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  1. Hi yes the product data sheets would be publicly available.
  2. I am sure this will have been addressed at some stage but i can't find it. I am setting up a cleaning chemical supplies site and every chemical sold has to be sold with a safety data sheet. I have placed the products (Tangible) in as digital and attached a data sheet to the download section, so when someone buys the product an email with the link to the PDF is sent to the customer and my customer can just pick from the invoice and deliver the goods. That way never having to mess around with data sheets and getting the wrong one. This is all well until i try to apply a delivery charge, because the system thinks that everything is digital it will not apply a delivery charge. so to my question. Is there a way of attaching a PDF to the outgoing email if i make the products tangible, if not can a download button be added to the products page somehow. Any help with this would be great !
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