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  1. Thank you for clearing it up for me, every time I have a problem with CC, I hope you will be the one to answer! Here is an example of a line where complete isnt the first param in the URL: GET /?cart_order_id=200109-094542-7585&[email protected][...very long string here...]&_a=complete HTTP/1.1 Referer: https://live.sagepay.com/gateway/service/authorisation But like I said, its an early CC5 version and heavily modded on top of it.
  2. @bsmither so that means each customer will eventually make their way to _a=complete (looking at my access logs, this param can be anywhere in the URL, not necessarily at the beginning) and only go to _a=receipt if they click the print link?
  3. Hi, I am trying to put together all the URLs of the CC checkout process to set up URL based sales funnels on Google Analytics - and I am struggling with the final one. I am using a CC5 install, however I reckon the URLs are the same for CC6? This is what I got so far: Basket for guests: /?_a=basket Basket for signed in customers: /?_a=confirm Payment gateway selection: /?_a=gateway However for the final step, I cant tell if its /?_a=complete or /?_a=receipt&cart_order_id=... I see both in my logs and I cant tell what the difference is and if the same customers lands on both of these no matter the payment method they use? Thanks a lot in advance.
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