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  1. Smashing, thank you very much. I did try the new e-Tone 'content.recaptcha.php' file in place of the original one in use, which seemed to be the same content as the Foundation skin version, but various combinations of keys etc. didn't make any difference, I got the same box and wording as above, which didn't change and stopped the forms being sent at all. I'd already worked through other solutions I'd found in posts, but had already been addressed and weren't the solution. My personal knowledge is very limited, but I can read and search, but I'm stumped now. I'm just off to bed as it's almost midnight, but I'll check back in the morning. Goodnight.
  2. Hello, long time no post. My site has been ticking over by itself for a while and I've been looking after customers, but due to domestic circumstances, I've put minimal effort into anything other than fulfilling orders. I'm getting a lot of junk sign ups and form responses, so want to engage reCAPTCHA in the hope it will save wear and tear on my delete key. I signed up at Google (V2 and V3, neither work properly) and enabled it in the site settings and added the keys. But whilst I get a box outline with 'Verify you are human' below the contact and register forms (see below), there's nothing to tick and the form submission obviously fails. So I've disabled it again for the moment. I'm using CubeCart v.6.0.11 and have my own modded version of the e-Tone (grey) skin. From my reading so far, it sounds like this might be a skin issue and looking at the files 'content.recaptcha.php' from my own skin and the Foundation skin - they're very different in content - my skin is only about 6 short lines and the Foundation version much more extensive and appears to contain a long string like the Google key. I know that there was a mod to the e-Tone skin in respect of reCAPTCHA, but I've done so much work on it, that I don't want to upgrade anything on the site just at the moment. My brain has turned to mush in the intervening months and I'm struggling to re-aquaint myself with how the site works and even where my correct files are on my hard drive. Could I do something as simple as using the Foundation skin file 'content.recaptcha.php' in place of the much shorter version that is in my own skin (or maybe just that one file from the updated version) - or would that really break things? Any assistance would be appreciated - although I hope I understand your replies, as I'm finding it quite overwhelming today and furious with myself for not being able to remember better.
  3. I have asked the hosts if they changed anything and gave them the week that I think the issue started for me. Having asked the question in more than one message, they didn't choose to answer that detail. They think the issue is with the cart and suggested that I take it up with the developers. Thankfully, the nature of my shop is that most customers only order on average a couple of items at a time, so the cart emptying won't be as big an issue for me as it obviously is for you - but as you illustrated, an irritated customer is not a returning one. I like to think that I've set up my shop with care, to give customers the best possible experience (and thorough details about what they can expect of me, the service and the products), so I don't like to think that anything doesn't run optimally. ETA: I was going to see if there was a more definitive explanation crop up before going back to the host to see if they could help further - at the moment we're just speculating as to the cause.
  4. Yes, I saw that last night, but it's now getting beyond my own ability to understand or act upon. What no one has yet answered is that this is a new phenomena - I wasn't getting regularly logged out a few weeks ago and now I am, so something clearly changed in an upgrade of something - I think I can pin it down to week commencing 12th June in my case, as I was dashing to get all my orders out before I went on holiday that weekend and didn't have the time to look at it further then. It's irritating that it's happening to me as Admin - but 24 / 40 minutes whatever isn't long enough for customers - if they get distracted half way through an order. I regularly put stuff in carts to return to and it's very annoying when a cart empties. So I hope that customers aren't being lost due to this. I need to test that on my own shop as a customer.
  5. My hosts are perplexed too. One thing they suggested was that they found this somewhere in an error file: "PHP Warning: Stored session data did not match DB record. Session aborted as possible session hijack." It then gave different IP addresses - none of which were mine - and were based in the US. They were also using different user agents from mine. So maybe that is another legit user on another domain trying to log in to their account and kicking me out in the process?
  6. My hosts increased the time to 604800 of the Master Value of session.gc_maxlifetime in the php.ini my shop was using (I can see the change on the php info page in Admin) and unfortunately that hasn't fixed the short session log in time for Admin. As you say keat - the time does seem to vary - yesterday it seemed around 15 minutes on one occasion and probably over an hour another time - so my feeling is that it's averaging around 30-40 minutes - my very loose testing would suggest that it's certainly not a precisely fixed time. From your description, that would suggest it happens when the session meets the criteria of two schedules simultaneously.
  7. Thanks, I'll create a support ticket with the host and see if they can help extend the time. At the moment I can't even ascertain what the session time limit is - because it's obviously down to inactivity and if you try a page change or something to see if you're still logged in, if you are, that presumably re-sets the clock.
  8. Many thanks keat. On the Admin page 'PHP Info', under Session, I can see session.gc_maxlifetime 604800 1440 - and 24 minutes does sound about right for the time the Admin log in sessions are lasting - I'd need to test it more thoroughly to be sure of the actual time. I haven't yet found anything in phpMyAdmin where I can see that this setting could be edited. I might have to contact the hosts, see if they could change it for me.
  9. Thanks Al, but I have absolutely no idea where that file is or how to edit it. I've done a search of the server and phpMyAdmin, but can't see any reference to it or the setting you mention. Can you give me an idiots guide to find it please. I apologise for my stupidity and lack of understanding. The php Info page shows the loaded configuration file as /usr/selector.etc/php.ini - but none of those directories show in the area I can access.
