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  1. The summary of the Plugin says it is Free. The text then says that it is actually only free for 7 days. It says after 7 days you can pay for it and get a licence. So how much does it actually cost? Regards Tony E.
  2. Thanks BSmither, as you say may be tedious as there are 2250 images to deal with, but at least you have diagnosed the problem for me, so thanks very much for your help Regards Tony E.
  3. No they are only in 2020-images. I was trying to split the image files across different folders as I had read that if you have too many in one folder it can be a problem. Should I just copy them all across to the source folder?
  4. Well that is interesting as I thought they were not in the table, but I have found that they are, and they have the correct files names, but they have a filepath of "null" while the others have the correct file path of 2020-images, see attached. I think the database is in a bit of a mess? Regards Tony E
  5. Hi BSmither thanks for taking the time to look at my issue. Sorry for the slow response. I started a response last week and then got caught up in something else. The main problem I am having is, I don't think the same as the one you are describing here. There are some Porducts, all shown on the home page of the store, which have no images at all. I think I have a database issue. The fileIDs of the images on the FileManager do not match the numbers on the Image_index. I tried to attach images here but it did not seem to allow me to. It said the files were too big, but they were
  6. Having read some articles regarding issues with large numbers of images, I have created a subfolder under images/source, called 2020-images. I have loaded a number of images in this folder and have assigned them to products through an Import inventory, but the Products whose images are in the subfolder are all showing "No Image Available". I thought it might be a version problem, but have upgraded to version 6.2.9, and that has not resolved the problem. The website / store is kbcoins.com and there are around 15,000 products, many of which have 2 images each, although many products d
  7. Hi It would appear that the problem is happening again. I have tried using FileZilla to open the Cache folder to see what is in there and it will not open, times out. I am now using Plesk File Manager and it just says "Please wait. loading …" and it has been saying that for 5 minutes now. While I was writing this the Cache Folder has opened up on FileZilla. Interesting that there were only 89k files in the main Cache Directory. All files were less than 24 hours old. I have added a snip of the top of the list of files in the Cache. In the end the Plesk File Manager ca
  8. Hi It turns out that it was a file limit breach. The Cache file in the Shop had over 4 million files in it, which seems a little crazy. I have read up a little on this and it appears that because the cache is not being cleared in the way it used to, that some people are having problems with this. We have got unlimited space but it still appears there are problems with numbers of files, which I admit the hosts should not be hiding behind, but the caching of 4 million files does seem a bit extreme. I may do some more research and see if there are things I can do to stop this happ
  9. Thanks bsmither I will contact the host now. Thanks again for your help. regards Tony E.
  10. I loaded new images and a new inventory about 1 week ago. Everything was working but now without me doing anything I am now getting the following message : Notice: `name` is not allowed as a key in 'CubeCart_config' table! in /var/www/vhosts/kbcoins.com/httpdocs/store/classes/db/database.class.php on line 943 Website is kbcoins.com. I cannot now access the shop from the entry pages of he website, and although I am getting the sign in page for the Admin control panel, when I put in the details it just comes back to the same page Any ideas anyone? Regards Tony E.
  11. Hi guys Thanks very much for responded to my cry for help. And you will be pleased to hear the problem has been solved. I created the int-custom.ini.php file, but when I tried to load it, I got an error to say that I had used up my disc quota. I signed in to 1and1 and discovered that although I had unlimited space for the site, there was a file limit of 262,144 which had been reached. Now why that meant that the admin control panel did not work I am not sure, other than I assume the sign on screen must create a new file? Anyway, I deleted a number of redundant files and the admin c
  12. I am trying to access the Cubecart admin control panel and the page will not load. I am using the new admin_XXXXXX.php address but when I enter I just get a completely blank white screen. The website and the store are working fine but we want to get in and change some products but cannot access the control panel Regards Tony E
  13. Hi Thanks for the reply. I have had a look and I cannot see more than one Store on the server. There is a store at the root, but I cannot find a store within a store. There are some static html pages at the front in the route but they are just an entry to the store which I have made to look the same in terms of style and layout so the pages look like one big store. But yes the images are just not showing. I think it is because the links between Products and Images in the database are pointing to empty files, which are duplicates of the original but with a different suffix, e.g
  14. Hi Ian Thanks for the reply. I didn't actually realise the image files had upper and lower case suffixes. Someone else has been creating the image files, and I think he changed methods. I didn't realise until reading the forums about my problem that the source folder could have sub folders. I didn't think the system would find them unless they were in the source folder. I could split them by image number but yes there are around 13,000 images, but it would be impossible to split them in to categories, without looking at each image individually. Each image has a sequential number bas
  15. This is a little complicated. The basic problem is that our Products should all have 2 images, but in the majority of cases they are not showing any images. This has all been working fine for a few years, and there are a few reasons why it may now not be working, but I cannot figure it out. I am not exactly sure what the problem is however this background may help. We have loaded a lot of new images and did a complete Inventory load from a CSV file (removing the existing inventory first). The image file names were incorrect for many images, so we removed the inventory and sta
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