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  1. I was able to add the {product.name} choice to the arrays for Order Complete and Order Cancelled in admin/sources/documents.email.inc.php. But I still can't get them to show in the emails. So there's another step I'm leaving out somewhere. Any ideas anyone??
  2. You need to look in the cpanel for your host and look in phpMyAdmin for it.
  3. I didn't have any trouble setting up AddThis. Maybe that would work for you???
  4. It's saved differently in the database. Take a look at order_summary I think.
  5. I had to edit the email template to use the actual logo url, rather than the default code. I'm having trouble getting taxes to show properly, and I only have one state to deal with. I hope someone can help us both on the tax display. What did you do exactly, i just added a gif logo in the e-mail template and i still receive an empty square, and i tried both php and stmp to send I'm not sure I can explain it very well, but I'll try. Go to the Default Emails template, HTML Content, and look at the Source Code. Here's what I have instead of the default: <a href="http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/images/logos/plushanimalshopbarn600.jpg"><img alt="{$DATA.storeName}" [b]src="http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/images/logos/plushanimalshopbarn600.jpg"[/b] style="border-width: 0pt; border-style: solid;" /></a> I replaced the {logo url} (not sure what the original had there, but something like that) with the actual url of our logo. I got the url from viewing the image info for the logo on our home page.
  6. I had to edit the email template to use the actual logo url, rather than the default code. I'm having trouble getting taxes to show properly, and I only have one state to deal with. I hope someone can help us both on the tax display.
  7. I'm sorry, Robsta. I used the wrong term... Google wants the site's product_type IN ADDITION TO the google_product_category. They explain that product_type should ideally match the category tree structure for each product. That's why I was hoping to get the breadcrumb downloaded, or, as an alternative, the category tree for each product. From Google: I can always copy the google_product_category into a new column and rename it product_type, but I'd rather truly have MY classification system, as it is much more descriptive than Google's. For now I've added a column to the inventory table for google_product_category and populated it manually (we only have items in 2 of their categories), then added to the array to get that to download with the export. I can do the same for product_type if I have to, but it will be much more time consuming to do so. SURELY there's some way to get the breadcrumb or category tree exported from existing data???????
  8. I can't help you, but it would be a good idea if you say which version you're using. Also, try turning on Debugging temporarily, so you can copy the error messages here for someone to see who CAN help you. Remember to turn Debugging back off when you're through.
  9. I've played around with this so much I have the emails all messed up. I did get the idea to copy from the UK version back to my messed up USA version, but it still doesn't work right. I've thought all along that my problems have something to do with this warning below each email template in Admin: Using the default email template I don't get the name of the item or the Sales Tax in the emails. The packing slip works just fine. Could someone PLEASE put a copy of your properly working order confirmation HTML email code here for me to see?
  10. How can I generate the breadcrumb or category tree for each product in a downloadable form, so I can include product_category in my feed?
  11. There is already a bug report dealing with this, so I added my issue to it. It was content.checkout.php that I modified with a warning. I also edited the Language file so the tentative explanation warned to Update Basket before Checkout.
  12. Try here instead: http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showforum=15
  13. Before the customer inputs their address information the "tentative" s/h and sales tax shows with the little 1 explanation that it may change. BUT, after the person puts in their delivery info, there is no refresh of the screen. Is this a bug that needs reporting, or is it the way it should be???? I've added "Please Update Basket BEFORE Checkout for proper s/h and Sales Tax" above the checkout buttons for now to try to stop from having to refund Sales Tax that is being charged incorrectly.
  14. OK, thanks. That has been set. Just wanted to be sure there wasn't something else I wasn't aware of.
  15. What exactly is Flood Control, and where do you set it?
  16. v5.0.5 does have a pickup option I think in the General Settings.
  17. Are you setup with zend, rather than ioncube? Take a look at bug report 0003016.
  18. I've been keeping the Mantis Bug Report system busy reporting problems, so I can agree that v5 is still buggy. BUT, you can't use the argument that this is v5 and they should be good at coding because they've already had v1,2,etc. to work out problems. Version 5 is as big a start from scratch "upgrade" as Windows 7 is from the ancient Windows 3.5. v5 is basically all new, NOT an upgrade. And I think THAT's where the problem is coming from - trying to build an upgrade routine that deals with all the mods and tweaks each user has added to their old versions. I have one clean install and one upgrade that started out as v3 with lots of mods. There's no comparison with the number of difficulties I'm having with the clean site compared to the "upgrade" site.
  19. As far as I can tell from my first Export, it changes ALL products to "in stock", whether they are or not. I created a bug report about this.
  20. LOL! I'm glad you have such an understanding host!
  21. Leary of upgrading to 5.0.5 just yet, based on the first big reports. I've already modified the admin/sources/products.export.php google base array so it exports the stock_level. My question is - (from the File Difference Report) does adding $result['availability'] = 'in stock'; v5.0.5 to the end of the NEW version just change the title of the column, or does it change the 1's and 0's to in stock, out of stock?
  22. You may need to check to be sure your host will let you do that. I had a host at one time that would not.
  23. I took a deep breath and renamed my old plushcatalog folder, renamed the test folder to plushcatalog, and changed the urls in the global.includes file to match, left the database information pointing to the test database AND IT WORKED! I now have a stable v5.0.4 version that is live and working as it should. It's taken a good bit of work to get it that way, and I'm sorry that so many are still struggling with the cart. Hopefully the v5.0.5 will solve most people's problems. As for me, I'm taking a complete backup of the database and all the files before I try the v.5.0.5 upgrade. In case you didn't take the time to read the announcement, if you're upgrading from a previous v5x version you need to get rid of your cache. Read the forum directions for how to do this in the announcement. And if you're done any tweaking while you tried to get 5x stable, as I did, I'd suggest you take the time to read through the File Difference Report list, too. I found one piece of code for my customized skin I'll have to do manually.
  24. I'd need to make changes in the includes file, wouldn't I? I'm guessing make the name change you suggest, plus change the $glob['rootRel'] = '/test002/'; $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://dirtybutter.com/test002'; to $glob['rootRel'] = '/plushcatalog/'; $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog'; Since v5 is so different, I just want to be sure there's no other file that needs to be changed, or any other steps I need to take before the switch.
  25. OK. I've worked the bugs out of my v5.0.4 site and am ready to go live on our production site. The test and production sites are in different directories on the same domain, but each site has its own database. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get the test site working on the production site url? Test site currently at dirtybutter.com/test002 with database 2 Production site is dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog with database 1
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