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  1. Hi Robsta, I guess that is what is ment to happen, but not in my case just says not known. Rob I had that problem with my v4x upgrade store. Check the Structure on your inventory table in cpanel. I thought I had fixed it, but now I'm not so sure. I had to manually ADD a column for updated, with Type TIMESTAMP Default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Attributes on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Then I had to set a time for all the products in inventory via export to Excel and import back. BUT something is still not right, as the time updated has started continually updating itself every day on every product. It didn't do that at first after my manual fix, so I don't have a clue how to stop that or what's causing it.
  2. Same problem here, I can find the correct URL needed for Paypal - Instant Payment Notification (IPN). I looked mine up, so maybe this will work for you: yourstoreurl/modules/gateway/PayPal_Shopping_Cart/ipn.php
  3. Check your Default emails/Html Content - Do you have {$EMAIL_CONTENT} in the body?
  4. My clean install store searches correctly for NM, but the upgrade from v4 store will not search for TY. At some point after upgrading to 5.0.0 it did work, but I don't know when I lost that ability while I fiddled with various settings and upgraded to the then current v5 versions. I'm now on 5.0.5 for both stores. Could someone tell me which files control the search so I can copy the clean install files into the upgrade site to see if that will fix it? I've compared the database Structure of Inventory, and as best as I can tell they are identically configured.
  5. I'm getting several notices and warnings when I enable Debugging, but I don't know what they mean or how to fix them: I am using a modified skin called mykurouto based on kurouto, if that matters. Can anyone enlighten me?
  6. Genius? Not hardly. Just a student of the school of hard knocks. Glad I could help!
  7. I'm far from knowledgeable on these things!! I've only been using PHP for about two weeks, and CubeCart for a bit less than that. I've had a quick look round the code to see what I could find that might help with your Alabama problem... I did managed to get something working on my system that does force the user to select a state, hopefully you can either use it as is or at least use it as a basis for a solution. I've put the details on what changes I made into a seperate topic with a title that may help others find it as well - Forcing user to select a state Thanks for sharing! I've commented on your explanation of how you made it work for you.
  8. Thanks a lot for your solution! With all your caveats - I'll hold off on trying it to give someone knowledgeable a chance to comment on this. I had actually tried to add a "*Choose" zone to the geo-zone table myself, but couldn't get it to show as the default and didn't know how to keep it from being accepted by the code as a real place. Having to change so many core files is a problem with your method. If you don't mind, I'd like to request this Feature in the Bug Reports and refer them to your solution. Maybe they can add it to the next release???
  9. Can you put the url of your contact form into the address bar and get to it? If you have too many characters in the document links along the footer - the last links drop off. Maybe that's it???? I had to consolidate some documents to get all mine to show.
  10. I'm glad you were able to get it to work. I don't know enough php to do anything like that. Since you seem so knowledgeable, maybe you can help me. We tend to get customers who are not used to using online carts. They make all kinds of mistakes, one of which is to NOT choose their own state from the drop down list as they add their address. I keep getting incorrect addresses set to the correct city and ZIP, but supposedly in Alabama (because that shows by default in the list). Since we happen to be in Alabama, they end up paying Sales Tax. I added to the geo-zone table a new row for *CHOOSE STATE and would like to have THAT show in the box, rather than Alabama. I thought I could put that id number as a default defined field in the Structure and get it to work that way, but I get a SQL error message and it won't accept it as defined. Can you suggest how to write the Structure to accomplish this or another way to solve this little problem?
  11. I added a message to my skin/templates/main.php that I think is where you are describing. It shows on all screens. Take a look at http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/ <center><b><font color="red" size="4">* ALL OUR LOVIES ARE USED *</font></b></center> <br/> Right above <div id="breadcrumb">
  12. Can you set the defaults in the Structure of the Mod table in the database??
  13. You'd better play around with the search in the demo store - I didn't find that it worked any better than the default search.
  14. I, too, need for customers to be able to search for partial words. I did rename all my catalog numbers after I realized search couldn't handle the hyphen. I used this query to change my hyphen to an x: UPDATE tablename SET tablefield = replace(tablefield,"findstring","replacestring");
  15. Thanks for the reply, all I do is go to export save it to a text doc. Can you tell me what other programs I could use please. Rob www.rcsdirect.co.uk I save it as a txt file, too, but I open it with Excel so I can see the columns and make sure everything looks OK before sending it to Google. I'm grabbing at straws, but take a look at http://www.paessler.com/knowledgebase/en/topic/2293-i-have-trouble-opening-csv-files-with-microsoft-excel-is-there-a-quick-way-to-fix-this and see if that helps in any way.
  16. I have no idea what happened on yours, but I've sent several feeds successfully to Google with an upgrade v4 to 5.0.5 site and a clean install 5.0.5 site. Does it look right when you open the feed on your computer? I use Excel to check mine, but there are open source office programs you could use.
  17. Store Settings > Layout tab > Select No for "Expand category navigation tree". This will remove the sub categories all together. You have to click on the parent then select the sub category displayed on the page. Might not be what you want but that is all I've seen in relation to your request. I had to turn mine off too because it wouldn't collapse back into place causing customers to not be able to see anything else. Jamie I would like it a lot IF it collapsed as soon as the hover was over, but as is I had to turn it off on our store with lots of subcategories. If someone figures out how to make it automatically collapse - that would be fantastic!!
  18. How can I modify the code in skins/template/content.checkout.confirm.php so customers MUST Register?? <div class="select_register"><input type="checkbox" name="register" id="show-reg" value="1" class="" {$REGISTER_CHECKED} /> <label for="show-reg">{$LANG.account.create_account}</label></div>
  19. v5 really isn't a normal upgrade. It's really a top to bottom different code, with an upgrade setup that is "supposed" to take the old data and make it compatible with the new version. I didn't know enough to be able to beta test it, and obviously they could have used more testers before it went live. If you send in a support ticket they will help. Filing a bug report helps, too. That has fixed a couple of my problems.
  20. I had 'upgraded' to cc5 and would have assumed that the google base feed would have worked out of the box, but it's missing the availability attribute. Why? See Bug report 3024. There's a file to replace, with an additional code change detailed in the notes. It's now working correctly for me.
  21. My problem turned out to be caused by titles that were essentially identical, with a word change only at the end (titles were long and the end was not being picked up in the url), or with some that actually were identical. If you create a product listing on a live store, and the seo url is already in use - you get a warning and v5 creates a longer url to protect you from having 2 identical ones. BUT, if you upgrade, these "duplicate" urls are created automatically to be different. I had to do some detective work with the error messages and manually fix the listings that had the long urls.
  22. At some point while I was testing an upgrade I had the same thing. I'm just not sure if I'm right about how I fixed it at the time. I think it was a matter of Structure in the database, probably inventory. I wish I could be sure, but I'm not. I DO know that my upgraded database DID have structure problems.
  23. Do you have your Sales method set in the Store Settings under Features??
  24. I'm confused. I'm on 5.05 and I had the address override enabled - checked green. But I've had several failed orders where they said they got a message about not having the correct address. So, should it be left red check if I do NOT want the customer's order to fail if they use a different address on our site than they have listed on PayPal?
  25. Can't vote on the poll. Some problems were dealt with promptly, but others haven't even been acknowledged. I'm sure they're swamped.
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