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  1. Thanks for your reply. I can confirm that the same behaviour is observed no matter which URL is used to enter the setup procedure. I've decided to start afresh and install a known working version of PHP as I need to get this sorted ASAP.
  2. So, it turns out that Apache wasn't writing to the error log (the group ownership on the file had somehow changed). Now that this is fixed, I can see the following entry when running the setup process: I can also confirm that this behaviour is present on all versions from 5.2.1 - 5.2.10. I can only assume it is related to this version of PHP - I wonder if there is a workaround?
  3. I meant the LAMP installations were the same in terms of the config/ini file setup (e.g. php.ini/apache conf files etc). I do have different versions of PHP and MySQL but CubeCart states that these are acceptable, so why would I question this? Okay, so which error logs do I need to look at? Nothing is being produced in the CubeCart folder, nor is Apache/PHP logging anything (and yes, php.ini is set to log errors). I can't give you a store URL at this stage as this is running on a test environment that isn't accessible to the outside world just yet. I can get this set up in the next 24 hours but I was just looking for some pointers, places to look for clues. If there was some proper documentation I wouldn't have to bother you with these questions. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. I have recently set up a new Ubuntu box with LAMP and decided that I would like to port my existing CC-based shopping cart to this new server. After copying the DB and files to the new server - and ensuring that the LAMP setup was identical - I had to abandon this as I was only getting blank screens (I migrated a number of other database-driven websites across and these all worked fine). So, in order to try and diagnose what was causing the blank screens, I decided to install a new (vanilla) version of 5.2.10. However, after entering the database details during the setup process and progressing to the next screen, again I am presented with a blank screen. There are no errors on screen, nor are any errors/warnings logged. I have spent a full day trying to work out what is going on but to no avail. I have scoured the web for documentation and spent hours looking through forum posts but, to my frustration, I haven't uncovered anything helpful. Could it be that CubeCart is incompatible with my version of PHP/MySQL? I have passed the compatibility checks (see below) and all the necessary files are writable, so there's nothing obviously wrong with my setup. Compatibility Check 5.5.9-1ubuntu4PHP 5.2.3+ 5.5.37MySQL 4.1+ InstalledGD Image Library InstalledcURL InstalledIonCube PHP Loader Please help!!!
  5. They're totally different. Also, if we were to just use a currency conversion we'd end up with lots of odd numbers e.g $19.43 as opposed to something more traditional like $19.99 (unless there's a way to round things up?).
  6. I just wondered if anyone could offer me some 'best practice' advice for rolling out a store to multiple regions. We are currently running a UK-based operation but we're also keen to setup a store for the American market (with a different URL). In order to minimise administration time, we would like to use the same database for both stores. However, the caveat is that we would need a different pricing structure for each region - it wouldn't be a simple currency conversion (from what I can see, CubeCart doesn't offer the facility to input different prices for different currencies). I have contemplated setting up a scheduled job to duplicate the UK DB on to the US environment minus any pricing information, but I'm concerned that this could lead to complications. The other option is to seek a 3rd party mod to allow us to have a different price for each region. My gut feeling is that the cleanest approach would be to go down the mod route, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm having problems offering any of my customers coupons as, no matter what I try, I encounter bugs that render the coupon system unusable. My latest issue is with fixed price discounts. I want to set up a coupon offering a £100 discount to an important client of mine. However, no matter what parameters I use in the coupon admin screen, it just isn't working properly. Here is what I have tried: 1) I have added 2 products into my basket with a total value of £100. This value includes VAT @ 20% - the value before VAT is therefore £83.33, with a tax value of £16.67. 2) The appropriate discount code is then applied. This should result in a grand total of £0 (£100 - £100). However, what I am presented with is a value of £16.67 (i.e. the tax amount). 3) I then increase the value of my order to £150 (£125 + £25 tax) and again applied the £100 coupon. This left me with a remainder of £50. So, in this instance, the coupon DID apply to the tax component. The coupon itself is set to apply to all products. Strangely, the coupons behave completely differently when specific products are assigned - it takes £100 off EACH product - is this by design or just another bug? The way in which tax is handled differs depending on the parameters too. Sometimes the discount includes tax, sometimes it doesn't (I seem to recall when using percentages it doesn't include tax, but with fixed value it does...) I have raised a number of issues with the support team in the past regarding the coupon system as, quite frankly, this module needs a rewrite as it is littered with problems. However, they have been unwilling to look into these issues and when pushed for the reasons behind this, they just ignore my emails. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. The product in question is tax-free. However, the same issue occurs whether a product is tax-free or not. The coupon has unlimited uses, applies to a small subset of products and doesn't apply to shipping (we only offer free delivery). Perhaps the screenshot is misleading, but let me clarify what is going on: The product has a unit price of £15. I have added 2 of these to the cart - therefore the total value is £30 before any discounts are applied. Once the discount is applied, the unit price is £15 minus 10% = £13.50. So, the discount is £30 (the original value) minus £27 (the discounted value). As you can see, it is only showing a discounted value of £1.50 in the screenshot, not £3. No matter what the quantity is in this instance, it will always show a value of £1.50. Clearly, there is a piece of code somewhere that doesn't multiply the line discount by the line quantity.
