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  1. In case anyone wants to try SemperFi's old hack, I found the code in an archived copy of our store. (The link to the post is from the old CC forum and is no longer any good. - maybe somebody knows how to find it in the new forum?) If I remember correctly, a REAL customer going through the sign up form sees the error message that first and last cannot be the same - but a bot will not see that message and will never know they were not successful. In cubecart.class.php // Check passwords match if not empty if (isset($_POST['register']) && $_POST['register']==1 && !empty($_POST['password']) && $_POST['password'] !== $_POST['passconf']) { $errors['password'] = true; $error_messages[] = $GLOBALS['language']->account['error_password_mismatch']; } //SemperFi from http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=17937 STOP HACKERS // Check names aren't the same if ($_POST['user']['first_name']==$_POST['user']['last_name']) { $error['names'] = true; $error_messages[] = $GLOBALS['language']->account['error_names_same']; } //SemperFi end STOP HACKERS if (preg_match("/[a-z]/i", $_POST['user']['phone'])) { $errors['phone'] = true; $error_messages[] = $GLOBALS['language']->account['error_valid_phone']; }
  2. I did just try choosing to have the .html in the admin setting and it worked properly this time. The hover on a product listing still does not show the extension, but clicking on the product now resolves to the correct link. I've tried that in the past unsuccessfully, so maybe letting htaccess create again solved it. Comparing the old and new htaccess file - the new line does not have the html in it: RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html?$ index.php?seo_path=$1 [L,QSA]
  3. Thanks to both of you! I knew it was still not completed, but since you have had success with it Al I figured it was my mistake. The one thing that really concerns me with it is that my store is on a domain that has a wordpress site at the root which is using a redirect plugin. I fear they are competing. I will try deleting the htaccess file and report. Deleting htaccess file and allowing CC to recreate did not solve it. I tried disabling the Redirection plugin on the plushmemories.com WP install, but it did not solve the problem.
  4. I've wracked my brain trying to get a test site with the latest 6.4.0 commit to work. All seems to be working except something has caused the .html to not show on any links. I assume this issue has something to do with the new re-direct code in this new version. But I can't find anything I have not done correctly. @bsmither could you explain how the code adds the .html? Maybe that will help me trace my mistake.
  5. I don't really understand any of this stuff. I have had it all setup for years - Analytics, Merchant Center, Google My Business, Webmaster Tools, and Adwords. But I can't honestly say it's been very useful other than to take my money for Adwords. I even tried not advertising at all for a while, so I can say Google ads DO get us some business. Enough to justify the expense is a question I have never been able to answer.
  6. I would like to be able to track when the Checkout button is clicked, and this appears to be the set of general directions from Google. BUT I don't know if the plugin already does that, or if the Event Send To blank has anything to do with that at all. https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6331304?hl=en
  7. Missed this update somehow and just now fixing. What is supposed to go on the Event Send To line of this plugin?
  8. It's SemperFi's AskAbout a Product plugin that makes it possible to let people Make an Offer if you choose that to be available. BUT that's all it does. It just provides a good way to identify exactly what they are asking about. Nothing automatic about the offer acceptance, counter offer, or rejection at all. And there seems to be a support issue on SemperFi's plugins which may not have been resolved - hope I'm wrong about that.
  9. Since I may be the only one using the keywords this way, I will make an effort to follow your directions: "It isn't a big job to create a new database column equivalent to the keywords field, add that to the admin product source and change the custom search code to use the new field instead of the meta keywords. " We'll see how it works out.
  10. I use the keywords for custom search terms. It might be easy for Havenswift to "easily reworked", but certainly not for me. If this is done, I would have to pay @havenswift-hosting to copy my meta data to a new database record and create the CC code to utilize it. Surely I'm not the only one who uses the keywords as a place to store alternative search terms. Will the customer search for bunny or rabbit? Will they type DanDee or Dan Dee? What if they use Carter's or Carter or Carters. All brand name variations and typical misspellings should lead to the correct search results. I never used the merged global SEO choice, but I really depend on the keywords for search.
  11. There's a first name= last name fix on here from a long time ago. I think SemperFi provided it. But I couldn't find it. It simply prevents those logins from being recorded with no indication to the "bot" that it did not work. Found it!
  12. This worked BEAUTIFULLY!!! I've tested your code on 6.2.1+ dirtybutterestates and my 6.2.1+ plush test sites, AND even my live 6.1.15 plushcatalog store. It works perfectly on all of them using php 7.2.7, Havenswift's latest php version available. THANK YOU SO MUCH BSMITHER!!!
  13. Enjoy! You deserve an enjoyable evening.
  14. What makes your code so different from stock is the part about narrowing choices down no matter what order the terms are searched for. Your code on dirtybutter/plushcatalog makes a search for dog puppet blue give the exact same results as puppet blue dog or for blue dog puppet.
  15. I understood it to be just those two lines - not all in between. This seems to be the part of your version that is causing the warning: $regexp = ''; $columnsToSearch = array( 'I.name', 'I.description', 'I.product_code', 'I.seo_meta_keywords', ); foreach($columnsToSearch as $col) { for ($i=0, $noKeys=count($searchArray); $i<$noKeys; ++$i) { LINE 1950 $regexp[$col][] = $col." RLIKE '[[:<:]]".$searchArray[$i]."[[:>:]]'"; PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'I.name' in XXX/public_html/dirtybutterestates.com/classes/catalogue.class.php on line 1950
  16. Coming back to this issue due to Havenswift's stated intention to upgrade all his servers to 7.1 or 7.2. I really don't want to lose the fantastic Search function Bsmither developed that is working on php 7.0. But I don't want to stay on CC6.1.15 in order to keep the search working. I now have today's current commit CC6.2.1+ installed on the live site dirtybutterestates.com. The Bsmither Search is crashing the site, but I haven't yet found anything else that is not working with php7.1 installed.
  17. Never mind - I found my mistake. I did not change this part to MY custom seo path DUH!
  18. I've copied the snippet code over to a test 6.2.1 site and created the corresponding document. The document is enabled but not showing on the storefront. I can input the url on the storefront and it shows properly. But when I intentionally search for a junk word, it goes to the 404 page, not the document. This happens on the stock install as well. Something must be different in 6.2.1, but I don't have an idea what it is.
  19. I have no idea where this folder came from. A plugin? CubeCart? If it's supposed to be there, what is it for?
  20. So exactly what should it be set to? I have INDEX when I edit it. Is that right?
  21. Yes, I'd like to have it on the homepage for Latest. Category and Search results listing date might be nice, but not as important to me.
  22. I tried to find a way to use the code you suggested - {$product.updated|strtotime|date_format} - but I couldn't figure it out. And I never found where I had copied the code from that I'm currently using.
  23. WOW - I was working on something else and left the homepage alone for a bit - and the Slider IS working - the pause is way too long,, but that should be easily enough fixed.
  24. I've already notified SFWS that Content Slider does not work with 6.2.1, and he replied that he was working on plugin changes to be compatible with 6.2.1. Here's a link: https://dirtybutterestates.com This is a live store, but it's low traffic. I can't leave the plugin enabled too long.
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