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  1. Try it in the demo cubecart store (I've tried a few different computers / browsers). If you edit the TV stand, the only category that seems to "stick" is the first "Animals & Pet Supplies" option. Our own site behaves in the exact same way (it would be OK, if we were selling aminals & pet supplies).
  2. Since upgrading to 6.2, I've noticed that the google categories for our products have been slowly disappearing. It seems, when you edit an item, although you can select the category, when it's saved the value is cleared. So in effect every time you edit an item the previous category is deleted. As an experiment, I tried using the demo cubecart store on cubecart.com and it does the same thing .. Of course, it could be something I've done. Mike.
  3. Looks like that's sorted it, thanks a lot.
  4. Is there a way to disable the automatic email that get's sent to the cubecart admin every time a review needs approved (ver 5.2.16) ? I'm getting more than a few spam reviews (1,000+ per week). For a long time, I set my email inbox filter to just delete the approval messages, though now my email provider thinks that there are so many messages (with suspect content) that I must be sending spam. I've had to temporarily turn off the review function to stop the emails coming in, though obviously that means my reviews arn't visible to the public anymore. The reviews themselves are easy to deal with and delete, that's not the problem, I just don't want the confirmation emails being sent to me (1000 per week is one every ten minutes). Any ideas ? I'm guessing it's just a line of code that needs deleted. Mike.
  5. I know it's an old post, but my site seemed to be suffering the exact same problem. Disabling the cache seems to have fixed it (fingers crossed). Just thought I'd post to say thanks for the help and in case the info is helpful to anyone else.
  6. We've gone back to 5.1.5 for the meantime. 5.2 did work with the "allow sales of out stock items" option enabled, but we were in danger of selling stock we didn't have. Looking forward to the arrival of 5.2.1
  7. I have exactly the same problem. Though I'm using standard cubecart skins. Using version 5.2, downloaded fresh from Cubecart this morning (Thursday)
  8. I've upgraded our store to 5.0.9 and have enabled the new cookie option. Though it just seems to be business as usual, it's not offering customers the cookie choice option. Am I missing something ??
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