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  1. I like the default look of the dark colors at the top of the Orange Kurouto skin. BUT, those images are gradients that fade to white as they go down the page. I'd rather have the dark colors for the header but a textured background for the rest of the page. Can someone tell me how to modify the files to get the look I want?
  2. I've never used anything but By_Weight, but thought I'd give the USPS module a try, so I could offer my Customers some shipping options. I've activated my API account, but no shipping shows up at all on a test purchase. From reading on previous versions here on the forum I gather this module has been a problem for people for some time. Has anyone been able to get it to work in v5.0.4? If so, any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong?
  3. I was wrong about the packing slip - Sales Tax shows there. But it does NOT show on the emails. Would someone who is not having this problem please post what they have in the HTML version of the Order Confirmation template so I can see what I've messed up?
  4. The total price is correct, but there's no indication of the Sales Tax amount showing on the packing slip or on the emails to Admin or the customer. The plain text version of the emails has code in it that the html version does not have, so I'm guessing something needs tweeking there: {$DATA.first_name} {$DATA.last_name} {if !empty({$BILLING.company_name})}({$BILLING.company_name}){/if} just placed order number {$DATA.cart_order_id} on {$DATA.order_date}. This order can be managed online by following the link below. {$DATA.link} Billing address: {$BILLING.first_name} {$BILLING.last_name} {if !empty({$BILLING.company_name})}{$BILLING.company_name} {/if} {$BILLING.line1} {if !empty({$BILLING.line2})}{$BILLING.line2} {/if} {$BILLING.town} {$BILLING.state} {$BILLING.postcode} {$BILLING.country} {$BILLING.phone} Email: {$BILLING.email} Shipping address: {$SHIPPING.first_name} {$SHIPPING.last_name} {if !empty({$SHIPPING.company_name})}{$SHIPPING.company_name} {/if}{$SHIPPING.line1} {if !empty({$SHIPPING.line2})}{$SHIPPING.line2} {/if}{$SHIPPING.town} {$SHIPPING.state} {$SHIPPING.postcode} {$SHIPPING.country} {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} {/foreach} {foreach from=$TAXES item=tax} {/foreach} Item Quantity Cost {$product.name} {$product.quantity} {$product.price} Shipping: ({$DATA.ship_method}) {$DATA.shipping} Discount: {$DATA.discount} Subtotal: {$DATA.subtotal} {$tax.tax_name}: ({$tax.tax_percent}%) {$tax.tax_amount} Order Total: {$DATA.total} This is what shows on the email: Item Quantity Cost University of FLORIDA Plush Mascot ALBERT Mint 1 $8.00 Shipping: () $5.25 Discount: $0.00 Subtotal: $8.00 : (%) Order Total: $13.97 Can someone help me with this??
  5. Sorry you're still having this problem. I did fix the other site's Sales Tax issue by changing the country_id in Tax Details table from 226 to 840.
  6. It worked on one of our test sites, but didn't solve the problem on the other one. Good luck!
  7. My product number search doesn't work, either. Won't find 00X-081911-09. I let the Product listing generate its own number, and it CAN search for that. So I took the dashes out of my number, and it finds THAT. So the problem is the dashes. Luckily I don't have too many products listed yet, so I'll just take the dashes out of mine. But I have another site with thousands of products I'm waiting to upgrade. I'd have to export the inventory, take the dashes out, and import the data back into the CubeCart_inventory table to fix that.
  8. My search apparently ONLY finds terms in the TITLE. It's ignoring the description terms completely. It would be great if it looked at the title, description, AND the SEO keywords. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or is this a bug that needs reporting?
  9. PLEASE SEND A BUG REPORT ABOUT THE ADDRESS PROBLEM! We've reported this, and Al has been working on it. I think there's one more bug report dealing with it. This is obviously more prevalent than the number of bug reports would show. The actual problem is some kind of confusion over whether v5 is using numcode or the id from the addressbook table. 840 is in the numcode column for USA on geo_country, but 226 is in the id column. When I register with an AL, USA address it shows in addressbook in the country column as 840 – Sales Tax does not work. If I manually change numcode to 226 – Sales Tax works. So if your customer's address is mysteriously changing to another country it's because their data in the table is actually the id, but v5 is interpreting that number as the numcode.
