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  1. i guess when you guys do the caching for images your using the server to do so but were in the code do you give a value of how much compression to apply can this be changed in store code some were / or even in the DB Thank you
  2. im trying to find what page this code resides in i thought it may of been in one of the box. files but just cant find it any help would be good
  3. Hey Ian Great plugin and easy to install but i notice we get error on brand, but i also see that CC treats brand and manufacturer as same identity has any one come up with a way round this.
  4. Hey Al if we have written some new hooks into CC6 how would these be implemented into the running build for future use for everyone other reason also helps us when we update down the road Cheers Grant Booth
  5. we have written a NAB (National Bank Australia) for CC6
  6. PayPal PayPal Standard Payment Gateway The Error codes that this hands back some times in the trans logs were do they get generated from pay pals end ? the payments all go through ok i just dont like errors Payment successful. Address: confirmed Payer Status: verified Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account. ive searched there api error list and cant find it Close question i worked it out
  7. Thanks MrB i see there a smarty thing all good
  8. I been thinking MrB are there hooks that we can tap into so we can send deferent emails from the OR and OC one email address for one (OR) and a 2nd email address for the other (OC)? Mr Noodleman Booyar sorry that just popped up did you do as a plugin?
  9. Hers a good one for you MrB Ok i have a customer that does not want all email sent to him When a sale has been entered 1st email is an order (Order Received) 2nd email is confirmation of payment (unless POF is used) (Order Confirmation) the customer does not want to receive NO1 the first email (Order Received) is there any way of just stopping that being triggered to send he just wants the Order Confirmation email prob is he dont want to manage from back end he wants to just do it of emails
  10. so is there notes how to mod the skin to do this ? i did have a look in git but may of missed some thing Thanks MrB
  11. MrB and Big Al As we did our own theme and these are from b4 v6.2 (6.12)(we are on 6.2 now ) i get that i cant join some together as they need to load in a certain order couple Q's have they been changed now the 6.2 is up and running ? do i need to update any? (store is working ok ) Can I recompress to get better savings ( i know in not gaining a lot but i get some thing) Can any be added to another ? just curious Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/1.foundation.min.js could save 11.4KiB (29% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/2.cubecart.js could save 722B (15% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/3.cubecart.validate.js could save 260B (15% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/vendor/jquery.js could save 233B (1% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/vendor/jquery.bxslider.min.js could save 208B (4% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/main.js could save 172B (4% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/javascript/featherlight.gallery.min.js could save 145B (12% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/javascript/featherlight.min.js could save 132B (5% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/vendor/jquery.validate.min.js could save 114B (2% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/vendor/jquery.cookie.min.js could save 106B (14% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. Minifying https://automotiveclipcompany.com.au/skins/acc/js/vendor/modernizr.min.js could save 106B (3% reduction) after compression. See optimized version. thanks forgot a Q if im not running box slider do i need it ?
  12. Not a bug but ? think it also should be added to email templates by default or included in marcos (bare min) to stop a failure point Hey Mr B / Al didn't know to put here or GHub Question : in print.receipt.php from templates line 124 you have this line of code (at bottom)- this gets shown on check out and when customer wants to print a copy The only other place this is shown is in orders summary in back end, i think least it would be good if added to the email template marco's so if someone wanted to add it to a template would be good eg: Customer Comments: {$DATA.customer_comments} I think - the least of the scenarios that should be available The emails that go to the Store owner and customer DON'T have this info on those emails, so if a mistake was made, it's never picked up. We send every other piece of info of the sale, why not the comments by default The average joe store owner does not even have to code to add if they wanted it to the templates, it's not even listed into the available marco's So i know your answer: but it is in the order summary & print receipt "yes it is" but only if the store owner/customer checks it and i would not write this if it never happened - i have 4 stores i look after 3 of the store are managed of emails only and do not log into back end - it works If an order is placed and a store owner goes of an email were customer puts wrong info in "but, puts special instructions in the comment section", nether customer or store owner never ever gets to see the comments from that time on down the chain, I think if a email was going out it least should have it in by default. it covers both side of the coin <div class="small-12 columns"><h3>{$LANG.common.comments}</h3> &quot;{$order.customer_comments}&quot;</div> Thanks Guys MrG
  13. MrB like always you are a legend Ill pad , thats works for me Thank You
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