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  1. Sorry Further to this, under secure checkout I have the image : public_html/modules/plugins/PayPal_Pro/images/PayPal_mark_36.23.png I have tried to change the image, renamed it, deleted it and secure checkout still show this original image, I have also refreshed the browser, tried a different browser, even mobile app and I can not change the image, going nuts !!!!! Also cache off cache on
  2. Sorry next question, I have replaced the image but the size is too small, I have tried to increase the image but there must be a code or defintaion that over rides it ? Any Ideas ?
  3. Thanks bsmither, I'm sorry, but can you give me the total string where this is if I go in under hooks there are no Paypal just admin.navigation and admin .product Sorry just found it,
  4. Hi Team I want to change the Paypal Express checkout icon from the standard icon to the image I have attached, as we now process credit cards Via Paypal but its confusing to customers who only think its a Paypal account checkout By changing the image I hope to make it more clear for customers and will go through this link to checkout with card ? Thanks Andy 6.0.11 empust.com.au
  5. Thanks Bsmither, can you give me the full file location string please ? Andy
  6. Hi All How do I modify the order summary document I want to add our ABN and some other fields to the document
  7. Hi Cubecarters. How do I change my profile name and email address, I've tried to edit profile, but that has no options for profile name or email address, surely can not be too hard ? Thanks Andy
  8. Hi All My first time doing some skin mods. I have accessed the C panel file skins/kurouto/styles/grey/layout.css and save the changes to the files or colors, save the changes in the editor but makes no difference to the live site I'm on the latest version of cubecart I reload the page, I reload the cpanel as well What am I doing wrong or missing ? Andy
  9. Hi Ian, I'm not with a cheap hosting provider, far from it so it has nothing to do about your assumption of getting what you pay for. My issue is that I f I do a complete backup and move to a new hosting agent, the costs involved, the time involved, re purchasing applying SSL certificates, and do I move my problem across as well ?
  10. Hi Ian I agree, just got confirmation from the hosting supplier, they changed my server , seamless they say no issues. HA ! But where to now, how do I fix this issue myself or what do i ask of them to fix
  11. Yes, here at home and all have had caches cleared, history cleared. Customers are getting offline pages, looks to be hosting as some problems are all converging, just spoke to the hosting agent, they had issues with the server and have moved me to another, claim to be a seamless change ???.
  12. How do I do this, what do I look for ? Can I do this through a cpanel ? In reading your reply, it looks that this is happening, I had customers calling yesterday to say the store is offline, when it was net ? They were getting a message from 3 days prior
  13. No Changes what soever in the past 3 months, version sorry is 5.2.13 Also today, we update an order, enter delivery details, change to complete and save, save and update, order says order complete, we then go to unsettled orders, and the same order is back again, as processing ?????
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