  10. I've been working on a test upgrade site where I upgraded the latest v4 to v5.0.3. I'm still having a variety of problems with the test site, so I'm wondering..... Are there any steps that should be taken IN ADVANCE to the v4 code or tables to make the change more likely to be successful. Any suggestions?
  11. You helped me with my emails logo problem, so I hope I can help you. Is it a static dollar amount or percentage that's being added incorrectly? If so, search the tables of your database for that number to see if you can spot where it's being added incorrectly.
  12. Great! I picked up the full url of our logo from the Store Settings and replaced the dynamic code for the logo with the actual url, and it worked!! Fantastic! Of course if I ever change the logo I'll have to manually fix it, but I'm happy that I can cross off one more thing. Thanks for sharing, Jamie!
  13. I have a clean install v5.0.3 online and just tested it. After submitting the contact form I'm taken back to the front page and there is a message in a green bar - Thank you for your message, a member of staff will reply to your email shortly.. It's above the Featured Products. But, I was checking on Webmaster Tools of Google and realized that there is no SEO tab on the Contact Us form. That means the meta data defaults to the site meta data - which shows us as Duplicate Metadata - something Google frowns on.
  14. I've answered my own question again - The terribly long url only shows up when the store is offline. The exported file is correct, so I put the store live to check it, and the url is short the way it should be.
  15. I want the product urls to be http://storename/custom-product-url. But now that I've upgraded from 4.5 to 5.0.2 on a test site I get this monstrous url: http://dirtybutter.com/test001/plush-animals-dirty-butter-plush-animal-shoppe/applause-and-dakin-plush-animals-dirty-butter-plush-animal-shoppe/applause-brown-bear-sweetheart-bear-holding-red-heart.html I want something like this url: http://dirtybutter.com/test001/applause-brown-bear-sweetheart-bear-holding-red-heart.html This is the actual url on the live site: http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/applause-brown-bear-sweetheart-bear-holding-red-heart/prod_1850.html How can I change the code to leave out the store and category names in v5.0.2??
  16. As far as I know you don't want the space. Just put the keywords like this: word1,word2,word3.
  17. Thanks. I wouldn't be able to do it myself, but this would probably give our programmer enough information to work on. Your time is much appreciated!
  18. On the Orders screen in Admin there are 3 icons on the right side of each order. The first is the printer icon.
  19. Is anyone else having the problem of the store logo not showing in html emails to admin and to the customer? Where is this controlled in the files?
  20. I celebrated too soon. This worked for all the needed emails EXCEPT Order Complete and Order Cancelled. If it worked for the other emails, I don't see why it won't work for these 2.
  21. Mine worked with 5.0.1, but I get the same blank page when trying to export the newsletter email list or export catalog. I tried backing up the export file in Admin and uploading the 5.0.1 version of that file, but that didn't help. I also tried the suggestion to re-save a product to see if that would show up (did all the Maintenance options afterward, repaired and optimized database) but that didn't do a thing.
  22. Thank you for the response, but I have no idea how to make use of that information.
  23. I stumbled on the way to make this work. {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} {/foreach} {foreach from=$TAXES item=tax} {/foreach} {$product.name} added to the Subject makes it show up in the emails.
  24. Thanks for your patient and prompt replies, Henna Boy. I use AddThis, but what I want is the item name in the email's Subject sent to me and to the buyer after a sale. The $product.name is available now as a Macro on the Order Confirmed email, but I couldn't get it to work in the subject. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get $product.name to show in the subject line of emails to the customer and admin??
  25. I found it. I tried to get too fancy with my 301 redirects, and had /index.php directing to the root.
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