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  1. CubeCart Versão: 4.4.5 PHP Versão: 5.3.26 MySQL Versão: 5.1.68-cll Hi everyone, This is my cubecart version, show above. My costumers do normally all orders, but it happened some times that different costumers made orders and i can't see products list on backoffice, but anywhay it calculates right amount. I was on phone with a costumer and he told me he could see perfect invoice with all products. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem? here is Printed Invoice from backoffice: Factura / Recibo para: Jun 18 2013, 14:19 PreçoProduto 0 x () Sub-total: €32.00 Desconto: €0.00 Envio: €4.10 Taxa total: €8.30 Total: €44.40 best regards, Margarida
  2. Can anynone tell me anyway to receive an email when a costumer registers?
  3. Hi! I've installed a mod for group prices. But now i want costumers to see only their prices when logged in. I've choose to put ??.?? when costumers are logged out but now i want costumers to see their own price either on products list or product detail. With the mod i've installed costumers still see regular price and their price above, on product detail price, but on product list sees only regular price. Can you help me. If it is to difficult to pick group_price and add to product list, can you help me to hide regular price text. Thank you in advance! Msilva
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