  10. Good morning. My old CC3 store used to log me out of Admin after a set period of inactivity and I simply got used to working with it, albeit annoying if I'd just typed up a long product description etc. But when Al helped me upgrade to the new CC6, I found I remained logged in as Admin and this was a joy, as I could work with impunity, knowing I wouldn't lose work by getting logged out mid-task. As I work alone, security of an open browser window wasn't an issue. But about a month ago, something changed and I now get logged out after a short period of time - something like 30 minutes I think. I hadn't changed anything and it happens on all platforms (Win7 desktop, Android tablet etc.) and all browsers etc. so this would suggest it's something beyond my immediate control, on the server, that has changed. Can you give me some pointers as to where to look, so that I might be able to extend the logged in time please? From my dashboard: CubeCart Version 6.0.11 PHP Version 5.3.29 MySQL Version 5.5.55-cll Server Software Apache
  11. [As an update, in case anyone finds it useful when searching in future. I hate it when I search and find the same problem I'm experiencing, but they don't come back to let us know if suggestions made work or not, or how they actually addressed a problem.] I have now done as described and made it a product to buy with price 'options'. I also created a Gift Certificate category to add it to, so that now appears in the menu in the same place as the CubeCart original link did. On balance, I think this will be better [for me] as I can manually fulfill the customers requirements - which weren't possible through the original official system, but I would imagine for shops with higher turnover than me and maybe a lot more smaller certificates sold, that wouldn't be a suitable solution. When I sell a certificate, I can create a coupon with a unique coupon code to put on the paperwork for the recipient and with 'Gift Certificate Conversion' using the order number that then manages the value for the recipient. This is how I've done it: https://www.boo-creations.co.uk/shop/miscellaneous/gift-certificate-choose-your-value-from-10.html
  12. As the Gift Certificates don't work as I might reasonably expect, I think I'd prefer to disable the current version of them. Seems like there too many ways it potentially won't work well. Even if I only offered it by e-mail, every single one I have done by e-mail manually, the customer has asked for it to be sent on a specific day, for a birthday or something, they don't necessarily want it going out at the moment they order. It seems as though I can re-enable my old gift voucher product (imported from CC3 and currently disabled) which used product options for the customer to choose a value. It looks like I can then allocate that order number to a coupon code of their chosen value that then works like a Gift Certificate and it will track the value as it's partially used. I just tried it and then spent most of it and the balance remaining showed That will still be an improvement over how I was doing it [rather clumsily] previously and on how it seems to work through CubeCart at present. I already have a template that I paste the recipient's name and message for into along with the gift certificate code - to either print and post or send to either party as a pdf. As for the legal aspects of GCs - I did research this at the time I enabled them and whilst what you say is true; some jurisdictions do require them not to expire - here in the UK where I am, as long as I make the validity period clear, it can be whatever I deem it to be and the law uses woolly terms like 'reasonable time' - the validity period is simply deemed a term in the contract between me and the buyer, as long as they knew what it was when they ordered. I chose 18 months as it seemed better than the year that most high street vouchers are valid for and I simply cannot guarantee that I'll even be alive in 18 months. To date, every one I've issued (granted, not a huge amount) was spent within about 6 weeks and they often ordered more and paid the balance - so I don't owe anyone a single penny at the moment in terms of gift voucher/certificates. I'll give it some more thought in the morning, it's gone midnight and my brain has turned to mush, so I'm off to bed. Goodnight.
  13. Maybe on the email version, but if it's a card that I'm creating to post to the recipient, then surely I absolutely must see it. I have customers overseas who either order goods to be sent to family in the UK for gifts, or in some cases, certificates. Almost all of the ones I've done have been of this nature (I used to sell them in CC3 as a product in the shop with price options - but that made managing the value and part purchases a little clumsy) - where I print a card and send it to the recipient on behalf of the gift-giver. How easy would it be to add this option, so that whatever they fill in the form on the Gift Certificate page becomes part of the order page in admin? I was hoping that I was just being thick and just doing something wrong. Alternatively, would it be easier to remove the Recipient Name and Message boxes from the GC page and leave a note instead asking them to put the details in the comment box during checkout, then it appears to me as 'Note from'?
  14. I upgraded my CC3 store to CC6 earlier this summer and received a lot of help here and it has been running well since. I've added a few mods and thought I was pretty much sorted, until I re-instated my Christmas ordering page and edited it for this year. I realised that I had never tested the Gift Certificates, having set the variables some months ago. Thankfully I haven't sold one in this time, but if I am likely to, it'll be at this time of year. Having now tested them, they don't appear to be working well - as Admin, I don't see any of the information the customer adds when ordering, such as their message, name of the recipient and even their choice of email or physical Certificate. Therefore I am currently unable to process the Certificates on their behalf. I've temporarily changed it to post only, so that an e-mail isn't sent to the recipient and I've edited the language file to ask the customer to email me their requirements instead. All I see in Admin for an order is that it's a Gift Certificate that's been ordered and the value. The code for it (presumably the bit the customer/recipient would enter in the cart for payment) only appears in the Gift Certificate tab of the coupon area of admin. I'm using v. 6.0.11 and with a modded custom skin eTone. I do have Force Order Completed Emails selected. The process seems to work as expected, but the data entered isn't sent to me or the customer making the purchase - it isn't there in their account if I log in as the customer. My Gift Certificate page is: https://www.boo-creations.co.uk/shop/gift-certificates.html What am I missing? In my testing, I've not paid for the certs I've bought, but have manually changed the order status from Pending to Completed - with email GCs, this then generates a message to the named recipient, but I (nor the customer who bought it) can see the details. Can failing to physically pay prevent it from working properly?
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