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  1. Also installed the latest versions of plugins you're using? Problem on my side was the issue bsmither is pointing to
  2. @[email protected] I've had this issue also a few times... As far as I know the problem occurs when an order is placed by customer and paid but the order doesn't change to 'processing' but status stays on 'open'... When the customer returns and products are still in cart and he/she places a new order the same order_id is used so the "old" one is overwritten/changed.. Have had it a few times... Mulitple payments with same order_id but still one order in CC.... I'm glad my payment provider sends an automated mail with the items the customer ordered..
  3. We had the same prob since 6.29, clicking the "start over" button (sometimes a few times) worked for me...
  4. My contact form is broken, so no spam for me.. Can't find the problem yet... But seems the better thing I presume...
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