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  1. i do not how to do this stuff, all i know is i lost everything! ok, i got lucky , i copied the old license # and pasted in the general settings, where license # goes, and voila! everything is back to normal now.
  2. i was pretty sure when i bought my license it was a one time fee. I cant believe this happened with no email or anything? who do i contact to help me? i cannot seem to contact the techs.
  3. Hi, i went to login to my admin today and on my admin it showed my license key, and wanted me to login and leave blank to use free cubecart software. So i did not know what to do, so i left blank, and it logged me in, my whole site is blank, error 404, please help!! I cannot seem to connect to Cubecart Tech through the usual source. My site is UnionShirtSupply.com ps. - i did switch my domain provider recently but that is it! I have the same hoster. I do not kow what to do , i cannot access my site, please help, im a noob!
  4. I recently updated my site and now i dropped on the google rankings. I used to be on the first page, but now on the second for some reason. I sell union made shirts, here is my site http://www.unionshirtsupply.com/store/index.php Can someone please help me? When i google "made in USA shirts" i come up on the 8th page for gods sakes!!
  5. can you please provide me some info. in detail? i do not know how to export the customer email list.
  6. Hi, i figured out how to make a coupon code, that was easy. Now because i am a noober, i have no idea how to send this code to all my registered customers. How do i make a file of all the email addresses and send this code out to them? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work! PS - i just updated my store with the auto update and it worked!! yea!! that really helps for noobs like myself, very easy! i just dont know how to delete my setup folder?
  7. i got latest version, how do i just charge a flat rate for shipping? I can only get UPS to work
  8. I dont think we can do this, i posted days ago and the moderator didnt give me a straight answer. All i want to do is charge a flat rate figure for every order, cant get much simpler than that. Using UPS sucks, it is always way off with the ridiculous weights i have to enter, the weights arent even close.
  9. I have latest version, i want to use a flat rate price for shipping. I had USPS checkmarked and flat rate checked with amt. filled in, it never added it up. How do i do this for a flat rate?
  10. Hi, i had USPS checkmarked and flate rate shipping checkmarked in the shipping methods. I had 10.95 entered in the flate rate shipping category also. It did not add it up when an order was placed. I want to use a flate rate for shipping, how do i do this?
  11. thanks, bsmither, you helped big time!! sent out my first coupon code newsletter.
  12. Hi, just upgraded to 5.15 and i am just so overwhelmed and confused , trying to learn this stuff. I managed to make a little coupon template but i do not know how to email it to my customers, please help!!
  13. thank you for your help bsmither!! I did that and also copy and pasted the key in my admin under i think general settings. If you hadent told me that i would still be clueless with this. See what i mean about the customer service! thank goodness for this forum
  14. I was using a free trial version of cc5 and got a message today stating my customer base was full so i could not access my admin. Finally after countless emails between me and CSR Bill Wheeler i knew what had to be done, pay for a software license. He knew how worried i was about getting into the admin to make some major changes today. So i pd. the $144 for the software license. Bill emailed me back acknowledging payment and my site is still not accessible and i do not have a software key!! I still cannot enter my admin 6 hrs. after payment and i do not have a software license key to enter. Anyone else have problems with the lack of customer service?? I am sorry for being a complete noob about this stuff, but i feel Bill is very unprofessional and lacks quality customer service!! Anyone else have any issues with customer service? I mean c'mon the guy knew how important getting into my admin was and i was completely disrespected.
  15. Did you also change your address in: Admin > General Settings the email in general settings is my [email protected] email. This stayed the same, and all mail is forwarded to my new email through my hosting site. I do not see a spot for my regular email adress in general settings.
  16. Hi, i recently changed my email adress and i am not receiving payments to my new email. I changed my email address in the gateways section under paypal. I am doing the standard and just clicked the edit config tab. I also changed the new email with my server. Is there any way i can test this? The last 4 payments went to my old paypal email which is lost in space.
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