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  1. I am trying to find instances where certain keywords are missing in my custom table of Search terms for each product. For instance, I normally add Carter's,Carters,Carter to the keywords of any item of that brand. And I include puppy,puppies,dog,dogs in any search "index" of that animal. While doing some testing I realize I have accidentally failed to include the apostrophe version of Carter's on some items. And not all my dogs can be found with a search for puppy. I need a query of the database that would help me find the items that have XXX in the search terms, but do NOT currently have YYY. It would be great if that query would also provide an automatic way to add the missing YYY to the current list of keywords, with the appropriate comma.
  2. It's SemperFi's AskAbout a Product plugin that makes it possible to let people Make an Offer if you choose that to be available. BUT that's all it does. It just provides a good way to identify exactly what they are asking about. Nothing automatic about the offer acceptance, counter offer, or rejection at all. And there seems to be a support issue on SemperFi's plugins which may not have been resolved - hope I'm wrong about that.
  3. Since I may be the only one using the keywords this way, I will make an effort to follow your directions: "It isn't a big job to create a new database column equivalent to the keywords field, add that to the admin product source and change the custom search code to use the new field instead of the meta keywords. " We'll see how it works out.
  4. I use the keywords for custom search terms. It might be easy for Havenswift to "easily reworked", but certainly not for me. If this is done, I would have to pay @havenswift-hosting to copy my meta data to a new database record and create the CC code to utilize it. Surely I'm not the only one who uses the keywords as a place to store alternative search terms. Will the customer search for bunny or rabbit? Will they type DanDee or Dan Dee? What if they use Carter's or Carter or Carters. All brand name variations and typical misspellings should lead to the correct search results. I never used the merged global SEO choice, but I really depend on the keywords for search.
  5. I would agree with that completely, Ian. But our plushmemories "blog" became SO successful that I could no longer manage it by myself. I moved it to Facebook, where I currently have 5 Admins and 6,100 members - growing every day. Even though the plushmemories website has had NO changes at all for almost 3 years now, it still gets a large number of visits a month. The archive of information it contains about vintage toys is invaluable. I'm just trying to figure out a way to leverage that plushmemories traffic to help with our store. :) I do appreciate your advice :)
  6. Thanks for the reassurance. At this point what I really need is a crystal ball to see if the move would improve our store traffic any or not. Store name would change as well, although that is no biggie with CC - hard to say if that's a biggie with sales or not. Still weighing it as a business decision, but at least the move itself is not on the Con side now. The biggest Plus, in my mind, is that the plushmemories domain receives way more hits than the dirtybutter domain does, even though it is an archive available to the public of plush information.
  7. My toy store is currently at dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog. I'm considering moving the store to plushmemories.com/plushcatalog. Https://plushmemories.com is a WP site. I assume I would need to use a 301 to redirect traffic to the new site. The store has been open a long time, so there are probably lots of links to the current url. How much trouble with the Wordpress situation will it be to move the store? @havenswift-hosting your input here would be appreciated when you have time - NO hurry - 12AM where you are
  8. I understood that these extras were not harming the CC function. But I would like to understand why these are created? I play around with test sites and sometimes can't remember if I have already run the Setup queries for a certain version yet or not - particularly when I am playing with commits within one version. Is THAT what may be causing duplicate keys?
  9. What action on my part or CC's part causes all these duplicate KEY Indexes?
  10. I'm pleased with the way I changed the skin and language wording for the Cart. Maybe it will be of use to you. Take a look at the purchase flow on https://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog.
  11. I can always create a custom language entry if it ever does get used in some other place. Since this is an important part of the Checkout Process screen as I have modified it - I will have to translate that phrase into every language I allow on the live store. I have a bad habit of forgetting to do that with most of the language edits I've made over the years.
  12. Changing Refine Estimate is a little odd - It's in Common Language section - not Basket or Checkout. Is there any other place where that phrase is used? Doesn't seem like there should be.
  13. I make no claim of knowing what I'm doing - in fact I made a mistake when I upgraded that just maybe is what you did. Be sure you have the new PHPmailer folder, not still using the old phpmailer folder.
  14. I think I fixed it - getting everthing lined up was a little more challenging. There's probably a more elegant way to do it, but see what you think: {if isset($SHIPPING)} <tr> <td width="10%" nowrap="nowrap"><span class="redbold">{$LANG.basket.shipping} </span> <br> {if $ESTIMATE_SHIPPING} (<a href="#" onclick="$('#getEstimateSmall').slideToggle();"><strong>{$LANG.common.refine_estimate}</strong></a>) <div id="getEstimateSmall" class="hide panel callout"> <h4> <svg class="icon right" id="getEstimateClose" onclick="$('#getEstimateSmall').slideUp();"><use xlink:href="#icon-times"></use></svg>{$LANG.basket.specify_shipping}</h4> <div> <label for="estimate_country_small" class="hide-for-small-only">{$LANG.address.country}</label> <select name="estimate[country]" id="estimate_country_small" class="nosubmit country-list" rel="estimate_state_small"> {foreach from=$COUNTRIES item=country}<option value="{$country.numcode}" {$country.selected}>{$country.name}</option>{/foreach} </select> </div> <div> <label for="estimate_state_small" class="hide-for-small-only">{$LANG.address.state}</label> <input type="text" name="estimate[state]" id="estimate_state_small" value="{$ESTIMATES.state}" placeholder="{$LANG.address.state}"> </div> <div> <label for="estimate_postcode_small" class="hide-for-small-only">{$LANG.address.postcode}</label> <input type="text" value="{$ESTIMATES.postcode}" placeholder="{$LANG.address.postcode}" id="estimate_postcode_small" name="estimate[postcode]"> </div> <div> <input type="submit" name="get-estimate" class="button expand" value="{$LANG.basket.fetch_shipping_rates}"> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var county_list = {$STATE_JSON}; </script> </div> {/if} </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="6"> {if !isset($free_coupon_shipping)} <select name="shipping" class="nomarg"> <option value="">{$LANG.form.please_select}</option> {foreach from=$SHIPPING key=group item=methods} {if $HIDE_OPTION_GROUPS ne '1'} <optgroup label="{$group}">{/if} {foreach from=$methods item=method} <option value="{$method.value}" {$method.selected}>{$method.display}</option> {/foreach} {if $HIDE_OPTION_GROUPS ne '1'} </optgroup> {/if} {/foreach} </select> {/if} </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="6" class="text-right"> {$SHIPPING_VALUE} </td> </tr> {/if} I added one little tweak to keep the shading behind Shipping consistent with the rest of the shading: <td colspan="6"><span class="redbold">{$LANG.basket.shipping} </span> instead of <td width="10%" nowrap="nowrap"> One thing I did notice is that the drop down for Estimate provides space for State even when I have that choice Disabled in Zones. No harm - the drop down works correctly with it left blank. Should work just like the Checkout choice - see the blank there only if Zones settings offer the option. Bug?
