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  1. I think one of the changes in 6.2.8 is that now each search result page has a page number at the end. I used to be able to open a listing found during a search, look at the description, and then return to the search list on the page I left. Now it's taking me back to page 2 of search results no matter how far I got in the pages. I then tried just changing the number to 10, as I had searched that far. It still reverted to #2.

    My search is so terribley NOT stock that this may just be my problem. I don't have a stock test site with enough products listed to replicate to see what happens after lots of search results have been pulled up.

  2. If you go to your CC install you should get a notice to upgrade to 6.2.8. CC folks are busy at the moment and haven't announced it here yet. I've messaged with Al, so it's OK to install 6.2.8 :)

  3. 49 minutes ago, Neil said:

     When you look at the input box where you would normally chose your images it shows .\

    Does that take it back to far or what.... I am totally stuck now with product I want to add but cant.

    The .\ is the root of the image directory and it's supposed to be there. There's a typo or something in the new 6.2.7 lines of code in ajax.class.php, so commenting that out takes the if clause out that's messed up in some way.

  4. TEMPORARY FIX until CC folks can chime in. Edit ajax.class.php to remove the new 6.2.7 lines. THIS MAY HAVE OTHER BAD UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.  (6.2.8 reverts this file to 6.2.7 code to leave out the lines I show here as commented out)

                    // Directories
                    $dirs = $filemanager->getDirectories();
                    if (is_array($dirs)) {
                        $dir = $filemanager->formatPath($dir);
                       // TEMPORARILY COMMENTED OUT if(is_array($dir)) {
                            foreach ($dirs[$dir] as $parent => $folder) {
                                $path = (!empty($dir)) ? '/' : '';
                                $json[] = array(
                                    'type' => 'directory',
                                    'path' => urldecode($dir.basename($folder).'/'),
                                    'name' => basename($folder),
                         // TEMPORARILY COMMENTED OUT  }


  5. As you say, getting the filepath changed would have to be a query of some sort, or I think it would not be worth the effort to do it that way.

    Maybe some developer (hint, hint Ian :) ) could create a plugin to automate this process? I realize most sellers don't keep sold listings active the way I do, so it might not be worth the developer's effort. But I'm also guessing there are other sellers of long CC use who have a poor image folder structure, too.

    Also, I've seen a request on GitHub for a redirect module of some kind - maybe images could be included in that as well?

    My process at this point is to do a browser search for a brand, like russ. I leave that search open and search the main Filemanager page. When I get to an image file with russ in it, as found by the search, I edit it and change to the correct folder. Then save, return to Filemanager, and click to find the next instance of russ. There are often 150 or so images for just one search term. This is obviously very tedious, but not hard.


    Regardless of how I accomplish this, is it necessary to clear image cache when I finish a hundred or so moves at a sitting? I've been doing that as a precaution, but wondering if I can get by without that step for bandwidth's sake.

  6. We started CC way back before there was a folder structure. Over time the new images have been put in the folder as the listing is created. But all those many, many images from the early days are still "loose". I've been working as time permits in moving them into the folders, but it's oh so tedious and time consuming.

    There's just got to be a better way to move thousands of images to folders than one at a time in Filemanager. Any suggestions?

  7. I created a fake account. Logged out of Admin and logged back in. I then disabled the Account, but left Store FireFox browser tab still open. I then went to the store front tab and tried to open the account to make a purchase. I CORRECTLY received the Invalid User Name/Password. So I tried to make a new account using the same fake information. This time when I tried to continue with checkout I received the "Email address is already in use" warning, as expected.

    Then I emptied Cache in Admin and tried the same thing again, but opening the store from the Chrome browser. Admin is open in FireFox with Store open only in Chrome. All error messages are as they should be.

    SO I cannot reproduce it, unless you can tell me a different series of actions to try.

    PS - just in case it is meaningful - I have tried Express sometime in the past - could there be some database config entry leftover that is confusing the situation?

  8. Having trouble with Reviews using 6.2.6. As long as I turn off Recaptcha the review goes through. With Invisible Recaptcha enabled the submit button does not work. I attempted to comment out the link to the recaptcha file and that part of the submit button code, but it still throws a Verification Error warning.

    So I have Reviews turned off until this is resolved.

  9. Use this testing tool to see what CC has already coded and what else Google complains about. It's not going to help you much in the way of figuring out HOW to add the info they want, but it is helpful to use.


  10. Bsmither is by far the best person for any CC advice, so for me to offer something different than he suggests is just something to be aware of. I have ALL my microdata structure in the skin files element.product.call_to_action.php and content.product.php.

    Here's my reasoning:

    It's very hard to get Google happy with all the structured data. (I still get warned about optional microdata I don't use.) So if you decide to create it from within the raw html from within admin for each product, you may well find yourself having to fix any complaints Google has with your code one product at a time. By putting the code in the actual skin files - once Google is happy with one product, all the others should be ok as well.

    My files are too far from stock to be of much help to you, but just as an example of what I have in content.product.php:

    <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Product">
       <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" class="add_to_basket">
          <div class="row">
             <div class="small-12 columns">
    		 <span class="redbold">All Our Lovies are USED</span>
                <h1 itemprop="name">{$PRODUCT.name}</h1>
                <link itemprop="url" content="{$VAL_SELF}">


  11. Add the microdata into your product content and call to action files. A good place to start is Google's Structured Data Markup tool - not perfect, but it will get you started.


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