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  1. Hi, my store is UnionShirtSupply.com. I had a couple negative feedbacks about the appearance of my store, and i totally agree, it needs a overhaul. So i want to stick with cubecart, but now looking for best skin to use for selling tshirts, sweatshirts in different sizes. Anyone using the Zoho skin? Im looking for someone to help me upgrade to another theme or skin.
  2. I found the skins for sale. I am looking for the best skin to use to sell tshirts, sweatshirts, with size options, and pocket option. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins
  3. ok, i was under impression i had to download the mobile version?
  4. ok , i downloaded the latest Kurouto skin, its a zip file. Now what? Do i copy it to my public html folder?, how do i install?
  5. Are there custom skins i can use? I received a couple negative feedbacks regarding the look of my site. Now im thinking they may be right! The main reason i chose the Kurouto skin is because it shows all my products with no text overlaps. Out of the skins in my admin this is the only one i can use! I just am not happy with the look of my site, i think i can get more sales if it was looking better.
  6. Hi, my site is http://www.unionshirtsupply.com/store/index.php. I have been using the Kurouto skin forever now. Is there any skins i can use that are mobile friendly, with enough product support? Any suggestions which skin i could be using with better results are welcome! thx in advance!
  7. YES and thank you DB!!, i can now login to my admin. thank you for your help! Have a great New Year!
  8. ok, i looked at the line you were referring to and see this: } /************* CUBECART SPECIFIC SETTINGS *************/ define('CC_VERSION', '5.1.5'); So i dont know if this is the version i installed or what? I need someone to go in to my server and fix this for me before i really screw something up!
  9. that worked, i upgraded, but got store already upgraded message. Still cannot connect to my admin i give up for tonight, going to bed,will try to fix tomorrow. thx for help!
  10. omg, no i did not do this! ok, i filled in the lines, still 404 error for admin. I just put Cubecart 1.1 for the database, is this good? also, what do i put here --- $glob['dbprefix'] = ''; // e.g. store_1_ prefixed on to table names also i dont have this line in my global.inc.php
  11. no does not work for me, dont understand what lines like dbdatabase means???
  12. ok, i did just what you said, now what is the url i go to for my admin?
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