  15. I can re-word to "Add Delivery Info for Accurate S/H" - but does not help enough to matter.
  16. I played with the test site and am very pleased with the medium to large screen, Moving the Estimate link to the left makes it more intuitive, plus changing the Language wording helps. BU I need spacing help with the Small screen - I can't get the shipping options and final s/h price to properly move to a new line to keep from being squeezed.
  17. I will think about the plugin. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. But I did some double checking on what I have normally when the s/h shows. My small screen emulator shows the Estimate only - MUCH more in-your-face than on the large screen. There's no option shown of shipping choices until they clicked to continue Checkout. THEN they see the place to fill in all their information and at the bottom is the Cart with the shipping choices with the correct s/h shown for the lowest cost shipping price. That is exactly what I would like all screen sizes to do. I am going to use a test site and see if I can use the small screen code on a large page.
  18. AGREED, customers should know that the program can't know their s/h until they have given their zip. But we get quite a few of these kinds of Pending explanations and probably many more who don't bother to reply to my request to help if they had trouble. This one did not realize the s/h was "changed" until they were on PayPal. By then they think I'm pulling a fast one on them. Can't win for losing. Can I get that REfine the Estimate widget to load by itself before they fill anything else out? I sure don't want to mess up code and fix it so nothing works right. But I can't be the only one who still deals with potential buyers who are not online shopping saavy, even after all these years.
  19. Hard to say - without the Estimate they don't get to see if they want to pay the total price until after they have input a lot of personal information. I would prefer some way to show zip code estimate early. I will leave it disabled for a while and see if number of Pending goes up or down. In the meantime, if you see a way to keep the Estimate without the home state s/h, I would like that better.
  20. Once again I had to send this email to a Pending payment customer I lost I do use the Estimate Shipping code on the cart - but I don't think many customers use it. They see the s/h from within our state and then are put off when they see the higher s/h later on in checkout. Can it be coded so the temporary store state s/h does not show at all??
  21. Thanks, Julien! I think the problem was not emptying cache from Maintenance, as well as the cache button at the top of any admin screen. Whatever it was, it finally cleared and showed properly.
  22. At some point I figured out how to get the browser tab for a test site to show the commit number it is on (so I could easily tell which one I was on at that moment). Well, it still has that old commit number showing on the tab that is no longer accurate. I THOUGHT I had changed a Language phrase or maybe a meta tag to make it do that, but a search of the test phpMyAdmin does not show that it is there. This is a ticky silly little problem, so I won't "die" if I can't fix it. But if anyone can tell me what I did, so I can change it - I would appreciate it. Well, turns out I was correct - it was the meta data of the homepage document. I had tried changing that, but I must have forgotten to refresh CC or the browser - thought I had done both.
  23. Your one line change was all it took! THANK YOU AS ALWAYS BSMITHER!
  24. Thanks for the reply. I get no 404 - just a blank webpage. But I think I found it. You had helped me a long time ago get rid of the gzip stock version of the sitemap - because I have a dirtybutter.com Wordpress sitemap plugin that needed to use a link to an actual dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/sitemap.xml. When I leave out your special code in seo.class, 6.2.5 creates a correct sitemap.gz file. I will have to see if Google will accept the virtual WP sitemap using the sitemap.gz as one of its links. I suspect Google will complain, but no need to worry until it's had time to be accepted or rejected. I've compared files all the way from 6.2.2 up to 6.2.5 - I did find some errors on my part, and the sitemap.xml now works with all my non-stock code until 6.2.5. Would there be a way to make a snippet to take the sitemap.gz result and decompress it automatically to the sitemap.xml file in dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog?
  25. I have been faithfully upgrading each time a new CC version came out. I test before going live, but I really goofed this last year. I've had no problems with any part, until I caught an issue last night. I have not listed any new products in about a year. Recently I started back, so I went to update the Sitemap last night, only to discover that it is creating a blank map. My code is FAR from stock, so it's going to be hard to find what changed in CC that I need to fix. I started reverting to older versions last night and had to go all the way back to 6.2.2 to get a shop that the sitemap worked on. Can anyone tell me what might have been changed in stock that would have affected the sitemap creation? Also, can you tell me any and all files that I need to double check that have anything to do with sitemap creation? AND I don't have a clue how to revert the database changes that have been made since 6.2.2. So right now I have files at 6.2.2, but a database that is at 6.2.5+ the current commit. In the meantime, I'll be doing a lot of code comparing, trying to spot the offending code for myself
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