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  1. I'm feeling better about all my problems... I hope all this discussion will also help others trouble shoot their stuff, too!
  2. Thanks for all of your imput! I am contacting "CubeCart Champion" who made the skin to see if their program is interfering with the editing part! Maybe they can fix this part-- or all of it? And on the hosting part: "How do I know that Blue Host isn't able to do their part? I originally found CC in their C-Panel of products." If it is not too expensive maybe change hostings: Ian (havenswift-hosting), Could you fix this and even put me an Amazon buy button, too? Paypal is giving me a few problems because of their attitude. The buttons work good. Another question: with changing hosting -- what about all the SEO work I've done??? Will that still work? I guess I could have a forward site??? I've got links to individual products in the cart. And I wonder how much time will it take for someone to tweak: The 'setup' process??? so the update will finish updating itself?? (I might mess something up there myself!)
  3. I have this warning in my Admin: "WARNING: Your store appears to be using source code from 5.2.13 but the database is still at 5.2.12.Please complete the upgrade by running the setup process" I don't know what "setup" process is??? I click on it and it dissappears. I might need someone to do this for me??? ...and lately, even before I asked for the update to CC5.2.13, I had the problem NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE PAGES for editing things. I was trying to edit a product price, photo, or a description of a product, etc., -- I get a blank page that does not show the product. I click on the bar and nothing hapens that I can see. Does anybody else have this problem or can you help fix this? Thanks!
  4. Happy New Year - 2014!

  5. Resolved -- When I asked it to back up its data -- it all went off line... Now, it is back on line -- all on its own! ***and I was able to update it to the newest V5***
  6. Well, I'm not that techie... Are you available to install the update and check it out for me?
  7. Today! I tried to update and now my site is not working... I backed it up and told it to install -- now it is off line. I need someone to do this work for me... Taylore [email protected] www.mms.reikiranch.net
  8. I tried to up date today -- and now my site is off line. I need someone to step in and fix this for me Thanks
  9. "Export mailing" list in under the heading: NEWSLETTERS I hope this helps!
  10. My CC5 sometimes prints and sometimes I get the error message! Who can go in and check this? Thanks!
  11. Now that I have the I have a v5 all in one shipping module.... I need a suggestion (Help) for implementation/configuring the information for the Flat Rate USPS shipping, for US, and CA and Internations; rates and by weights??? What Should I do: Look for tutorial information? (where? -- there does not seem to be much) Contact the USPS to configure it for me? (I don't know if they do that?) Hire a free lance expert in filling out the shipping configuration for CC? (Who has experience and time?) What have others done? I'm about half lost at filing in the blanks for shipping mods... I'd rather just get it done! Thanks!
  12. CC Management asked me for my FTP today!!! to install it! They are going to install it for me on my website!!! WooHoo!!!! I should have it in a day! One of my friends here on the forum is up grading to CC5 today because he also got the announcement via email... We both had work orders in their CC system. Put in a request to have it installed!!!! Good luck... (I hope it is sooo good after this long wait!!! I'm sooo happy!!! )
  13. Can you use Flatrate shipping and also use the weight option? (and I haven't found how to do the zones as of yet?) I have CC5.1.5 Thanks
  14. Shipping question for CC5: My flatrate USPS setting is only charging for the one small flatrate box. (If they order several items -- they will not fit in that small box/ envelope. Then the price of shipping is too little to ship in a bigger box.) ) Is there an all -in-1 shipping module I can get? I want to ship several types of products in the USA and all over the world at the USPS flatrate -- using small, medium and large boxes. I haven't found a shipping tutioral either -- I may be the problem. Help me -- Thanks!!1
  15. I have this problem, too -- CC V5 cancelles the order (s)! Pay pal is attaching an additional $5.00 on each order for shipping (Unnecessary). So I refund the $5.00 The customer receives a cancelled email! (this makes the customer angry and frustrated) What should I do? Thanks! PS: Can I hire someone who has had experience in fixing this? Who? taylorevance @ gmail.com
  16. Please -- Tell us exactly what you did... I'm having the same problem Thanks!
  17. I had the same problem! (Error 13 seemed to be in a testing mode -- no matter what we did) After 4 days of searching the forum, chatting with Authorize.net, trying different things, and having a nice people to help me ... I found a solution The Authorize.net problem is now fixed -- WooHoo I'm not sure about the html fix, but there are two different gateways listed for the The Authorize.net -- credit cards in the cubecart3 back area: The one we were trying to use was The Authorize.net -- SIM (the first listing) a few spaces below on the list was The Authorize.net -- AIM (the second listing) The SIM did not work --- the AIM did work! 1) Disable the SIM and fill out the form for the AIM. 2) Enable the AIM and buy something from yourself! It worked!!! It is all good now! Thanks everyone!
  18. ------------------------------ I, too, would like to see this improvement!... I often get a "New Order No.xxxxx" when the order is NOT complete. Right now I'm just using PayPal and I have to go there and take a peep to see if they paid. I imagine if I also had to go the Authorize.net and look it would be worth paying someone to help with a fix! Any takers?
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