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  1. dear dirty butter, i found it now http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=17206 and i could say this issue is solved ... thanks
  2. dear , could you guide how to change price to text " pls call us " ,
  3. i already submit ticket to cubecart support.. and this problem already solved.. let see his reply *** Hi, I already extended php memory limit now it is working well. Kind Regards, *** note*problem now solve
  4. dear bsmitter, please see these photos
  5. dear bsmitter, i upgraded from 5.2.1 PHP Version 5.3.27
  6. i did as you siad but it still shows blank page with no error message.. ,
  7. Dear, just upgrade to the latest version 5.2.4 , after successully upgrade everything is fine.. but, today after i go to log.in "type correct user&password" then it show nothing ,blank page.. help
  8. not yet, i'm still waiting to see if having any error/bug or not
  9. need help , i got this error Warning: mysqli::mysqli() [mysqli.mysqli]: (08004/1040): Too many connections in /home/ravuth/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 22 Fatal error: Too many connections in /home/ravuth/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 24 my store cubecart v5.1.4
  10. please read this let me know if you still don't understand... you could see at my site www.JustYouAndYou (dot) com
  11. thanks bsmither for your reply , what i want to make it done is to change the way of product show at content.category.page please see below image
  12. is any one know how to customize skin my store: cubecart v5.1.4 skin ( kurouto-Blue) , at the catogried page i want to change the way of product show to horizontal layout like " latest product " layout which you could see at the home page..
  13. could give some idea how to add "addthis button " to categories page ? *my store. cubecart v5.1.4 skin.kurouto .blue ,
  14. my store has more than 8000 products and each product has more than 8 photos, and i'm looking for how to disable the images list loading , because it takes much time to load the image list , and sometime the firefox broswer almost crashed because of that image list loading , any one could give the idea ? do appreciate
  15. bsmither , it works now .. after i read your reply and clear all caches and firefox(history ,cookies ). now it works.. i could say it is resolved right now.. Thanks bsmither for always offers fast and right reply , and also thanks all
  16. as your guidance i use Firebug for firefox , and found that max: 4 , still unchanged, whereas actually i already change to max: 7 in js/admin.js
  17. @bsmither , i change max: 4 , to max: 7 but still don't work , any more idea ?
  18. NOTE: This is a split off discussion following a discussion that involved BACKSTEPPING to an earlier version of jQuery to solve problems with 5.1.3. If you have already upgraded to 5.1.3, that backstep will have to be implemented before using the solution offered in this thread, at least until the issue with v5.1.3 is resolved. @Bsmither , could you mind to let me know is any possible way to upload more than 4 images at each time ?
  19. bsmither ,thanks your fast reply , i have no-edit any files, what i note is after i have clear "all caches" , currently, i use cubecart v5.1.1 should i submit the ticket ?
  20. thanks, now i try to access file manager "justyouandyou.com/admin.php?_g=filemanager " , and it gives black page again
  21. it just happend , i don't know what wrong with that , normally it allows to 4 images to upload per time, just now it allow only 1 image at once, any idea ?
  22. i think this should be solved your topic http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/45978-resolved-category-page-sort-by-the-newest-first/page__hl__%2Bnewest+%2Bfirst__fromsearch__1
  23. since i use cubecart v5 , i wonder about store setting->Advanced->Enable Caching what is that mean ? what is the advantage for that if it is enable ? for my store has more than 8000 products and more than 100 products updated daily , this is the advantage to use it ? what about "Memcache Server List (Comma separated)" ? what is the benefit of it ? how to use it ? hope get some idea,
  24. @Tuocan Web Design, i have same issue , could you take a look at my site map file http://www.justyouandyou.com/sitemap-xml.php
  25. hi, i use 3th party mod to generate sitemap and submit to google , just don't understand that there is a few url is indexed by google, but there is 8100 url submited to google , below is the link to that http://www.justyouandyou.com/sitemap-xml.php any one have idea
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