  9. I was wondering if any of you CubeCart experts could help me with some issues I'm having with the coupon system in CC 5.2.1? I have logged these problems a number of times with support but they are unwilling to do anything about it (presumably not many of their customers use coupons?). I have uncovered several bugs with coupons but the one that is causing me the greatest concern at the moment relates to the fact the discounted value shows incorrectly in the cart when a product has a quantity greater than one (I know, you'd think they'd have tested that, right?). The attached file shows a product with a quantity of 2 and a unit price of £15, therefore the 10% discount should have resulted in a discount of £3. The total price is correct, but the discounted value is not. The other problems I'm having are less important right now: 1) Upgrading from 5.1.5 to 5.2.1 resulted in all my coupons being transferred from "coupons" to "gift certificates", where I could no longer edit or delete them. 2) When assigning products manually to a coupon, the discount % includes tax. When not assigning products and using universal coupons, they don't include tax. 3) Using the "Coupon applies to all EXCEPT..." rule results in abnormal percentages being applied when some products incur tax and others don't. Thanks in anticipation.
  10. The conversion rate is 1.00000. I am only allowing sterling transactions, so it can't be related to currency conversion. It looks like a rounding issue somewhere in one of the classes, but where?!
  11. RedSun - I'm having the exact same issues. I have logged multiple support calls regarding this but the development team have informed me that they're not prepared to look at this until the next release. Personally, I think this warrants a much more prompt response as it is an urgent problem that is having a massive impact on orders - it makes our site look extremely unprofessional and is bound to put people off. It is clear that the testing of the coupon module was extremely lacklustre (in fact, I'd hazard a guess that it wasn't tested at all).
  12. Just to add to this, it appears that fixed price discounts do not work at all in 5.1.5. There are also rounding issues with the discounts - I've just tried to take 10% off a product with a cost of £22.50, the discount was calculated at £2.26 and the grand total was £20.26!! I get the impression these kind of bugs are not being taken seriously but it makes the store look very unprofessional - these are simple calculations that the software shouldn't be getting wrong. Very frustrating.
  13. Many thanks for taking the time to look at the code - it's much appreciated. I can contact the support team again but they were reluctant to look at this until the release of 5.2.0, so I'm a bit stuck really! What surprises me more than anything is that more people haven't come across this problem, which I'm guessing is a combination of not many people running CC 5 and a large percentage of those not using coupons (or people not noticing as their systems haven't been tested since upgrading).
  14. I've updated my signature as requested. I'm UK-based and therefore we attract a standard VAT rate of 20%. Not all of our products attract VAT (we act as an agent on behalf of the artists for our original works) but the product shown in the screenshot does attract VAT at the aforementioned rate. That's the thing - shouldn't this system make it clear where that subtotal comes from? Anyone that looks at the checkout/receipt screens should instantly be able to grasp how the calculations have been derived. The subtotal of £75 comes from a total price of £100, minus the 10% discount, minus VAT (100 - 10 - 15). This isn't as issue specific to any one skin - it is an issue related to the fact the classes don't offer enough variables. For example, there doesn't seem to be an option (without customising the classes) to display a line price inc. VAT AND exc. VAT. Back to the discounts, again, the classes don't offer up a discount price inc. VAT and exc. VAT. Nor do they multiply the discount by the quantity of the products purchased, which is extremely frustrating and looks plain unprofessional (hence my frustration at the lack of testing).
  15. The frustrating thing is that there is probably a really simple fix - the correct discount value is being used in the background as the grand total is correct, so how do we get this to display in the template file? Anybody with a bit of technical expertise have any ideas?
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