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  1. Ok orders are not moving from pending to processing. 1. I have checked the payPal API logs and getting no errors. 2. I can see within Cubecart for each order under transaction that the order is comlete and being logged. (e.g see below) Transaction LogsTransaction IDStatusAmountGatewayDate/TimeNotes7X019710LM959315SCompleted£14.95PayPal Express CheckoutToday, 10:213. This was working before upgrade and applying fixes above. Any other suggestions?
  2. I will have a look bit this was working till I did the upgrade and the fixes above. Information seems to be coming back from Payapl correctly but Cubecart is not moving the order from pending to processing.
  3. Al, One issue that a few of us have noticed is the transactions are not moving from pending to processing after a successful transaction back from paypal. can this be raised a important bug to be fixed as having to manually move orders to processing. See here as well.
  4. Yes I am getting the same issue and orders and not moving from Pending to Processing although getting transaction details back from paypal. This needs to be raised as a bug. Transaction IDStatusAmountGatewayDate/TimeNotes5NA67586F0996952GCompleted£4.95PayPal Express CheckoutToday, 08:47
  5. Thank you for your 'dirty' fix above as it fixed it for now.
  6. Ok after further testing it seems to disapear if you save the order or change anything. For instance order is pending and you add a not and press save then the options disapear.
  7. This is a major issue. What I am seeing it drops the options when the order is moved from pending to processing. As we have a lot of personalised items this is causing a real issue. Have we got any update.
  8. Hi was this issue solved as I ma getting the same issue. When I click on above The instructions are found in post #5 of this link: it just goes back to this post. I have the latest version 6.0.2
  9. I see what you mean In my order completed looks corrupted as well but still is working. In my admin order received we had added Payment Gateway Used that was added so that was the error there. SO do not add it! Thanks again...
  10. You were correct it was an email template. For some reason when I looked at Admin: Order Received template it was corrupt. I deleted everything and all was back to normal.
  11. I do not seem to have '>' as part of the name of a payment gateway. Is there a way to clear this initially?
  12. The only payment gateways I have are print order form, Paypal and Barclaycard.
  13. It does not seem to be there . There is only files there for the last hour.
  14. I do not why this is happening so any advice please. I upgraded a few days ago to 5.2.8 Everything was fine and today but suddenly without notice in the last few hours getting a number of pending orders and somebody also contacted to say were getting a white screen when trying to goto payment page. I have tried it on my theme - shopdev vector and also on the standard themes and getting the same issue on all browsers. I checked the error logs and getting this since the issue. Exception] /home/tainbrae/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:6 - Syntax error in template "6d89e68ad42c4d3fb26c1f7ecc8a3cf7f532a197" on line 6 "Payment Method Used: {$DATA.gateway} " - Unexpected "<" store details: Script Version 5.2.8 PHP Version 5.3.27 SQL Version 50536 Theme: shopdev vector
  15. Not sure about the numbers or how we got to this. We do have about 50 different options and then some of these have different attributes. If you look at the example I showed you in terms the bracelet then you can see the different attributes and then we have about 50-75 of these products I would say. I am happy for Devellion to have a look as I can give them access if they want me to raise a ticket on this. Thanks for your help again.
  16. Ok that worked and allowed me to add more attributes. Thank you for this again as always. I presume by being in this forum this will be noted by cubcart to have a look at if there is a better way.
  17. Ok we can live with that for now and bypass for the attributes. (Please let me know what I need to change.) Do I still need to get increase the limit?
  18. Hi the value is still 1000. The hosting provider is looking at this. In terms of the issue I can still add more product options but it is the option attribute that it is not allowing. an example listing is here http://www.tainbraeworld.co.uk/leeds-rhinos-rflc-colours-charm-bracelet.html
  19. Hi Sorry I had not update my signature I am running Script Version 5.2.4 PHP Version 5.3.27 MySQL Version 50535. Anyway contacted my host (heart Internet) and they did the following: " I have added a php.ini and the line max_input_vars = 3000" However still get the same issue. I have tested and it is only on the option attributes.
  20. Thanks for your answer. That did not seem to work. The same error appeared.
  21. Hi, We use a lot of option attributes and it seems we have reached a limit of 1000? I just want I need to check where and what we need to do to increase this. Thanks. ---------- Script Version 5.2.4 PHP Version 5.3.27 MySQL Version 50535 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Warning: Unknown: Input variables exceeded 1000. To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.ini. in Unknown on line 0 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in /home/tainbrae/public_html/admin.php on line 8 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in /home/tainbrae/public_html/admin.php on line 9 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in /home/tainbrae/public_html/admin.php on line 10 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in /home/tainbrae/public_html/admin.php on line 11 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in /home/tainbrae/public_html/admin.php on line 12 Warning: ini_set() [ref.outcontrol]: Cannot change zlib.output_compression - headers already sent in /home/tainbrae/public_html/ini.inc.php on line 41
  22. No that did not seem to work and since initial raising this have upgraded as well to latest version. Is there a way to hard code this somewhere as will only be using £. 1 x Celtic Colours Charm Bracelet - CELG7ZUD24 (£18.45) £18.45 Bracelet Size: 18cm Dangle Choice: Clover Extras: Add 2nd Dangle Charm: Heart (+�1.00) Gift Wrapping (Optional): Lime Green Theme (+�2.50)
  23. I am getting the date appear in the stock column and nothing in the Last updated column. Any ideas. I have done what you said in post 15 and what was said in post 9.
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