow and that was all they needed. Where to change it? Just in /skins/foundation/templates/box.session.php -line 14- add: original: <a href="#" data-dropdown="session" class="button white small">{$CUSTOMER.first_name} {$CUSTOMER.last_name}</a><br> to: <a href="#" data-dropdown="session" class="button white small">{$CUSTOMER.first_name} {$CUSTOMER.last_name} &#x25BC;</a><br>
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