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  1. I was trying to get USPS shipping module to work, but was unsuccessful. It seemed to hang at the point of connecting to their servers. So I went back to By Weight, which had been working properly. Now the BUY button does nothing, although with Vanilla I can see the sidebar "shake". I tried setting it to go to basket when clicked, but it does nothing. It's as if the button is no longer active. Can anyone tell me which files must have been messed up? If so, I have another working test site I might be able to copy the correct file from to this site.
  2. I have a few products with a large number of images - one has 28! I would like to be able to create a document for the overflow images and link to it in the product listing. I want the new page of images to have a consistent look to the rest of the site. What I have in mind is to use the Documents area to create a photo page for each of these products, but I would NOT want those docs to be in the footer menu. Can someone suggest a way to "hide" these photo docs from the menu area? Or suggest a different way to accomplish a page for the additional photos?
  3. I needed to see all the Homer Laughlin products listed in Admin, but the Search would only pull up one at a time. I ended up viewing all products and control/F to find them all via FF. Is there any way to search for ALL products that fit a certain criteria, rather than just be able to click on one of them from the Search slideout? From our test site: http://dirtybutterestates.com/catalog/1935-homer-laughlin-restaurant-small-platter-floral-band.html Search oddities in Admin I'd love to see fixed: Can't search for HLC platter (terms not next to each other in listing) or "small platter" (with quotation marks) These same searches work on the catalog.
  4. Thank you for any advice you can give, Hennaboy!!! It's really appreciated!
  5. Thanks for your patient and prompt replies, Henna Boy. I use AddThis, but what I want is the item name in the email's Subject sent to me and to the buyer after a sale. The $product.name is available now as a Macro on the Order Confirmed email, but I couldn't get it to work in the subject.
  6. I would like the product name to show in the Subject and Body of several of the email templates. Can someone suggest how to do that?
  7. My logo looked just like that when it was too long. Try a different pic with a shorter width and see if it lines up correctly.
  8. Thanks, Hennaboy. I followed your directions, but I must be doing something wrong in setting up the MySQL part of it, as I was denied access. But I did learn a lot about how it's all done that I've never understood before. I'm content to work with a fresh copy of v5 as a test. When the time comes to actually make the change, I will use a programmer who will be able to do it easily I hope. I look forward to the first v5 update.
  9. OK, I'll admit first off I don't know what I'm doing. I was able to install v5 trial in a test site and set up the default database for it. I had expected to be able to export my v4 database and import it into the v5 one. But field names are different in the new version, so I'm getting errors and import fails. I've even tried doing an export/import just on the Categories, to see if I understood it better, but even then there's a difference in field names - old says father and new says parent (#1054 - Unknown column 'cat_father_id' in 'field list' ). Anyone care to enlighten me?
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