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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm very much an amateur, and looking at Foundation I wouldn't know where to start with changing it. I might have a go at following bsmither's advice.
  2. Hello, I want to use the Vanilla skin as a basis for my own very simple skin, in v6, but it doesn't have a grid view option. Should I choose a different skin as a starting point or attempt to add grid view to Vanilla? Thank you
  3. Hi, Forgive me if this has been comprehensively answered elsewhere - and please point me at it if so I am currently running a store with v3.0.20 It has quite a few mods. I would like to install v6 as a test site and make modifications till I'm happy with it. I'd like to keep the current version live until the new one is ready. If it makes it easier for me I am happy to set up a new installation of v6 rather than upgrading. I prefer to have to add content than have to change lots of incompatible stuff. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  4. Hi, the add to basket button on my product pages has stopped working. It seems to be a skin thing, because when I change the skin it solves it. But I can't work out how to fix it. I recently tried to install Goober's Coupon Manager mod but it wouldn't work for me and I have removed it. Could changing any of the files involved in that have caused the problem? I hope someone can advise thanks www.aye-ayebooks.com/shop
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