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  1. I installed the importer and made a test of one listing. Everything worked except the image. The CC csv file only gives the Russ/russ34502hoppingofftosweetdreamspinkwhitepolkadotblankiepuppet.JPG

    But for WP to access the image it needs to be the whole url:


    Is there an easy way to fix this?

  2. I need to explain what I've been doing for many years. We have been selling like new plush animals and soft dolls for about 20 years online. We've also been helping people find lovies for most of that time. Our store is a CubeCart store. We started out helping people find lovies on our blog, which eventually turned into a Wordpress site with several thousand entries. Our store gets a few sales a week, but our free Plushmemories Lost Toy Search Service gets thousands of hits. 

    The Search Service got too big for me to handle on my own, so I moved to Facebook and now have a group there of about 20,000 members and several admins and mods. I keep the Wordpress site open, because there is a wealth of information there on vintage toys that helps people search for one they want to find. The WP site now directs interested people to connect with our group on Facebook.

    Now I have reached a point where I need to close my store. Unlike normal store behavior, I have kept ALL our listings for the last 20 years active, even after we were out of stock. Those old sales listings also contains important photos and information for people who are searching. We get emails every day from people looking for those out of stock lovies. We send them to the FB group.

    I am ready to close my CC store.

    But I want to add all the title, description, and photo information from our store to the WP site as new posts. I have no idea how to do that.


  3. I don't really understand any of this stuff. I have had it all setup for years - Analytics, Merchant Center, Google My Business, Webmaster Tools, and Adwords. But I can't honestly say it's been very useful other than to take my money for Adwords. I even tried not advertising at all for a while, so I can say Google ads DO get us some business. Enough to justify the expense is a question I have never been able to answer.

  4. I've copied the snippet code over to a test 6.2.1 site and created the corresponding document. The document is enabled but not showing on the storefront. I can input the url on the storefront and it shows properly.

    But when I intentionally search for a junk word, it goes to the 404 page, not the document. This happens on the stock install as well.

    Something must be different in 6.2.1, but I don't have an idea what it is.

  5. I've already notified SFWS that Content Slider does not work with 6.2.1, and he replied that he was working on plugin changes to be compatible with 6.2.1. Here's a link:


    This is a live store, but it's low traffic. I can't leave the plugin enabled too long.

  6. I couldn't find anything else. I'll try again using the code as the search term.

    Well I pulled it off the internet evidently. It does work, I'd just rather not have the hour and minute.

  7. Doing a section by section review of my edited 6.2.1 test site compared to a stock 6.2.1 test site.

    Both have an email template for Verify Newsletter Subsciption, but it seems to be worded wrong for a Double Optin setting.

    <p>{$DATA.email}has been subscribed to our newsletter. To confirm your subscription please follow the link below:</p>

    Is this a bug? Or do I have something wrong in my code? Or is my logic just faulty?

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