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  1. in foundation.css the links is call top bar. yet somehow the bg color doesnt seem to wanna change. am i missing something? i looked and couldnt find an overlaying image?
  2. sorry for the delay. but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! that worked perfectly. but yes like the latest products on the homepage.
  3. hello everyone. first i am using V.5x and skin mauris. the two things i am trying to do is. 1) create catagory links at the top. and 2) products listed as thumbnails. instead of a list. for number 1. using crosshatch as an example im not it looks like the menu is nested within <ul> and <li> tag but not sure where to find them. they are not in the content catagory php file or the main php file. for number did some searching. on the forum. found a post about using and copying elements from nota skin. but this failed to produce results. thanks in advance
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