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  1. Smashing, thank you very much. I did try the new e-Tone 'content.recaptcha.php' file in place of the original one in use, which seemed to be the same content as the Foundation skin version, but various combinations of keys etc. didn't make any difference, I got the same box and wording as above, which didn't change and stopped the forms being sent at all. I'd already worked through other solutions I'd found in posts, but had already been addressed and weren't the solution. My personal knowledge is very limited, but I can read and search, but I'm stumped now. I'm just off to bed as
  2. Hello, long time no post. My site has been ticking over by itself for a while and I've been looking after customers, but due to domestic circumstances, I've put minimal effort into anything other than fulfilling orders. I'm getting a lot of junk sign ups and form responses, so want to engage reCAPTCHA in the hope it will save wear and tear on my delete key. I signed up at Google (V2 and V3, neither work properly) and enabled it in the site settings and added the keys. But whilst I get a box outline with 'Verify you are human' below the contact and register forms (see below), there's n
  3. I upgraded my CC3 store to CC6 earlier this summer and received a lot of help here and it has been running well since. I've added a few mods and thought I was pretty much sorted, until I re-instated my Christmas ordering page and edited it for this year. I realised that I had never tested the Gift Certificates, having set the variables some months ago. Thankfully I haven't sold one in this time, but if I am likely to, it'll be at this time of year. Having now tested them, they don't appear to be working well - as Admin, I don't see any of the information the customer adds when ordering
  4. Thanks for the recommendation, I have a store running v3 (not as extensive as yours, less than 700 items) and want to upgrade to v6 and seeing your message, I just chatted on-line to Al and he's going to do that for me after my holiday. I've been wrestling with it for a while (skinning a v6 clone) and know it will take a lot of stressful hours for me to get it done and this will be a much happier solution. I wouldn't have considered it without your post, so thanks. A decision has been made and I feel much happier.
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