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  1. hi was trying to upgrade nuy was not able to auto update to 6.0.8 was told to do it manual how do i install in manual mode ?
  2. A big thank u bsmiter - all is working now - thanks for the tip
  3. Thanks - u being a great help - will try your method
  4. Hi there sorry to ask so many question - as my designer has left - so I am doing this on my own - as I have limited knowledge to script - if i reinstall there some mod - will it disappeared ? - can I just the get image file and insert into the skin -where do I insert ? Thanks for the help
  5. Yes sandbox is for cc4 Hi bsmiter - what u mean is to reinstall the skin -am I right ? yes we have the download skin
  6. Hi can anyone help -our cube cart front page -latest product is not showing picture This is our site -www.sgcamerastore.com
  7. hi we install this site for only 3 mths www.sgcamerastore.com - all was well until yesterday it started to slow down front page was loaded with errors , admin pages was taking forever to load not sure what happended . can anyone help thanks
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