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  1. I have used stripe elsewhere and I no you can use it with opencart, would love for a plugin/payment module to be created, stripe now works in the UK!
  2. This is basicly what I wants, on cubecart 4 I had all mine send to [email protected]
  3. Is there any way in duplicating the emails so the customer emails all send to a email I ask it to. Basically to keep a record of what the customer gets Regards, Calvin
  4. I had the same thing, I cant see any way to edit it unless you have a smart phone and can see it.
  5. It says Automatic Updates so I took it as it means its going to auto update in the future, i would of throught they would of put auto install or auto setup otherwise Yep this works and update is now ran, cheers
  6. Per category and free shipping are ticked and category's shipping rates are setup but its showing just the handling charge, this is with me logged in so they know my address
  7. When a customer has brought something it isnt showing how the shipping is added E.g. handle charge is on but no shipping Shipping -- Please Select -- Any idea, the customer gets charged for shipping but so its on the paypal invoice but not the cubecart one? Regards, Bonhomie
  8. Please explain what code I need to change and where?
  9. How can I make my Latest Products on my homepage random? on V4 I did this, how can I do it on v5?
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