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  1. i guess when you guys do the caching for images your using the server to do so but were in the code do you give a value of how much compression to apply can this be changed in store code some were / or even in the DB Thank you
  2. im trying to find what page this code resides in i thought it may of been in one of the box. files but just cant find it any help would be good
  3. Hey Ian Great plugin and easy to install but i notice we get error on brand, but i also see that CC treats brand and manufacturer as same identity has any one come up with a way round this.
  4. Hey Al if we have written some new hooks into CC6 how would these be implemented into the running build for future use for everyone other reason also helps us when we update down the road Cheers Grant Booth
  5. we have written a NAB (National Bank Australia) for CC6
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